10 things winners don’t do


People with positive mindsets know exactly how to manage their feelings, their thoughts and actions in a way that will bring them abundance and success.

Being a winner and mentally strong is not just to say to yourself, “I think positively”, but it’s the basic understanding of how to act right, how to think and behave in a way that will lead you to your goal. Reading these traits written below is a great opportunity to see if you manage your life and your mind smartly and effectively.

1. Winners don’t waste their time feeling sorry for themselves. They don’t have self-pity about their given situation, the circumstances or bad treatment from others. They take responsibility for their lives and REALIZE that life is not always fair or easy.

2. Winners don’t waste their energy on things they cannot change. They don’t complain about a lack of parking or a flight delay. They focus on what they control and instead of investing precious energy, they have a positive approach and interpretation toward those events.

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3. Winners don’t give up after their first failure. They see failure as something that exists as an opportunity to grow and evolve. They keep on trying different methods until they’ll make it big time.

4. Winners don’t expect immediate results. They are aware that real change takes time and practice and they have 100% patience until they achieve the results.

5. Winners don’t make up excuses and blame others. They feel full gratitude for the fact that they are the drivers of their lives and they take responsibility for directing it to the target they choose.

6. Winners are not afraid to be alone. The silence and their thoughts don’t threaten them. They don’t depend on others to feel alive. On the contrary, they appreciate this time to charge their body and mind with new good energy.

7. Winners don’t try to please others because they understand they have their own opinions and say. They can emotionally deal with other people’s frustration when they’re not satisfied with a lack of cooperation.

8. Winners don’t manipulate others by making them feel guilty. They are confident that if they want something, healthy communication and negotiation can lead them to the things they desire. Emotional manipulations are not part of their lifestyle.

9. Winners don’t give others control over their lives. You will never hear them say, “I’m so depressed because my coworker criticized me today.” They understand that the choice of how to emotionally react is in their hands.

10. Winners feel happy about other people’s success. They know that the world is full of abundance and there’s a place for anyone to succeed and prosper. Somebody else’s success doesn’t happen on their expense. They realize success appears after putting in real effort and energy, and they are willing to experience it themselves.

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