6 foundations of self confidence according to Nathaniel Branden


Self Confidence

Before we look deeper into the 6 foundations, let’s examine how Nathaniel Branden perceives self esteem and self confidence.

Nathaniel Branden is groundbreaking and is the pioneer in the self confidence field. He discovered that when you deeply understand those foundations, it becomes more and more simple to build and increase the whole concept of self esteem and self confidence.

According to Branden, two major components can answer the question of what self esteem is:

1. Confidence in our ability to think and to cope with the basic challenges of our lives. The experience and knowledge that we are effective and get results successfully in this world.

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Self esteem creates expectations (which we are aware and unaware of) as for what is possible for us and what fits us. These expectations lead to actions that create our reality. The reality strengthens the original beliefs. Getting results doesn’t mean that we cannot make mistakes and fail. It means we believe in our ability to learn what is necessary and the commitment to act by our Conscience and our common sense to achieve life goals.

I’d like to put Brenden’s approach in my own words – the the way I see it, this means natural expectation for success. Again, not to avoid failure, but it is about doing everything it takes to manage ourselves in this world – learn new things, new skills, improve our old ones, face difficult situations, positive interpretations of events and a positive outlook. It’s the deep understanding that we have the right to live a fulfilling life and we’ll attain whatever is imperative.

2. The basic belief that we deserve self respect, happiness and success. The feeling that we are valuable, that we deserve to express our needs and wishes, and to fulfill ourselves.It’s the belief that our life and its quality are worthy. Worthy to support it, protect it and cherish it. That we are deserving of respect from others. That our happiness and self realization are important for us and we’ll make an effort to get it.

The 6 principles 

Self responsibility – the sense of having control of my life. In order to feel it, one needs to take responsibility of its actions and the reaching of goals.

Live with goals – choose them, focus on them and take action in order to get them out of clarity and intention.

Integrity – to live in the way you preach or believe. Overlapping between your words/views and your actions. Walk the talk.

Assertiveness – respecting your needs, wishes and core values in a free, non-militant way

Self acceptance – refusing to be in a rival relationship with yourself (it doesn’t mean to not wish to change or improve things in you.)

Self awareness – putting in an effort to be aware of the things that influence behaviors, actions and values.

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