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adhd meditation

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ADHD Meditation – The Best Natural Source To Relieve ADHD

The ADHD meditation (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can alleviate the symptoms of fidgeting, lack of attention, inability to focus, and difficulty concentrating on daily tasks.

The meditation is not a replacement for medications and treatment, but an additional, natural tool for an existing treatment for ADHD in adults (when approved by your healthcare provider).

What Does The Meditation Include

The ADHD meditation is comprised of healing frequencies that are related to focusing, attention, and concentration issues, along with hidden commands to synchronize the subconscious with the conscious mind.

The ADHD meditation does not require you to sit still, but find a position that is comfortable for you with an absolute ability to move your body as you need (like stretch your body, open your eyes, change position from sitting to lying down, and so on).

ADHD meditation for adults

Are you fidgeting, cannot concentrate, moving on from one project to another, and find it difficult to arrange your time or even your feelings? ADHD, when is not treated, can feel so frustrating, like you are facing an uphill battle all the time.

Unfortunately, awareness alone of being ADHD does now always help with diminishing the symptoms, but the good news is, there are things that can be done to deal with it.

Meditation for ADHDBesides Ritalin and other leading western medications, there are additional natural aids to deal with ADHD and its effects. This ADHD mind training tool is a wonderful natural source, especially because it is combined with special brainwave entrainment frequencies that are directly associated with attention deficit, focusing, and hyperactivity.

This program is the leading edge when it comes to synchronizing the brain and implanting empowering messages in it. Millions of people worldwide are using our formulas to change their paradigms, and subsequently, their life results. Now it is your turn.

This meditation for ADHD is exclusive and you will not find it anywhere else.

What are the symptoms the ADHD meditation can help?

Focus, vigilance, wakefulness

If you are struggling with ADHD, you know how difficult it is to stay focused and centered for a long period of time. Your head is full of endless chatter, but you can’t seem to escape it.

That makes focusing a really hard task and often impossible. Your thoughts scatter in your head, and you don’t have the option to put them on mute.

True, it is easier to maintain concentration if something is intriguing enough happening that captures your curiosity. But in daily life, not all tasks are super interesting, and you still have to accomplish them.

The meditation contains subliminal messages that will bypass your level of awareness and will reach directly to your unconscious mind. Do not worry, you are not supposed to fully hear the messages.

You will hear some background whispers and it is ok, do not try to overhear it, just let it be. Be sure that your subconscious will absorb everything.

The hidden commands come in two forms – as affirmations in a first-person, and as authoritarian ‘you’ suggestions. Both forms are recorded in multi-layered technology, so your brain will receive a massive amount of commands each time you listen hit ‘play’.

Eventually, the hidden affirmations will relieve your ADHD symptoms, and allow you to live inside your head peacefully, without an ongoing struggle.

ADHD meditation


The screaming sounds in your head and the external distractions make it difficult for you to be attentive. Whether it is a conversation you’re having with someone or an activity that requires your attention like reading.

You could read clear sentences that are easy to understand, but still, need to go over the same line over and over again.

The meditation also contains suggestions for improved attention that will help you build new conditioning in your brain.

The neural paths you are constructing through this meditation for ADHD will help you be more attentive and patient (for example – won’t feel the urge to burst into conversations), organize the voices within, and have better priorities (separate the wheat from the chaff).

The sessions have vibrations and suggestions that cover all of these main symptoms.


If you are diagnosed as hyper, you probably get bored very easily, cannot stand still, and feel anxious, angry, or other feelings that are contrary to the peace of mind.

In general, it is hard for you to manage your emotional system and you tend to have tantrums or cry often, or experience constant mood swings, and lack behavioral consistency.

The ADHD meditation consists of empowering messages that will help you regulate your sensations efficiently. In addition, you will find it easier to relax, calm down, and enjoy the moment without constantly reacting to other stimuli, inner or outer.

You will less likely to feel this urge of constant movement. You could simply just… be.

Healing frequencies for ADHD

The frequencies of the ADHD meditation were carefully chosen. The vibrations have been found to be associated with increasing focus, concentration, attentiveness, and relaxation (for hyperactivity).

In addition, if your ADHD is also damaging your memory, you can find a special meditation for that here.

The vibrations are taken from the fascinating field of Brainwave Entrainment (sound therapy). In this ADHD meditation, we chose to use two kinds of sound therapy that have been proven scientifically in recent years – Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.

ADHD meditationBoth Binaural and Isochronic sounds have been proven to relieve depression, anxiety, overcome addictions such as food, alcohol, and smoking; assist with stimulating metabolism, and induce deep sleep.

The specific frequencies of this meditation are related to attention deficiency, focus, and hyperactivity. Please note: the meditation will not cure your ADHD, and if you read somewhere it is possible, please be aware that it is not true. But, it will relieve the symptoms you are experiencing.

Shortly after using this program, you will find yourself immersed in a certain task without checking your email twenty times a minute. You could be present in a conversation, fully attentive, without taking mind trips.

The voices within might still be present but in a lower volume. This meditation can help you manage your ADHD effectively, easily, and effortlessly.

How to use the ADHD meditation

This package includes three ADHD meditations for instant download; all three include sound therapy, which means that you have to listen for up to an hour each day. You can divide your time and listen to two sessions for 30 minutes every morning and evening.

Or, you could listen to all three and divide the time to 20 minutes each. It is up to you and your needs and preferences.

Listen at night

At night, listen to the meditations for ADHD that have Binaural Beats.

The listening needs to happen before sleep, or during the evening time, if you know for sure you are staying in and not going out. Headphones are a must. You can choose one for each night or divide it – you set the terms.

Listen in the morning

After waking up, listen to the ADHD meditation with Isochronic tones. You can listen while you are still lying in bed, or play it in the background as you are preparing to go to work. Headphones are not required but are recommended to maximize results.

*Listen at a comfortable volume to all ADHD meditations.*

Find a comfortable position and change it whenever you feel like it. You do not have to lie down or sit in a meditative position. Allow yourself to move your body as you wish, it is absolutely okay.

Simply hit play and allow your brain to synchronize with the vibrations and bring it to a desirable state easily, freely without any effort from your side.

Tone down the mind. You are worth it.

The files details

Isochronic Tones with beta waves 60 minutes (day; up to an hour) – focus + attention suggestions 741 20hz
Isochronic Tones with alpha waves 60 minutes (night/morning; up to an hour) – hyperactivity 639 10hz
Binaural Beats with theta waves 60 minutes (night; up to an hour) – focus + attention + hyperactivity 528 4hz
Subliminals only (day/night; no time limit)– focus + attention + hyperactivity

The affirmations of the ADHD meditation

Both hemispheres of my mind are connected and operating together
The chemicals in my brain are perfectly balanced
My brain produces the right amounts of Dopamine and Norepinephrine
My mind is perfectly wired to easily learn and process information
I am intelligent, bright, and wise
I am tuned into an infinite wisdom

I find it easy to pay full attention when needed
It so simple for me to listen attentively
I pay attention to details when accomplishing tasks
I am on top of things at all times
I easily remember the things I need to do
I easily understand things; everything is clear
Things make sense to me
Everything is organized in my mind
My mind is wired to understand things easily

Focus and concentration:
Focusing on tasks comes naturally to me
I am connected to infinite clarity
Concentration is a trait I possess
Clarity and focus guide me
I get joy from focusing on what I need to
Information flows to me clearly and brightly

I am centered
I am whole
My mind is calm and at ease
I joyfully relax during work and when needed
I am happy to chill and enjoy the moment
I can easily sit still when the situation requires
I master my mind and control it
Relaxation is my natural state
I am tranquil and peaceful
My brain knows to reach soothing relaxation
I am a great listener
I have infinite potential because of my amazing brain!
I have infinite potential
I am calm
I am grateful for my mind
I can relax easily whenever I want to

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).