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Vortex Success Affiliate Program


Why To Join Our Affiliate Program?

High Commission

We offer a 50% commission for every successful referral to each of our single tracks or membership packages. With over 200 tracks (and counting) to promote, there is no limit to how much money you can make by referring others to Vortex-Success.

30 days cookie lifetime

After clicking on your referral link, a cookie will be stored on the potential customer browser. If the potential customer made a purchase within 30 days from that moment, you’ll get the commission for that sale.

Banners & Logos

We value you for being our affiliate and would like to make your marketing effort as easy as possible. In your affiliate dashboard, you’ll find high quality and eye-catching banners to use on your website and email newsletters.

Detailed Tracking

In your affiliate dashboard, you’ll find detailed campaign tracking and performance graphs of your referral links. The data that we will provide you with will help you to determine which promotion tactics perform best.

Here Are The Three Key Things That We Are Looking For:

1. A well established list of followers

We require our partners to have a well-established list of followers/fans on social media and/or email list.

2. Highly engaged audience

Popularity, interaction rates and relationship building are crucial factors we value highly.

3. Consistent traffic

We independently analyse your current and historical traffic to check that you reach desired volumes.

What are the affiliate program’s commission payout terms?

We pay you quarterly on all sales referred.
To learn more about the details of our program please consult our Terms of Service.

How do you track sales?

We have the ability to track referrals via both affiliate links. The Affiliate is welcome to use both means, either of which results in a credited sale when the signup otherwise meets all of the terms and conditions.

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