Allowance – allow yourself to receive your stuff from the universe


Allowance is your ability to receive the gifts that the universe is sending you with love and gratitude.

Allowance is your ability to discern the giving of the universe in all areas of life, even in the smallest things – an available seat on the bus, great service you got at a restaurant, a good conversation you had with a friend, a refreshing hike in nature, a song you heard on the radio or a compliment you got from someone.

It’s also about distinguishing painful experiences that were sent to you and viewing them as positive life lessons. Eventually, those painful lessons enabled you to grow and become stronger and wiser. Those lessons were given to you as opportunities to evolve and mold your personality as it is today.

So when you feel good, you put yourself in a state of allowance. When you feel bad, you are in a state of resistance.

When noticing the small gifts you receive from the universe, you are tuning into high frequencies. In other words, your ability to magnetize the same vibrations becomes bigger and bigger.

That is the reason you should try to do more things that make you feel good, so that you can prolong the time during which you experience positive emotions.

Tools for allowance

words-minWords and expressions

Pay attention to the words you choose when talking. Your thoughts are also composed of words. When you speak or think, do you tend to see the bad side?

Do you tend to be skeptical? Raise your awareness and pay attention to the forms with which you express yourself, the way you present yourself – do people see you as a positive being or as a bitter individual who complains a lot?

Yeah, I know, there are tons of evil things in our world, gossiping people and horrible situations, but try to shift your focus on the good things that exist. When you’re falling into the negativity trap, you are getting away from the vortex and ruining your chances at magnetizing beautiful moments, people and circumstances.

Is it worth it?

Always remember your goal. At any stage of your day. Before falling asleep, for example, instead of feeling nervous and angry because a coworker insulted you that day, take deep breaths and practice inner serenity. By this, you will deal better with challenges.

In those moments of truth, when you’re feeling the anger spread throughout your body, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Is it worth it”?

“Is it worth it to get far away from the vortex only because somebody else did something that doesn’t resonate with my point of view?” “Is there another way to deal with this situation?”

I remember that I used to get upset with people’s behaviors a lot when I was younger. “Why did he do that? Can’t he see that it hurts”? or “she made me sad”.
Today, I rarely get upset. You better believe it. I am so over this, and because I finally figured out how the law of attraction works, I have zero desire to take myself out of the Vortex because of other people’s actions or words. Life is so much easier that way. And I’m happier too 🙂

appreciationAppreciation and gratitude

Imagine yourself bringing a present to a friend for his birthday; your friend is unwrapping the present; he looks at it and says, “Is that all? Couldn’t you bring something better?”

Do you believe, after hearing this kind of comment, that you will bring something better next time? Do you believe that you’d bring anything at all? Your expectation was to hear “thank you,” but instead, you ended up feeling uncomfortable and unappreciated.

Every time you disrespect the little things you receive from the universe, you create around you a vibration of absence, resistance and lack of allowance. You are preventing the universe from bringing you bigger things or good things in general because you do not appreciate the things you already have.

Learn to produce joy for what you already have now! Learn to enjoy your daily experiences.

Let me give you a few examples

Are you tired of your car and grumbling about wanting to replace it? Appreciate it as long as you have it. Do you want to upgrade and treat yourself to a new car? No problem.

But until you do, stop complaining about your current one and be grateful for what it is providing you: comfort, protection from the rain, the ability to avoid public transportation and the possibility to spend quality time with yourself on your way to your destination.

A friend of yours drags you on a nature hike, but you’re the big-city type. This experience of walking along the forest trails feels like a nightmare to you.

Stop your automatic thoughts for a moment and look around. Look at all the abundance, the gorgeous nature that surrounds you, and the peace it brings with it. If you have already decided to join this trip, take as much from it as you can.

Enjoy the process


One of the most significant principles of the Law of Attraction is to enjoy your journey toward achieving your goal. In fact, your goal should be the journey itself.

For example, if you want to attract more money, you’ll manifest it way faster by feeling wealthy in this moment, even if you don’t drive a Mercedes or have a million dollars in your savings account.

In other words, tap into the feeling prior to the evidence of the physical reality. Manifestation occurs first as you maintain the vibrations you wish to attract.

How can I enjoy the journey when I don’t see actual results

Well, think about it this way – do you truly want to see the results right now? Would you even know how to deal with them? Would you truly, deeply want your reality to change in a snap? Wouldn’t you like to experience your step-by-step growth? Learn from it? Live it? Improve it?

In every process in life, there is gradation. Even the wealthiest man on earth started from the beginning. A baby crawls before he walks. Think about driving on a 2000 cc motorcycle – would you know how to ride it without knowing how to ride a bike?

A friend of mine told me once, “I hate new beginnings. I would like to get into the relationship routine already, when everything is familiar and comfortable.” I answered her, “Imagine you meet the one at this moment and you get into a steady relationship right afterward.

Wouldn’t you like to feel the butterflies and excitement when dating? The teasing? the first time you have sex? The long way you go until the moment you both decide to commit?”

Usually couples in long-term relationships reminisce about those magical moments when they were just dating and love was in the air.

The most successful people always share their stories of how they made it without any money or prospects.

It’s always something like “I came to the States with nothing but a suitcase and $300 in my pocket”. And every time we hear a story like that, it touches us.

Be happy that the goal you desire is not manifesting right away. That allows you to experience each and every moment of your growth process, learn from it and improve it. Learn to enjoy this experience and understand that the journey is your goal.

Release the doubt

doubtDoubt falls under the category of negative frequency because it arouses negative emotions – fear, lack of self-belief, lack of trust in the universe, a sort of feeling of “Who am I kidding? Why would things actually manifest for me?”

First of all – why not? Why wouldn’t things manifest for you?

I used to think like that. In case you haven’t gotten the chance to catch up, I invite you to read my story. I’ve decided it’s important I share it with you because you might be going through the same thing. I can help you and save lots of time by showing what really works.

The universe is not picky. It doesn’t choose certain people and skip others. The universe doesn’t work in a way of “hmmm… you know what? I don’t like this person… I really don’t.  So I’m just going to leave him hanging there without bringing him any abundance”.

Abundance is infinite. Abundance is endless. It’s everywhere. There is much more than enough for everyone. It’s like air. It cannot end. If someone else is breathing, it doesn’t mean that you have less air to breathe. If someone else is succeeding, it doesn’t come at your expense.

If you’re tuning into a positive vibration and continuing to feel that vibration more and more every day that goes by, that is the key. At the same time, focus on your goal, enjoy the process of reaching it, appreciating what you already have and letting go of complaints.

Let’s sum it up

Using this combo together, as a continuous lifestyle, there is no reason why things will not manifest for you.

Let go of the doubt because its force is working against you. Trust that the universe is working with energies, and is connecting and matching between those energies.

When you’re on the bus, you trust that the driver knows what he’s doing. You’re not interfering with his actions and the routes he travels. You let him do his job. You let go.

You should have the same approach towards the universe – play by the “rules” (not only to reach your goals, but also because it makes you feel good), allow the universe to match your positive vibrations with the infinite abundance and be ready to receive your gifts.