The Art Of Letting Go [second FREE guide]

The art of letting go

In the previous chapter we talked about what the “Vortex” is, why you have to tap into it and only then attract what you desire, and what is the main thing that blocks you from attracting your goals – your dependence on the end result.

Today we will move a few steps forward and talk about one of the most important key principles of the Law of Attraction: the art of letting go.

I will not throw you clichés like “just let go.” Step by step you will understand the profound meaning of what it really means to let go.

You will internalize how to release the doubt and reach a situation where you absolutely trust that the Universe will deliver your greatest dreams.

Our Biggest Experience Of Expansion Comes When We Let Go

For many people, this issue of letting go raises more questions than it does to provide any answers. I remember seeing for the first time the concept of letting go when I was reading an old book I had received as a gift. I scratched my head and said to myself, “What the hell?”

The concept of letting go works against our healthy logic and instincts. From the moment we were born we were taught that we must solve problems, that we must not procrastinate dealing with them and that if we linger, they will only deepen and get progressively worse.

We were told that we must not give up and continue to invest our best efforts in everything we do. So letting go is perceived as the hardest (and weirdest) thing to do.

But beyond the fact that the idea of surrendering to the Universe does not work out well for us practically speaking, not many know how to apply it properly. This is the central part of the law of attraction that causes many people to doubt it because they do not know how to do it the right way.

Many ask me how should I focus on my desire and simultaneously let go and surrender? Am I supposed to stop thinking about my ambition?

The easiest thing to say is, “Oh, just let go and the thing you want will come to you,” but in practice – how do you do it?

If I were to sum up the Law of Attraction with two concepts, they would be:

1. Focus on what you want
2. Let go

Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it’s not. Usually, when people talk about these two concepts, they talk about them separately. But they actually work together. And if you learn to link them, then… wow! The results will be… beyond imagination.

Until I discovered the paradox of the law of attraction, I thought I knew it all. I did not imagine the wonders this discovery could bring about in my life. The adventure had only just begun.

Where Do The Problems Begin?

Usually, when people practice this concept, they work with only one part: they focus on what they want. And often enough, they don’t do this part right, either. They focus on what’s lacking instead of where they want to go.

As an extension and living expression of source energy, you are very powerful. You might not know it, but you are. You have infinite power to create your own reality. You are a deliberate creator of that reality.

You’ve been told over and over again by gurus and teachers that in order to manifest your goals, you need to focus, intend and concentrate. It’s true… Well, partially. It’s only one aspect of this mechanism, but not the whole picture.

The Missing Piece

Here’s what you haven’t been told to do, or what you forget to do, or can’t seem to do: Let go.

The secret of this paradox is gathering your intention, focus, and concentration and THEN, AFTER THAT HAS BEEN DONE, putting yourself in a state of letting go and surrendering.

Connecting these two parts together is the only way to activate the engine of the Law of Attraction in its full power.

How To Focus Like A Pro?

Any time that you have the desire to manifest something, it must be representative of your passion. This passion consumes your whole world. It’s always in your mind. You think about it, you feel it. You can’t go to sleep because the adrenaline takes over just by having a sense of it.

Intention and concentration are present if you’re passionate about your desire. If your desire is in alignment with your essence, with your higher self, then you’re already on the right track.

When you’re passionate about your dream, you’re automatically focusing on it. You can’t force it or fake it. It just happens.

It’s like falling in love. You can’t think of anything else. If it’s there, it’s there. That’s what true, genuine passion is all about.

Focus on your passion first. If you have limiting beliefs about it, get rid of them. We’ll talk about limiting beliefs and how to get rid of mental and emotional blockages later in the guide.

For example, if you’re an artist and art is your life, focus on the goal you want to accomplish. It could be becoming a famous local artist or a popular wedding photographer, opening your own gallery, founding an art school, and so on.

Then What?

After a period of time that you spend building your focus, intention, and concentration around your chosen manifestation – let it go. Surrender.

Live your life without attachment to the result, as we talked about in the first free guide.

Just know that you’ve been filling your vortex basket with lots of goodies, and now it’s time to release it.

Let your higher mind do the work. Don’t think about the how.

The “How” Is None Of Your Business

The “how” is not for you to deal with. It’s not your job. Leave it to the energy of the Universe. The divine will take care of it.

Your physical brain is not capable of formulating the unlimited possible scenarios of the how. And since your physical brain or ego isn’t designed to even begin to grasp the wonders of the “how,” it’s a waste of your time to even think about it.

Even the most talented and sophisticated Hollywood scriptwriters cannot think of such beautiful, magnificent, powerful scripts like those the Universe has planned for you.

Your job is over. Your power is not in your ability to make things happen by forcing them to comply with your will.

When you go to a restaurant and order your dish, you are finished with it. You do not go to the kitchen and get involved with chefs in their work. You ask for it and then let go. LOA will then fill that order by going and finding all the parts and assembling them.

Focus with full passion and release your attachments. Then, allow the infinite energy of the Universe to bring you the best of all possible scripts that are out there. Stop wondering HOW it’s going to happen.

I met someone who had to be in jail to experience spiritual enlightenment. After he got out of jail, he attended a meditation retreat, where he met his multi-millionaire wife through another participant.

Before going to jail and even while he was doing time, he did not imagine that he would experience spiritual enlightenment. He did not imagine to meet his wife there or that his financial situation would change radically in the wake of a workshop he would attend.

There was no way his ego would have been capable of imagining such a thing.

Only the divine decides how you will receive what you are supposed to receive.

In the example described above, he had to go through a significant time of imprisonment.

One client told me she got fired at the age of 43, without any savings or retirement plan. She got on a bus a few days later and overheard two people talking about renting lighting equipment for a wedding. Since she was a DJ in her 20’s, she knew people from the industry.

In a moment’s decision, a kind of inner impulse that was created within, she got in touch with an old mate and both of them became partners of a national lighting rental company.

Now you tell me: do you think your mind would ever have come up with a “how” like that?

She told me “I didn’t think of this idea, I received it”.

When you finally understand the deep truth -that it is the role of the Universe to worry about the “how,” you will learn to absolutely let go. And when you let go for real, you will attract your desires much faster than ever before!

You have nothing more to ask. The Universe knows exactly what you want, so there’s no point in badgering it. The source energy of the Universe will take care of the rest.

The dependency, the obsession, and the desperate need for the goal to be achieved, and achieved immediately if not sooner, bring you to the fact that you are stealing from the Universe the role that belongs to it.

You cannot control or force the Universe to do things according to your terms, especially when they arise from a place of need and fear.

But be aware – you have to really let go, not with the expectation that things will manifest sooner or faster. You need to let go because you deeply believe you do not need the end result in order to be happy.

How To Get Things Faster?

Or in other words – how to accomplish level 1, which is focusing on your passion?
If you’re serious about manifesting your goals, I highly recommend using visualization. The most important thing about visualization is to feel it.

Take about 15 minutes each night, get into a meditative state and call up the image of what you’d most like to manifest. Feel the passion, the excitement, the joy of receiving it; involve your other senses, like smelling, hearing, seeing and touching.

Repeat this for a certain amount of time; I suggest between 4 weeks to 90 days.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you can’t get into a meditative state right away, that’s ok. You’re not in competition with anyone.

Then, when you’re finally relaxed, get into it. Build it up. Let the energy explode! Remember, you’re filling your vortex basket with pure intentions that are based on genuine passion.

Practice this process for a while, and then just let it go. Release it from your system.

If you do this right, if you really learn to surrender, you will experience the magnitude of the Law of Attraction in all its glory.

A super important note on manifesting your desire:

The Universe will bring your desire into actual existence, but NEVER EVER in exactly the way you expect it. This is because your expectations belong to your mind or ego, and your mind can never fathom the greatness of what can really happen.

The meaning of letting go is not to give up hope, but to give up resistance.

Giving up the endless preoccupation with the subject is letting go of resistance. You do not let go of yourself the hope, the motivation and the desire for things to come true.

‘Letting go of your dreams’ and ‘giving up on your dreams’ are two different aspects. Don’t try to let go of your desire. Let go of anything that contradicts it.

Letting go requires you to change your way of thinking. That’s when you need to get into higher awareness.

Bob’s Story

Let’s take Bob, for example, a person who has a small business; a hardware store for tools, paints, etc.. His goal is to reach as many customers as possible within and outside the city.

When he obsessively and endlessly thinks about how to get customers, and why customers are not coming to his store, and what makes people prefer his competitors, he places a lot of resistance on this subject.

He thinks about it throughout the day when he is at work, after work, while in the swimming pool in his health club, when he eats dinner with his wife, when he goes to the movies, and while he is having a drink at a bar with his friends.

His mind is never at rest. An hour after hour he is consumed with thoughts of strategies, speculations, and tactics.

Yet everything has its proper time. The Universe now knows what his intentions are. There is no point in repeating it over and over again. So what he has to do now is to surrender, to release it. Let time take its course. Release the control, let go of the grip and let the rope that he put around his store loosen up.

When you let go, you give yourself space in your mind, which is currently very busy and where it is difficult to have clarity. Just take a few steps back for a while.

By letting go, Bob is not giving up on his dreams and aspirations or doesn’t care about the future of his shop. He simply removes his resistance, he gets out of the way, since he is the obstacle standing in its midst.

When you are not constantly concerned about your desires, you do not think about ‘not having them’ which keeps negative thoughts away from your mind. That certainly helps the Universe to manifest your dreams fast.

But Edith, I still have trouble letting go because it’s hard for me to believe that the Universe can really bring me the things I want.

If you still do not believe in the systematic mechanism of the law of attraction, here are some points to help you solve this recurring loop –

Question Your Thoughts

Whenever you doubt the existence of the law of attraction, ask yourself – are there people who attracted their dreams via the Law of Attraction?

Are there people out there who do manage to manifest free and flowing abundance energy, even though they had a not so promising starting point?

There are seven billion people in the world, so there must be at least one that has been able to decode the Law of Attraction, and this person attracts a huge abundance to their reality.

Read again the explanations on the structure of the atoms, energy, and wondrous discoveries of quantum physics in Chapter 1.

You are actually a living magnet. Whether you are willing to accept this fact or not -You attract people, situations, and circumstances that align with your beliefs and feelings, which are the main components of your default vibration. Everything you focus on expands within your physical experience.

I encourage you to ask yourself why your natural tendency is to question the Law of Attraction. Do you secretly not want to move forward? Are you comfortable with staying in the same spot? Are you afraid to fail?

Consider the hidden profits you derive from doubting the scientific proofs that matter and energy are actually the same things.

Look For Proofs

One of the best ways to get rid of doubt is to find pieces of evidence. As human beings, it is easier for us to believe what we see and disqualify things that are not perceived in one of our five senses. Therefore, the search for evidence can dissolve the doubt and thus pave the way for allowing your dreams to manifest.

Look at your history and see when the law of attraction did appear in your life

For example, did you attract the information you were looking for without trying too hard? Did you meet someone you felt instantly connected to without imposing it? Did you find a parking meter that already had money in it? Has anyone invited you to lunch? Have you ever won a free gift? Did you get free helpful advice from someone you met?

Write down the evidence of the law of attraction based on your experiences. Keeping a journal or notebook proof of the law of attraction in your life will help you believe in it more, get more excited about allowing more and trusting it more.

No matter the size of the materialization (e.g. if you find a dollar bill or if you have received a mortgage tip from your neighbor) – Write down the evidence and by that, increase the frequency.

When the doubt is no longer part of the equation, you can truly let go and rely on the Universe to perform its function.

Remember that every time someone has proved something to you, at that very moment, all doubt disappeared. Perhaps you have heard yourself say with relief: “Now I believe!”

To Sum It Up

Getting involved with the “how” is to stick your nose into businesses that are not yours. Your ego, limited by paradigms, cannot think of all the possible scenarios through which you will fulfill your desires.

Let the Universe do its job and let go. As you finally let go, you do not give up your strong ambition, but dissipating the resistance.

This is the lesson for today. I hope you will internalize it and apply it to your daily routine.

We will talk in the next chapter about the wonderful power of intentions. You will learn-

How to direct your energy like a winner
Why most people fail to apply the Law of Attraction
How to declare intentions correctly and accurately
Dos and don’ts when declaring intentions

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