Binaural Beats For Anxiety -Take Back Control of Your Life

Binaural Beats for Anxiety

Binaural Beats have been scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and other unpleasant emotions that cause distress in your daily experience.

But before I describe how Binaural Beats can be just the solution you’re seeking, let’s see how anxiety feels like on a day to day basis.

Anxiety is actually a fear of “what will happen.” The anxiety can wear many different outfits, such as a fear of the rejection, making mistakes, failing and being scared that the things you have will all be gone.

You know, you’re anxious about losing people, losing the familiar by making changes, or even the validation of others if you allow yourself to be seen.

In other words, you find yourself constantly in a state of dread. It is a strange position to be in, isn’t it?

Binaural beats and Isochronic Tones (i.e. Brainwave entrainment) can easily sync with your brain (it actually takes a few minutes for that process to occur), and reduce anxiety with minimal effort on your end.

Instead of concentrating on the here and now, and what you can do to change it, you are trapped by your thoughts in an unpleasant future – one that may never even actualize.

How Anxiety Affects Your Life

  • You worry about running out of money and ending up unable to pay the bills so you spend compulsively.
  • Concerned about work and how your career is not advancing as fast as that others so you become bitter and hard to work with.
  • Convince yourself that even though you currently enjoy exceptional health that will quickly change tomorrow and you will fall sick.
  • You’re anxious that your friends or your date will not like you enough if you act like your real self so you become a people-pleaser.
  • You’re terrified that you will never find the love you for which you so crave and horrified that you will end up all alone, so you become desperate.
  • Nervous about being underappreciated and not getting enough validation from others so you become insecure and clingy to the point of obsession.
  • You worry about every little thing possible.

You are so stuck with negative thoughts about the imaginary scenarios that your present is destroyed. I know it feels so real, I used to be there. But that is a distorted perception. Luckily, Binaural sounds are tremendously effective at reducing anxiety levels.

Your health deteriorates, your relationships falling apart, and your career suffers.

But those are not the only things that are affected by your negative thinking.

If that were the case then things would not be so bad. But it gets worse.

When You Suffer from Anxiety You Mess Up Your Future


Everything you are experiencing today is a result of vibrations you sent out in the past.

And everything you experience in the future is a result of vibrations you are emitting out at the present. That’s how the law of attraction works.

So while you mess up the present by fretting over the future that is yet to take place, you also destroy it by sending out vibrations of anxiety.

It’s super difficult to manifest positive results when you’re so anxious all the time.

Don’t beat yourself up just yet. It’s almost impossible to just shift your mood by rational choice alone. Most times, it never works. When your Amygdala is activated, the part that is responsible for mindful thinking completely shuts off.

That’s why Binaural Beats are the ultimate tool to help with anxiety because you don’t have to make an effort and “decide” to feel good. You just hit play and the frequencies naturally align with your system and putting you in the peaceful, safe, desired state you want and deserve.

When You Give In To Anxiety You Deny Your Own Power to Master Your Reality!

You have the power to transform yourself. You have the power to attract the reality you want to see.

By maintaining a high vibration and remaining focused on what you want to attract rather than what you don’t want, you can manifest your biggest goals and live your dreams.

Once you realize this fact and adopt it for yourself, you will cease to become anxious over anything.

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You will realize that reacting with stress is not the only option, it has just gained enough momentum to become your default.

You can train your brain to ease anxiety with the technology of Binaural Beats.

See, up until now you convinced yourself that anxiety keeps you safe because you’re doing something. But it’s just an illusion.

Becoming frightened is not doing something; it’s not doing anything in your favor.

You can still feel safe and remain calm even if you let go of panicking over things. You can still feel ok even in the face of uncertainty.

Anxiety Binaural Beats

Giving in doesn’t mean giving up. It means you’re releasing resistance and embrace the dynamic of life with acceptance.

But what happens when you give in to anxiety? You lose that power. You can no longer handle emotions and with that, you lose control of your vibrations.

You create a future that ends up being everything you feared it would be. You become your own worst enemy and shoot yourself in the foot.

And then you have more reason to worry and continue the cycle of suffering and anxiety.

Anxiety will ruin your life and make it worse, but it does not have to. You can ditch anxiety anytime you want and deliberately generate the reality you want.

You can become a formidable and most self-assured version of you to date!

Using Binaural Beats to Reduce Anxiety

Binaural tech, blended with subliminals and spoken suggestions can program your subconscious to internalize it is ok to release anxiety.

For this purpose, I’ve created a Binaural Beats track that is designed to help you let go of the default pattern of reacting with worrying, and instead, embrace an attitude of “whatever happens, I will be just fine”.

The formula’s purpose is to direct you towards the path of internal peace by shifting your conditioning.

Listening to this tape of Binaural Beats for anxiety on a regular basis will make it easier for you to develop a grounded approach, like those relaxed people you were always envy of.

Your old, unhealthy anxious patterns can be replaced with winning paradigms of a relaxed, peaceful and confident individual who manages their state of mind with ease.

The Binaural Beats are taken from the fascinating field of sound therapy or Brainwave Entrainment if you like.

They have been scientifically proven to assist with reducing anxiety, depression, sleep problems, quitting addictions, improving the immune system and much more!

The Binaural Beats are embedded in the background of this recording. They contain healing frequencies with Theta waves which are associated with tranquility, harmony, serenity and facilitating change.

Avoid giving in to excuses of “It’s too late, I will listen tomorrow.” Dedicate yourself to the healing journey and stick with it.

Right from the get-go, you’ll be able to notice the impact of  Binaural beats on anxiety. Whether it’s sensing a pleasant serenity that will wrap around your body, or an unexplained overall unwinding.

Imagine what a constant exposure of empowering programming and Binaural Beats will do to your brain!

These sessions have touched the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Now it is your turn.

In my extensive audio library, I have many recordings that can assist you to dissolve unpleasant emotions and old blockages that keep you stuck. I’m sure you will find Brainwave entrainment recordings that suit your specific needs.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.