Binaural Beats – what are they and how can they help you

For many years, scientists have measured and assessed the influence that music has on brain waves. In various studies, combinations of tones and sounds were played for people connected to an EEG machine. The experiments proved that the beat range of different sounds have different influences on the senses and behaviors.

EEG examinations also proved that the rate of one’s heartbeat is quickened or slowed depending on the music the ears hear.

In fact, you don’t even need to read those pieces of evidence. You all know the “high” feeling certain songs can give you, or those low or depressed feelings other songs can do to you.

Binaural Beats

In 1839 the German scientist H.W. Dover discovered that by playing different beats/tones to each ear separately, you can influence the brain waves more quickly, and thus the mood or state of mind. He named this technique “Binaural Beats.”

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Further research by other scientists continued to develop this area of study, and in 1973 the American scientist Dr. Gerald Oster published a groundbreaking article in the American Scientific Magazine. His article relied on other significant research and claimed that when one tone is being played in one ear at a certain frequency, other lower frequencies in the brain resonate similarly to the vibe that is being played. He called this the “synchronicity of the brain.”

In other words, if different tones are being played in both ears, the brain will connect between those tunes in a way that reduces the difference between the frequencies. For example, if you want to listen to 10hz alpha waves, one ear should receive 100hz and the other ear 110hz.

Of course there are base frequencies that have special qualities and a huge influence on the mind when it comes to relaxation, that good, “high” feeling, joy, sleepiness, energy, staying focused, having concentration and much more. These days, after years of studies, most frequencies are well-known and their quality and trait can be easily mapped.

The Binaural technology is at the cutting edge of the therapy and self-development fields. Binaural Beats can improve/positively affect one’s: IQ, sharp thinking, intelligence, immune system, white blood cells issues, level of euphoria, natural high, headaches, chronic pain (including Fibromyalgia), focus and concentration, ability to study effectively, slow aging, insomnia and sleep problems, serotonin release and plenty of other issues, both mental and physical.

So how does it actually work? The brain automatically synchronizes between the difference of the frequencies → It brings the lower vibe (hz) towards the higher frequency (hz) → the difference between the right ear to the left ear will produce the frequency (Buddhists that practice years of meditation can do it by themselves.)

How to listen to Binaural beats

Large Headphones that cover the ears to block outside noises.
Before sleep
When waking up
During the day

If you suffer from epilepsy or similar attacksIf you have a well known mental disorderIf you’re pregnantIf you have a PacemakerIf you have a high sensitivity to light, 30 minutes before operating machines or cars30 minutes before doing something that can put you or others in risk

NOTE: what is a hz?
Every material in the universe consists of electronic vibration and so does our body – every cell and atom in the body. According to the laws of physics, around every material that has electricity, there are electromagnetic fields. The fields vibrate and the pace or speed at which they vibrate is called frequency. The frequency units are measured by hz. For example, if a field is beating 12 times in a second, it will be called 100hz.

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