How to overcome envy

I’m sure you’ve felt it… that searing, sick feeling when someone you know – a dear, close friend, a family member, an old rival – gets something you desperately want. You hate when jealousy creeps in, but you can’t bring yourself to overcome envy.

Your best friend just got a promotion and is now earning more money than you. Or maybe it’s something that you just know is trivial, but it still stings – something as frivolous as who gets more likes on social media.

Malcolm X famously said: “Envy blinds men and makes it impossible for them to think clearly.” That, right there, is the problem with trying to overcome envy.


Overcoming childhood trauma in adulthood

Many of us didn’t make it through childhood unscathed. It’s about time we fessed up and admitted the truth—which is that some parts of our childhood were awfully painful and that overcoming childhood trauma in adulthood is absolutely necessary if we want to live peacefully.

The effects in adulthood are hard to miss:

Anger issues, mood swings, depression for no apparent reason, anxieties about every little thing, having low self-esteem, feeling unsafe, being needy, clingy, finding yourself attracted to unavailable partners, or the complete opposite – avoiding intimacy at all costs.


How to stop being obsessive over your ex

You just broke up with your ex; you thought this person was the love of your life. But your dreams are down the drain and you just can’t believe it’s over. And if that’s not hard enough, you also can’t seem to let go of your ex. Even though the relationship had ended, the fixation on your ex has just started.

You feel like this breakup took a part of your body as if your life will never be the same. Letting go of your ex lover seems impossible.

Suddenly the songs on the radio get a different meaning and the world looks completely vague. Kinda colorless.

You feel like nothing is worth anything anymore, if your ex is not with you.


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Need to be liked by others

Let’s talk about the giant pink elephant in the room. We all see it, but too embarrassed to mention it – the need to be liked by others.

This need for others to love us is quite annoying. It takes away a lot of resources and energy. Our artificial attempts to wear masks to win a few points in others are quite exhausting.

In college, when my self-esteem wasn’t very high, I desperately needed people to like me.

I tried to be nice even when I didn’t want to, I gave up my principles; I didn’t set boundaries when it was necessary and in general, I pretty much lost myself.

Yes, in the end, I’ve earned the desired goal which was being liked by others. But was it worth it?


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How to overcome jealousy of others

Jealousy is one of the most destructive, lowest emotions we can feel. It decreases our vibrational energy significantly. What can we do to shift our attitude in order to overcome jealousy?

Has it ever happened to you that you followed friends and random people you barley know on social media and felt jealousy creeping up?

You found yourself envious of their relationships… their success… their prestigious vacations… their private parties…


Fear of commitment
Here is how fear of commitment looks like in real life:

You just met someone amazing, and it feels as if you’ve known each other forever. Both of you feel comfortable together. You don’t need to pretend, to wear a mask, or to make an effort to be entertaining.

Your communication simply flows, there are no embarrassing or awkward moments. The sex is amazing. You can’t believe that it is finally happening – you found someone who is right for you.

A month goes by… then another week or two… and that confident ‘This is It!’ feeling you’ve had in the beginning starts to dissipate. Instead, you are filled with doubts and questions about your future together.

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How to stop worrying
Chronic worrying is a mental habit you can break. You CAN learn how to stop worrying.

Worrying can be somewhat useful when it drives you to solve situations and take action. But if you’re constantly dealing with “what if” and worst-case scenarios, worrying becomes a problem of its own.

Dealing with worrying will benefit you greatly in life and is well worth the effort.

You can train your brain to remain calm and collected. Eventually, you’ll get used to looking at life’s challenges with a more positive mindset.

In order to understand how to stop the worrying cycle, you first have to let go of the belief that worrying always serves you well.


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Find clarity
As you are finding clarity in your life, particularly in areas that are important to you, you feel far surer of yourself. But what is clarity?

Clarity is knowing what you want. Mental clarity helps you establish strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Even if you’re far from your goals, when you have clarity, time isn’t a factor at all. Because you just know you’re going to get there sooner or later.

But how can you go about finding clarity when you have none? When you’re lost, chasing your own tail, unsure of where to go, watching life slip between your fingers?

Before you even notice, you’re celebrating yet another birthday, and the last decade has passed before you even blinked.


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How to control your anger
Many times, when you explode with anger, you feel temporary relief afterward. But when you see the pain and suffering of your victims, you feel regret, guilt, sadness, and remorse. At the moment of truth, you have no clue how to control your anger.

Then you grab your head and ask yourself, “What did I do it for? Why did I behave this way?”

We all feel anger occasionally or stumble upon anger that’s directed towards us.

Anger is an integral part of our natural emotional fabric and may rise up when:


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Inner child healing
Have you ever asked yourself why do you feel suffocated? Why you’re depressed more often than not, even though you ‘shouldn’t’ be? These questions are a huge part of performing inner child work.

Why are you afraid of the world, scared of dealing with various people and situations? Nervous about upsetting others? Why is it that you lose your temper after you’ve sworn you will never treat the people you love this way again?

After so many years working on yourself, why do you still have distorted self evaluation? See yourself as unloved, as if you don’t belong? Why do you still lack self-confidence?

“Shouldn’t I get better about myself?” you ask yourself, and, all too often, you end up feeling bad about your low vibrational state.

You must know that it isn’t YOU who is in trouble. It’s that inner child who is crying out for attention, for love, and for all those childhood needs that went unfulfilled.

Your soul is full of emotional bruises that were never taken care of. Until you recognize and address them, these wounds are not going anywhere.


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