Break Through The Comfort Zone
We all would love to create changes in our lives.
We all would love to evolve and reach places we haven’t been before.
But there is one thing that stops us… our comfort zone. (more…)

10 Things To Know About the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is an expression that became widely known by the public following the famous movie, “The Secret”.  It is a physical law that works for everyone, whether one believes in it or not. There is so much proof that the law of attraction work among successful people who attract more and more abundance; even people for whom scarcity is a major component in their lives.


Creating A Change
Many years ago, well before I dove deep into the wonderful world of self-observation, I felt stuck in several areas, especially when it came to money.

I wanted big changes in my life, but despite the passion to make progress and create, it felt like I was stuck in the same place. I invested lots of efforts and energy that lead me nowhere, which frustrated me. (more…)

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How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

We all, at one stage or another in our lives, stopped and asked ourselves, “What do others think of me?” It is impossible to detach from dealing with that question because we conduct our lives inside a circle of interactions with others.


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The 80/20 Rule
80/20 RuleIn the year 1906, the Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto noticed that 20% of the Italian population owns about 80% of the country’s assets. This observation was called “Pareto principle” or the 80/20 rule.

Never Too Late To Change

Changing your life is not easy. It requires prowess, honesty and acknowledgment of the fact that something is stuck here. Life change is a marathon, not a short run, thus patience is an essential ingredient in this recipe. Don’t be tempted to give up right away when things don’t go smoothly.

So many people are locked behind bars. I am not talking about the ones who committed crimes and now pay their debt to society, but the ones who are prisoners of themselves. Prisoners of their fear.

How many times have you seen other couples from an outside observation and said: “It will not happen to me. I will never allow myself to be in that place.”

But now… now you find yourself acting like those couples whose relationships are established by a set of orders instead of loving words: “bring this; go there; pick up the kids from kindergarten.” There is no more “I love you” before sleep… no more romantic text messages and staring at each other’s eyes for hours, like you used to, like you were the only ones in this world. The love that once started as a bursting volcano is slowly turning into hard, lifeless lava

This gradual change is not yours only, but is common to many stray souls out there. It belongs to lots of people who have lost hope. It belongs to people who don’t believe it is possible to fix anything or to step out of this system.

Not believing in change is not limited to relationships. It is valid to any area of life in which you long to blossom, to be free, yet is held hostage by restrictive beliefs that don’t allow you to grow.

The alarm is buzzing again. It is time to get out of your warm bed and step into the cold morning. You dress reluctantly and are thinking of calling in sick. “They won’t believe me,” you mumble and keep slowly organizing yourself in preparation of another routine work day that has never satisfied you.

You are stuck in traffic. Even the biggest hits on the radio do not succeed in lifting your mood. The closer to your work place you get, the more your heart is shutting down. Freedom seems like a daydream that is preserved for people who were born rich.

You are at work, smiling – not genuinely – to coworkers who feel exactly the same as you. Time is passing by slowly. A minute seems like an hour and an hour feels like forever. You’re getting lost within the sea of thoughts flowing in your mind and you wake up from your daydream to discover that only five minutes have gone by.

You are depressed throughout most of the day. The only time you are waking up to life is at 5 p.m. But then, the euphoric feeling fades quickly because you remember you’re going home to a relationship, the existence of which is merely technical.

You feel like you are about to explode. “Something must change,” the rebel in you is screaming. Suddenly it feels good, those thoughts of a different lifestyle. You find yourself smiling. But then you abolish it: “Not a chance,” you say to yourself.

Break The Chains

Do you remember when you were a child with big hopes and powerful dreams? Where have they disappeared to? Where did you disappear to? When you were a child, there was no such thing as “impossible”. Everything was wide open in front of you – all doors were open, all options laid out for you on a gold tray.

Today you are a convict. Not due to society’s rules or your parents’. You are a prisoner by choice.
If your life is going down an undesired path that has no relation to your past dreaming, I want you to know it is a shame.

It is a shame for your life which is being wasted because of anxieties of “what will”. It is too bad you are wasting feelings of joy which you could have experienced every day.

One day you will regret the things you haven’t done, but by then, it will be too late. One day you will not be here anymore, but if you think about it deeply, you’ll realize that… you were never actually here.
I believe in life after death. I believe that energy never decays and reaches in different forms to the infinite existence. But am I sure our lives will continue in a shape of another physical human being? Not at all.
Therefore, as long as you exist in your physical form, be grateful for that time! Make it worth living.

I once heard a quote of a religious man who said: “To live as you wish is to respect the creation, is to respect God.”

It is time to walk down the path you crave. Maybe a few people will not be thrilled about it, but you’ll be surprised to know how quickly people adjust to new situations. They finally learn to accept and contain something when they figure out they have no choice.

Check in with yourself as to what you are missing and how you can fix it.
Check in with yourself about what happened along the way that went wrong, and what you can do starting from right now to change it.

The change doesn’t need to be drastic and instant. Leave the deadline to the journalists. Take your time slowly, breathe it in, and use it for your own good, without pressure, without stress. You are not in a hurry. When you are clean from stress, things manifest more quickly.

Remember… it is never too late.

3 Ways To Harness The Power Of The SubconsciousMind

Many books, articles and documentary movies have been dealing with the power of mind phenomenon. It’s interesting to see that even though the subconscious mind gained widespread attention from endless recourses, it is still a mystery for many people to use mind power techniques.

Before we explore 3 effective ways to make your unconscious to become your best friend, let’s view the main qualities of the most powerful asset you have:
Beyond the physical traits such as supervising your heart, breathing, digestive system and healing (like a cut in your finger), the subconscious mind is responsible for almost all of your mental and emotional processes:
– The subconscious mind manages 97% of your results in life.
– It has the answer to all of your problems and challenges.
– It has infinite wisdom and insights.
– It’s your real machine – it always carries the truth about yourself, unlike the conscious ego.
– It has the power to lead you to achieve any dreams, desires and ideas you hold!


Why is it crucial to change the subconscious mind?

Your current reality is merely a reflection of what resides within:  your relationships, your financial situation, your friendships, your family, your self-esteem and so on.  Inside your subconscious there are belief systems that have been created as a result of programming.

Ever since you were born, your mind was, not deliberately, exposed to the adult world.  Your mind was automatically absorbing the beliefs and thoughts of the adults around you.  When you are exposed to something over and over again, it is going to affect you.  In due time, repetitive negativity (or positivity) shape and program your thoughts and create belief systems.

The belief system resides deeply inside your subconscious and is responsible for your thinking, decision making, emotional state and behavior in certain areas.
The results in your life reflect exactly what is going on in your inner world.
The subconscious manages your life completely and determines your results.

Limiting beliefs can include: “easy come easy go”; “money is the root of all evil”; “you need money to make money”; “love hurts”; “it’s hard to find love”; “all the good ones are taken”; “I can’t afford it”; “healthy food is not tasty”; “you need to eat animals to get your protein”…

Therefore, if you want to make a true change, it is pointless to focus on the results, because they are not the source; however, the power of the mind is.  A real change can only occur when you shift the limiting beliefs you carry in your unconscious brain.

3 mind techniques to change your subconscious limiting beliefs

Subliminal messages – They have been scientifically proven to stimulate changes in perception and behavior in different areas of life such as addictions, weight loss, better learning and more. The subliminal suggestions are hidden positive affirmations that bypass the aware mind, so it will not express resistance.

They are usually covered by relaxing music and sound therapy (i.e. Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones).  Subliminal messages have the power to create completely new thinking and it is very easy to apply this method in your daily lives.  All you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to the session repeatedly for four weeks.

Visualization – This technique is highly recommended by law of attraction gurus like John Assaraf.  Many don’t not how to properly visualize, and they confuse it with day dreaming. To maximize the effect of visualization, a few things need to happen:  first, choose your goal. Make it very clear what you want. Then, focus on the final results after you reach your goal.  Focusing on the final result must involve positive emotions of excitement, eagerness and happiness.  Feel it like it is truly manifesting in your life right now.  Do it every night before you go to sleep or whenever you have 15 minutes available alone.

Gratitude – Appreciate what you already have now.  When you are grateful for the things you already have in life, you enter into a positive mood.  When you feel better about your life, you release the gates of resistance and open the door for allowance.  In addition, gratitude increases your vibrational frequency.

When your frequency is high, it leads you to attract more and more of the things you are thankful for.  When you are grateful, you focus on what you want and what is good in your life, and this way, you activate the powerful law of attraction to work for you.  As often as you practice gratitude and learn to enjoy and appreciate the things you already have, you are creating a new neural path in your mind and programming it to react more positively.

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The findings were published last month in the British Journal of Psychiatry.
Mindfulness Meditation, which focuses on nonjudgmental awareness of sensations, feelings, and state of mind, is known for its powerful traits.  However, now it has gotten a scientific stamp under its list of qualities: a treatment for depression.

Despite the great benefits extensive research has found that one can gain from daily practicing mindfulness meditation, some people still perceive it as another new age affair.

The truth needs to be spoken: not only chemical pills can make you feel good, centered and emotionally balanced. You own the greatest asset in the world and it is yourself.

You can heal yourself

According to a new study from Lund University in Sweden, group mindfulness treatment is as effective as talking to a therapist (CBT) if you suffer from depression and anxiety.
This is the first study that makes a comparison between mindfulness and individual therapy.

Before and after the sessions – both CBT and mindfulness meditation – the participants (a total of 215 patients), were asked to fill out questionnaires to define the level of their anxiety and depression symptoms. Among both groups, the described indications of depression and anxiety decreased. The interesting point is that the researchers noted there was no difference between the traditional forms of therapy and the mindfulness meditation.

A better brain

The reduction of depression and anxiety signs are caused by real changes in the brain. The changes are in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. Also, it has been found that the stress reduction is correlated with the amygdala, which plays an important part in anxiety and stress.

Other research – the analysis of MR images – by Massachusetts University found increased gray-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion, and introspection. All of those changes occurred after the participants reported an average 27 minutes of mindfulness practice for less than 8 weeks.

Actual changes in your brain can happen if you decide to make mindfulness a part of your life style; it is your call. Having an improved brain is an improvement of your life. Your brain should be your ally, not your enemy. Little by little, with a consistent practicing, you can make your brain serve you so you can finally, in addition to moments of relaxation, find truely long-lasting happiness.

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Introvert vs Extrovert

Introverts are perceived by others as shy, or unfortunately, in many cases, as strange people. This perception is of course incorrect, and I will expose to you the truth about the introverts, what guides them, how they interact with others, and what you can do in order to accept and understand them better.

Energy Resource – Introverted people are charged with internal energy, which means spending alone time with themselves, unlike extroverts, who get their “rush” from socializing and interaction with others. This doesn’t mean introverts don’t like to be in social settings; they do, but on their own terms.

Even the amount of time spent with others is different – while an extrovert can spend, for example, six hours with friends, an introvert is satisfied with just two hours. Does it mean introverts don’t like their friends? No, they just need to be charged with energy, because socializing for them can be exhausting.

Energy Allotment – Introverts invest their energy in people who they’re really intrigued by, and don’t spend their valuable time on random chit chats with unfamiliar people or acquaintances. In addition, if introverts sense you’re not truly interested in their company, they won’t make an effort to connect with you. Introverts need to feel their presence is acknowledged.

In addition to those traits mentioned above, how can you know if you’re in introvert?

If you have the personality of an introvert, you have probably experienced some kind of resentment toward loud extroverts who “steal” the show and demand all of the attention in social gatherings.

Other traits of an introvert include being detail-oriented; not feeling uncomfortable – even relishing – frequent silence when with friends; enjoying ‘me time’ without feeling depressed about it or lonely.

Many introverts are not aware of the fact that they’re introverted and they might experience feelings of not belonging and confusing that with shyness or weirdness.

How should extroverts behave when around introverts? Don’t be in their face. Or, put more gently, don’t push them to talk to you. If you see that they’re in their own world, let them be there.

In conversations, talk when you really have something to say and not just to fill in the gap. Ask them for their opinion – show interest in what they think and give them the chance to say it.

Most importantly, know it’s not about you, so don’t take it personally. They can be super friendly and charming, so just be patient enough to see the magic happen.

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Believe In Yourself

Do you know this feeling when you are around people and you find yourself thinking, “What do they think about me right now?  How do they see me? Did I behave OK?  Did I sound smart?  Maybe stupid? Should I not have said that?”

In this article I’ll show you that your fear of what others say or think about you is merely a reflection of your own fear – what you think about yourself. I’ll show you that as long as you’re at peace with your thoughts and behavior, you will not have to be bothered with how others see you.

We live in a society, and of course it matters to us to behave by the norms; however, when we let the constant contemplation of what others think dictate our behavior, we lose our self identity. We stop being ourselves, and we mirror how we think others perceive us.

Have you noticed that the most lovable people – the ones who are appreciated and respected by others – are the same ones never give up on who they truly are?  They’re the, “What you see is what you get” type. They’re not pretending to be someone else, they’re not masking their flaws, they’re not perfect and they know it, and they openly show their good traits.

Their presence feels natural and it’s pretty easy to connect with them. Those kind of people never lose who they are. This kind of person surely doesn’t deal with the question, “How do others perceive me?” because they know it isn’t relevant. They realized a long time ago that all that matters is how they see themselves.

I invite you to try this exercise:
Think of a time you were so sure of what you were saying or thinking or feeling. It can be anything in the world. For example, one of my business colleagues is 100% sure that he is in love with his wife. Nobody can convince him differently and he doesn’t care what others think about it, because he is so confident and complete with that feeling.

When do you begin to be bothered with how others perceive you, your opinions or behavior? When you’re not sure, and when you’re not confident. In a social gathering, a person who genuinely believes that he has the right to be present, that he has the right to speak up and participate in social settings, won’t be worried at all about what others might think of him.

If he would believe that he is not deserving and that his presence doesn’t mean a lot, he would pay attention to what others think of him, because he thinks in a certain way about himself!

Your fear of what others think of you is simply a reflection of your fear of what you think about yourself.
If you believe that others think you’re not smart enough, it shows that you have a fear that you’re not smart enough. If you think others perceive you as not pretty, it is because you believe so.

You think you’re afraid of other people’s opinions, but it’s not true. You’re only hiding your real fear from yourself. It could be disadvantages you have or negative emotions you carry about yourself. Diverting the attention to others won’t help you deal with your fear or worries.

When you are ready to look at yourself deeply, be introspective about your worries or issues, that shows that you would like to develop your skills and to evolve as a person. The growing process can be gaining new talents or proficiencies; it could be self-acceptance or building higher self-esteem.

Then, the fear of others won’t stimulate you anymore. A new force will inspire you and that will be focusing on your desires and aspirations. This acknowledgment will intensify your sense of self-esteem.

The emphasis on other people’s opinions will cease to exist because you’ll realize that worry is not real. It was just a disguise, shifting the problem from you to them.  They’re not the focus anymore – you are.
Now you know that the fear of others is the fear of yourself. Once you develop the skills to improve and to be complete with yourself, the perspective of the environment around you won’t guide and shape your life.

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