Money Abundance

First off, I’d like to start with why I am posting this article and why I keep on publishing money magnet subliminal and binaural beats videos on YouTube. This is NOT going to be my last article about money; it’s just the first of many to come.

It is so sad to notice how many people in this world (especially in the western world, where money flows so easily and frequently), perceive money in such a twisted way, and as a result, struggle to get more of it. They want it, but they don’t realize that THEY are the reason that money is lacking in their lives.

My purpose is for you to change your perception about how you see money. I don’t expect you to subconsciously change your observation about money right after you’re done reading this. HOWEVER, I do understand that when you are exposed to a certain idea that you agree with multiple times, your subconscious will shift as well.

It would be great if you could be millionaires and have private yachts and a collection of fancy cars and 10 different mansions around the globe, but this is not my goal here. I want you to have the RIGHT subconscious approach towards money so you can allow yourself to enjoy your daily life more without struggling. I want you to buy the physical experiences that you need for yourself without calculating every dollar (or Euro or whatever) you spend. I want money to be attracted naturally into your life whenever you need it, without stressing out about it.

In my next articles, I’ll go deeper into the energy of money, gratitude towards money and how to have the correct state of mind when it comes to money.

Today, I want to give you 5 simple ACTIONS and really good techniques which you can start to implement today and feel the difference.

5 Techniques that you can implement starting from NOW to attract more money easily: 

1. Express appreciation towards money every chance you can:
even if you found a penny in the street, applaud this money for its existence. Imagine how good we feel when somebody else appreciates us, even for the little things we do. How does it make you feel? It makes you feel great and you want to do MORE of it. Same thing when it comes to appreciation towards money – when you appreciate the existence of money, even one penny, the universe will send you more of it.

2. Strengthen your boundaries and have the courage to say no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do want. This way, you teach the universe how you want others to treat you. Let go of what others will think of you (I will write a post about that subject as well, I get lots of questions about how to not care about what others think of you).

When you let go of what others think of you, it’s emotionally and physically healing because essentially, you decrease the energy leaking from you.
Why is it important to define what you want and what you don’t want? Because unclear boundaries and the fear of saying no to others encourages the exploitation by others, creates a lack of appreciation from others towards you and gives you a sense of being helpless.

Clear boundaries encourage high self-esteem (that leads to self-confidence) and keep your energy to what is really important.

3. Make a wish list. Make a list of 100 things! Yes, 100.
The list will contain things you will do or people you will be assuming the money is not a limiting factor at all. The bigger the list is, it will release your subconscious from a sense of fear.

You will see how amazing this is, because this list will start to stimulate your brain beyond things you ever thought that are possible.

You will see that in due time, those things will start to appear in your life, along with the means of funding. Maybe some of the things won’t be EXACTLY like what you wrote, but close enough for you to know this is what you meant and it is manifesting in your life.

4. Be excellent money managers. Know exactly how much money you have, what is your property, where your money is coming from, and where it is invested or being spent at. Be your own accountants.

After knowing how much you have, take 10%-15% of your income and save it, even if you are in debt. If 10% is not possible, save $10 or $5, The point is to save SOMETHING. Once you put energy in saving, the money in the savings account will increase continuously. Once you write down how much you have and know what’s going on in your account, you put energy in it and the money gets respect and gratitude from you. That will bring you more of it.

5. Surround yourself with the success vibration. Hang out with people that are masters in the field you’d like to attract into your life.
Usually we will adopt the traits of people we spend the most time with. Decide from now to spend less time, or no time at all, with people who have a lack of consciousness.

Be around people with abundance consciousness, and with the same money values (and life values) as yours. Learn their thought process, their decision-making process, the tools they implement naturally in their lives, their life view. Being around winners who carry abundance consciousness, people that feel good most of the time – that will strengthen your abundance consciousness and  help you attract more and more of the things you want.

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Love Yourself

What does self-love or self-acceptance mean, exactly? What if you are not happy with your current situation, but you are told by new age books to “just accept yourself”? It’s very confusing because you want to accept who you are, while also changing aspects of yourself.

The way I see it (and the way I see it based on years of research) is that there is no difference between accepting your being and feeling the desire to change it. How come?

Self-love is basically a… change.
Love pushes you to change nonstop, to grow, to evolve, to develop yourself as a human, to discover new things and new ideas. Love is the biggest force – it is the propulsion of the universe, and as is, change is an essential feature.
Love takes us beyond what seems possible inside the mind and drives us to break down our own walls.

In simple words, loving ourselves and accepting ourselves doesn’t mean to stay as we are. Loving ourselves is not keeping the destructive patterns and difficulties we have within us.  Self-love is about accepting the good parts in our selves, AS WELL AS the bad parts, because out of acceptance we can grow and prosper.

Love encourages us to self-develop and be our best version of ourselves, achieved by determination, gentleness and patience.
Self-criticism, anger and perfectionism do not fall under the category of love.

It’s very common to think that you need to criticize yourself or be hard on yourself in order to change. This assumption is misguided and unhelpful.  Criticism closes, decreases and represses us.

In order to truly change, you need to put aside the munitions and communicate with yourself. Knowing yourself by self exploring is the key for a change.

Once you understand in depth what is conducting you, your heart opens, and love is awakens within your, which softens the self-criticism. As long as you learn to know who you are and what drives you do act and think in certain patterns, then you slowly heal the inner self and the result is increasing self-love.

Let me quote Esther Hicks (The Secret, law of attraction) – “you have to connect to the source. It’s not just loving yourself, it’s loving.  You can’t love yourself but hate someone else; that doesn’t work. You’re either in the vibration of love or you are not.”

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People with positive mindsets know exactly how to manage their feelings, their thoughts and actions in a way that will bring them abundance and success.

Being a winner and mentally strong is not just to say to yourself, “I think positively”, but it’s the basic understanding of how to act right, how to think and behave in a way that will lead you to your goal. Reading these traits written below is a great opportunity to see if you manage your life and your mind smartly and effectively.

1. Winners don’t waste their time feeling sorry for themselves. They don’t have self-pity about their given situation, the circumstances or bad treatment from others. They take responsibility for their lives and REALIZE that life is not always fair or easy.

2. Winners don’t waste their energy on things they cannot change. They don’t complain about a lack of parking or a flight delay. They focus on what they control and instead of investing precious energy, they have a positive approach and interpretation toward those events.

3. Winners don’t give up after their first failure. They see failure as something that exists as an opportunity to grow and evolve. They keep on trying different methods until they’ll make it big time.

4. Winners don’t expect immediate results. They are aware that real change takes time and practice and they have 100% patience until they achieve the results.

5. Winners don’t make up excuses and blame others. They feel full gratitude for the fact that they are the drivers of their lives and they take responsibility for directing it to the target they choose.

6. Winners are not afraid to be alone. The silence and their thoughts don’t threaten them. They don’t depend on others to feel alive. On the contrary, they appreciate this time to charge their body and mind with new good energy.

7. Winners don’t try to please others because they understand they have their own opinions and say. They can emotionally deal with other people’s frustration when they’re not satisfied with a lack of cooperation.

8. Winners don’t manipulate others by making them feel guilty. They are confident that if they want something, healthy communication and negotiation can lead them to the things they desire. Emotional manipulations are not part of their lifestyle.

9. Winners don’t give others control over their lives. You will never hear them say, “I’m so depressed because my coworker criticized me today.” They understand that the choice of how to emotionally react is in their hands.

10. Winners feel happy about other people’s success. They know that the world is full of abundance and there’s a place for anyone to succeed and prosper. Somebody else’s success doesn’t happen on their expense. They realize success appears after putting in real effort and energy, and they are willing to experience it themselves.

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healing frequencies

The ancient Solfeggio frequencies compose a phrase that was put by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo in 1999 in their book entitled Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

The source of those tones is in ancient musical scale, which was considered lost from 1050 BC. The frequencies were used by Gregorian chant hymns (Christian stream) from the 11th century, and most of them disappeared from consciousness centuries ago and were rediscovered just a few decades ago.
The claim that the tones were lost has been rejected by many researchers. Their common conjecture is that the frequencies were hidden deliberately by the church out of assumption that the ignorant mass was not ready for them.

The musical tones in the Gregorian chants are build from mathematical scales and created frequencies that set up the holy geometry of the universe (according to their belief.) They were especially designed in order to influence the body and the mind during religious rituals.Today, researchers believe that the solfeggio scale is a lot more ancient, and the church discovered it and re-hid it.

Studies show that testimonies can be seen in the Bible, astrology, numerology, and the pyramid structures around the world.The solgeggio scale is still covered with mystery and secrets; there’s a lot left to discover.

It includes 6 major tones and 3 complementary ones – 9 frequencies all together – according to researchers, these tones represent the fabric of life and creation on a mathematical and geometrical level. They express a specific mathematical sequence, and repeat themselves in all stratums in nature: space and water structures, the growing process of organisms, the light of the sun, light frequencies and biological and physical phenomenons.

The advantages of listening to Solfeggio frequencies

It is stated that listening to Solfeggio tones builds new neurological courses in the brain through energetic nets in the body and beyond. That helps us to connect better to global energy nets and also our true inner nature. It encourages synchronization between the hemispheres, sharpens the cognition, and amplifies the energy and the consciousness to the level of the source (the energy that the made the creation.)

Repetitive listening can awaken a numb quantum potential in our genetic structure, improve our sense of clarity, balance and well-being. They dissolve energetic blocks from cells’ memory, and enable the abundant channel of life energy flow to and within us.

Many researchers are convinced that the understanding of those frequencies will get us closer to the understanding of how the universe was made and of life itself.

6 Solfeggio frequencies

396 hz – release of fears and guilt. Turn sadness to joy. This frequency strengthens the inner power, untying blocks of the subconscious, and establishes the way of letting go of fear and guilt (relates to the Root Chakra)

417 hz – eases on the process of change by cleansing traumatic experiences and clearing destructive influences of past events (relates to sacral chakra- sexual energy)

528 hz – Transformation and miracles. (DNA repair). The most famous frequency. It returns human DNA to its original, perfect state. It brings joy, life energy, clarity to the mind, self-awareness, creativity, exposing free desire and divine guidance (relates to solar plexus chakra)

639 hz – harmony in relationship. Reconnecting and balancing relationships. It’s a healing vibe that brings serenity to relationships, harmony with the environment, communication, mutual understanding, tolerance and love. (relates to heart chakra).

741 hz – solving problems and arouses intuition, cleanses the cells from electromagnetic radiation. Encourages better nutrition, simplifies life (making life simple and not complicated) and self expression (relates to the throat chakra.)

852 hz – Returning to spiritual order. The inner voice becomes stronger and louder. It reveals the illusion of life (such as hidden agendas of people, places and things) and the divine mission and our destiny (related to 3rd eye chakra).

3 supplementary frequencies 

174 hz – The base. This is the lowest tone. That creates the base of evolution, the evolving of consciousness and an ease on physical pains

285 hz – quantum cognition – This frequency helps return tissue into its original form

963 hz – the divine sound – It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, (related to crown energy)

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For many years, scientists have measured and assessed the influence that music has on brain waves. In various studies, combinations of tones and sounds were played for people connected to an EEG machine. The experiments proved that the beat range of different sounds have different influences on the senses and behaviors.

EEG examinations also proved that the rate of one’s heartbeat is quickened or slowed depending on the music the ears hear.

In fact, you don’t even need to read those pieces of evidence. You all know the “high” feeling certain songs can give you, or those low or depressed feelings other songs can do to you.

Binaural Beats

In 1839 the German scientist H.W. Dover discovered that by playing different beats/tones to each ear separately, you can influence the brain waves more quickly, and thus the mood or state of mind. He named this technique “Binaural Beats.”

Further research by other scientists continued to develop this area of study, and in 1973 the American scientist Dr. Gerald Oster published a groundbreaking article in the American Scientific Magazine. His article relied on other significant research and claimed that when one tone is being played in one ear at a certain frequency, other lower frequencies in the brain resonate similarly to the vibe that is being played. He called this the “synchronicity of the brain.”

In other words, if different tones are being played in both ears, the brain will connect between those tunes in a way that reduces the difference between the frequencies. For example, if you want to listen to 10hz alpha waves, one ear should receive 100hz and the other ear 110hz.

Of course there are base frequencies that have special qualities and a huge influence on the mind when it comes to relaxation, that good, “high” feeling, joy, sleepiness, energy, staying focused, having concentration and much more. These days, after years of studies, most frequencies are well-known and their quality and trait can be easily mapped.

The Binaural technology is at the cutting edge of the therapy and self-development fields. Binaural Beats can improve/positively affect one’s: IQ, sharp thinking, intelligence, immune system, white blood cells issues, level of euphoria, natural high, headaches, chronic pain (including Fibromyalgia), focus and concentration, ability to study effectively, slow aging, insomnia and sleep problems, serotonin release and plenty of other issues, both mental and physical.

So how does it actually work? The brain automatically synchronizes between the difference of the frequencies → It brings the lower vibe (hz) towards the higher frequency (hz) → the difference between the right ear to the left ear will produce the frequency (Buddhists that practice years of meditation can do it by themselves.)

How to listen to Binaural beats

Large Headphones that cover the ears to block outside noises.
Before sleep
When waking up
During the day

If you suffer from epilepsy or similar attacksIf you have a well known mental disorderIf you’re pregnantIf you have a PacemakerIf you have a high sensitivity to light, 30 minutes before operating machines or cars30 minutes before doing something that can put you or others in risk

NOTE: what is a hz?
Every material in the universe consists of electronic vibration and so does our body – every cell and atom in the body. According to the laws of physics, around every material that has electricity, there are electromagnetic fields. The fields vibrate and the pace or speed at which they vibrate is called frequency. The frequency units are measured by hz. For example, if a field is beating 12 times in a second, it will be called 100hz.

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Self Confidence

Before we look deeper into the 6 foundations, let’s examine how Nathaniel Branden perceives self esteem and self confidence.

Nathaniel Branden is groundbreaking and is the pioneer in the self confidence field. He discovered that when you deeply understand those foundations, it becomes more and more simple to build and increase the whole concept of self esteem and self confidence.

According to Branden, two major components can answer the question of what self esteem is:

1. Confidence in our ability to think and to cope with the basic challenges of our lives. The experience and knowledge that we are effective and get results successfully in this world.

Self esteem creates expectations (which we are aware and unaware of) as for what is possible for us and what fits us. These expectations lead to actions that create our reality. The reality strengthens the original beliefs. Getting results doesn’t mean that we cannot make mistakes and fail. It means we believe in our ability to learn what is necessary and the commitment to act by our Conscience and our common sense to achieve life goals.

I’d like to put Brenden’s approach in my own words – the the way I see it, this means natural expectation for success. Again, not to avoid failure, but it is about doing everything it takes to manage ourselves in this world – learn new things, new skills, improve our old ones, face difficult situations, positive interpretations of events and a positive outlook. It’s the deep understanding that we have the right to live a fulfilling life and we’ll attain whatever is imperative.

2. The basic belief that we deserve self respect, happiness and success. The feeling that we are valuable, that we deserve to express our needs and wishes, and to fulfill ourselves.It’s the belief that our life and its quality are worthy. Worthy to support it, protect it and cherish it. That we are deserving of respect from others. That our happiness and self realization are important for us and we’ll make an effort to get it.

The 6 principles 

Self responsibility – the sense of having control of my life. In order to feel it, one needs to take responsibility of its actions and the reaching of goals.

Live with goals – choose them, focus on them and take action in order to get them out of clarity and intention.

Integrity – to live in the way you preach or believe. Overlapping between your words/views and your actions. Walk the talk.

Assertiveness – respecting your needs, wishes and core values in a free, non-militant way

Self acceptance – refusing to be in a rival relationship with yourself (it doesn’t mean to not wish to change or improve things in you.)

Self awareness – putting in an effort to be aware of the things that influence behaviors, actions and values.

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Self confidence has a wide definition and isn’t fully agreed upon among researchers. I’ll provide you the definition I agree with the most: Self confidence is an internal emotional force that enables you to execute your true abilities.

Each and every one of you has plenty of abilities, even if you don’t feel that way. Lacking the feeling or knowledge that you have this inner potential doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

In other words, self confidence is a carrier. It’s not a trait or something you’re born with. It’s the executive of your true potential that is within you. Self esteem, on the other hand, is the feeling that you have about your true self. So for instance, if you feel you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, your self confidence will take those beliefs you have about yourself and show it.

There is a strong correlation between self esteem and self confidence. I’ll discuss more about self esteem and the beliefs you have about yourselves and the world in my upcoming articles.

Now that we have a general idea of what is self confidence, let’s examine how the lack of it influences your life in different areas:
low self confidence makes it harder for you to express and bring your talents up to the surface. Without confidence, you succeed less because only the top of the iceberg is showing and the rest is hidden. Lack of success makes you have lower confidence and it’s a destructive, negative cycle that needs to be stopped.
Here are a few examples of how low confidence runs your life:

It hurts your ability and willingness to dare and to act. In order to achieve goals, action is required. People with a lack of confidence are deeply trapped by failure, so they don’t even dare approach this task. It’s even worse when they interpret this fear as lack of ability, laziness or passiveness. The truth is that they have what it takes when it comes to potential, but due to their low confidence, no action is taken.

A person with low confidence will avoid trying. It could be anything: applying for a job, hitting on a girl/guy, making new friends, cooking for guests, etc. Even if he/she does apply for a job, it might lead to rejection (even though he\she can be really successful at this) because lack of confidence hurts one’s level of functioning at the most important moments.

People who lack self confidence have difficulties creating harmonic and healthy relationships. While dating, they’re struggling to impress and show their good side and that lowers their chances of getting into a relationship. In the relationship, they tend to get hurt easily, even when their partner has zero intentions of offending them. That over-sensitivity causes unnecessary conflicts.People with low self confidence have trouble enjoying their achievements. They feel like they don’t deserve to feel pleasure because they haven’t done enough to justify it.

There’s a close correlation between low self confidence and perfectionism. A person like that will always seek the perfect thing (which is unachievable.) A person with high self confidence is able to distinguish between principal and secondary and focus on the principal. The result – excellence instead of being stuck.

Lack of motivation – if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, the motivation level decreases significantly, because what’s the use of trying if you don’t believe you can get your goals?

Low body image. People with a lack of confidence have a negative body language, even though there isn’t an actual issue with their appearance.

Difficulty to accept the help of others. They feel that the fact they have used others to assist them indicates their own lack of ability. People with high or normal self confidence understand that seeking help doesn’t dishonor their own self respect. The combination of their knowledge and the experience of others enables them to succeed more.

Assertiveness – struggling with developing assertive behavior; they tend to be passive or aggressive. This problem is exacerbated because passive or aggressive people get negative feedback from their environment, and that damages one’s self confidence and self esteem.

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Smiley Faces

What is happiness?

In June 1997, Billie Harrell, an employee of Home Depot in a small town outside of Huston, Texas, won the lottery. He won 31 million dollars. He was incredibly religious. All of his life he struggled to financially support his wife and kids.

In July, he drove to Austin to pick up a 1.24 million dollar check, the first one out of 25 that he was about to receive over the next 25 years. He bought a big farm and horses. He put money on the side to finance his kids’ college education. He purchased houses for family members and friends. He donated money to the church he used to attend.

Two year later, he locked himself in his bedroom, pressed the barrel of a gun to his chest and pulled the trigger.
A close person of Billie said that Billie had told him, “Winning the lottery is the worse thing that could have happened to me”.

The happiness of a human is a very confusing topic and there has been extensive research to solve this puzzle.
Studies that explored different cultures, different geographical locations, dangerous places such as locations of natural disasters, war areas, high income, low income and in poverty showed that people had similar levels of happiness.

“So if different cultures and locations or socio economic level don’t influence happiness, what does?”

“What makes us experience happiness on a regular basis?”

A study by the psychologist Dan Gilbert found that no matter what events in life a person has had (car accidents, winning money in the lottery, getting divorced, having a first child), after a while, the level of basic happiness will go back again to what it was before the good or bad event.

What is your basic level of happiness? Is it high or low? Studies have shown that every person has a different level of basic happiness. They also found that people cannot change their level of basic happiness due to life experiences (external events).

So if a job with high income, fame, buying a new shiny car or a hot lover can influence can’t change the basic level of happiness, what can? How can you change your personal level of happiness?

Beyond genetics, the secret that set the basic level of happiness is the SENSE OF CONTROL OF OUR LIVES. Once a person FEELS his/her faith or destiny is in their own hands and under their control, that they are responsible for their lives and the result is that they are much happier. It doesn’t matter how much they make or where they live; their basic level of happiness in their daily lives is higher.

You can be rich, famous and successful, but if you feel you didn’t have control of getting there, if you didn’t earn this place, if you feel you don’t deserve it – your basic level of happiness will be low.


Now you can finally understand why so many celebrities get addicted to drugs and alcohol and commit suicide. On another hand, you can be belong to the middle class, have an average income, but as long as you have the sense of control on your destiny, that you make decisions and direct your life, the basic level of happiness will be higher. There are so many examples of people who live in third world countries under complete famine, but they are truly happy in their daily lives.

Besides the great, meaningful research, here’s, in short, my three perspectives on happiness:

1. Gratitude – appreciate all the little things and the big things you have – even bad experiences. They only make you stronger, you grow better and improve as a human being.

2. Having a positive perspective on life events – events are meaningless; what gives them the power is the way you perceive them. Instead of looking at life events and people in a negative way, ask yourself, “What’s good about it”?

3. Creation – this is the most important thing – create things of your own. Creation for me is to exist, to fulfill your being in this world. It is the creation of something you love, something you’re passionate about – it could be cooking, developing, designing, creating a business, connecting among people. Everything you love and create will give you a great feeling of meaning and happiness.

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There are two types of self esteem that influence your level of self confidence.

Type A: basic self esteem – it means that the experience of feeling valuable is not related to the success or failure you’ve been faced with – it’s more of an “I’m just fine being me, I deserve to be loved no matter what happened, happens or will happen.”
It’s realizing that you’re valuable and worthy just the way you are regardless of what you’ve done in your life. This type says that the fact you exist in this world means everything. People with high self confidence deeply identify with this type of self esteem. People with low self esteem mostly don’t hold this view.

Type B: acquired self esteem – this type is built in due time as a result of your self development, growing up, the way you manage yourself in this world and facing different challenges. Here’s the important key here: people who suffer from low confidence and people that hold high confidence both identify with this type.
The only difference is the beliefs and the paradigms they hold and carry.

Why is it important to distinguish
between those two types?

It’s very simple: Because when you realize that no matter how many failures you’ve been through, you need to realize that you are valuable. You can start to feel this way.

You can continue to develop and evolve in different aspects and manifest your talents, but regardless, as a living creature on this planet, you are valuable.
It’s interesting to see that many people who have experienced different kind of success still have low self confidence, because their type A self esteem is weak or doesn’t even exist. It can also be related to the negative beliefs they hold: “I must be perfect”, “It’s not good enough”, “the more I grow, the more difficult things become.”

If you now comprehend the distinction between these two kinds, you can treat all of your life difficulties from the perspective that everything is okay with you, “I’m just fine as I am now”, and out of this mindset you can cope better with the challenges in your life.

You will realize that you might not have learned certain things, and maybe you didn’t develop certain skills, but it’s all available for you whenever you choose to.

Another crucial aspect I’ve mentioned earlier is the thoughts and beliefs you carry within you. People with high self esteem hold positive and empowering paradigms about themselves and the world, unlike people with low self esteem. When you really deeply believe you can do anything you desire, when you deeply believe you have potential and capability, the carrier (=self confidence) will bring out your true abilities and you will succeed more easily.

Your life experiences will be richer, more colorful, and more joyful. Changing limiting beliefs about yourself is completely doable. Subliminal affirmations are an excellent way of going through this process.The first step is to notice the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. The second step is to question and examine them: “is it true?” “what is the reason it’s not true?” “if I didn’t carry this belief, how would my life be any different?” Then, try to find an opposite affirmative belief to replace it.

I have here powerful subliminal free videos. Or, if you would rather have your own customized subliminal personal affirmations, you can use this subliminal recording system.

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