Body Image Problems

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Body Image Problems

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Body Image Problems

Body image problems are destroying your confidence, self worth, and happiness. It damages your quality of life if you don’t stop and question it. This session for body image problems will re-design your brain to embrace a positive outlook on your body and learn to genuinely love it as you put your old conditioning in your past.

  •  Feel completely comfortable with your body
  •  Have confidence with your looks
  •  Love and accept your body and appearance
  •  Feel free with your body around others
  •  Nourish your body with healthy choices

How Do You Perceive Your Body

Before we go over the body image problems, ways to manage them, and explore effective solutions, I want you to take a moment.

Close your eyes and try to describe your senses… how do you see your body image in your mind? Do you love your thighs? Or you think they are too limp and out of shape? Would you like to be taller? Shorter? With high cheekbones? Maybe have more toned muscle definition? Fewer wrinkles?

Your Complicated Relationship With The Mirror

So many of us, and maybe you, are constantly preoccupied about our looks to an extent it creates huge body image problems. Your relationship with the mirror used to be so simple, but has become extremely complicated.

Sometimes the mirror reflects images that sit well in your heads, and so many other times, you perceive the reflected image as something that is unbearable.

Here is a thought that is worth contemplating– would your life really change if you change your body to the extent that you are satisfied with it?

What will you earn from becoming more “appealing”, according to your version? Would you have more friends? Have more self-confidence? Have a better job?

body image complications

It is highly possible that if you have directed all of the energy you invest in your body image towards other sources, such as loving yourself, you would have accomplished enormous achievements!

Why Do You Have Body Image Complications

The media is loaded with images of gorgeous people with no skin flaws or cellulite (Photoshop and makeup can do wonders!), and the clear message we receive is – this is how you are supposed to look like.

Do you look different? Have skin imperfections? A few pounds overweight? You are outcast! Of course, this isn’t true, but this is how the brain subconsciously perceives it and that is what propels your body image problems.

At the beginning of our lives, we mostly feel comfortable with our body image and appearance. As children, we don’t really care. But as we grow up, the constant beauty ads and the “supposed to look like” messages we absorb every single day have their impact.

We no longer feel at home in our own skin. So instead of valuing ourselves by who we are, or what we can share with others and the infinite love we can give; we judge ourselves mainly by one category – our appearance.

How To Overcome Body Image Problems

overcome body image problemsAre looks truly standing in your way to happiness? Not at all. Research shows that people who went through plastic surgery still experienced depression and low self-esteem. Moreover, happy people are the ones who have positive self and body image, who accept themselves as they are, and from that state of pure acceptance, they strive for change and growth.

In a society that worships youth and thinness, no wonder so many of you suffer from body image problems. It makes it so hard to honor your changing body, love your beautiful imperfections, and to learn to appreciate its shifts in the circle of life.

After spending so many years focusing on the negative aspects, which amplify your body image problems, how could you train yourself to adopt positive patterns of perceptions?

Define your value

Allow yourself to define your interests, your core values, and what you stand for, decide what is important to you… Encourage yourself to act on it and listen to your inner voice.

By acknowledging your worth, it will be easier for you to establish yourself as an independent person, complete, fulfilled, that doesn’t see your being only through the prism of your body and appearance.

Explore the automatic thoughts that cause you pain

“I am so fat”
“My big belly is disgusting.”
“I am not masculine enough.”
“My nose is too big.”
“I am going bald, and it makes me feel ugly.”
“My facial skin is getting hideous wrinkles.”

Body Image DisorderStop for a moment; this is an obsessive preoccupation that inflicts body image problems. Not liking a few things about your look is completely normal, but as it becomes an OBSESSION of yours – then you are off your path. It is not getting you anywhere but experiencing shattering emotions of frustration, self-hatred, and bitterness that things are not different.

It is very easy to roll down into an endless abyss of negative thoughts if you are not aware of them. I encourage you to listen to yourself, to the thoughts that raise your body image problems and just… explore them

You will reveal this is not your body or your face that has the problems, but your twisted perceptions about it. The thought that your body, face, or hair should be different, and once it is changed you will be happy, is the thought that causes your suffering.

The Beliefs That Cause You Suffering

The lack of acceptance of yourself and your approach towards that “flaw” are the factors that turn your life into an ongoing misery.

It is not your fat cells, your skin, your breasts, or thighs that prevent your joy, but the belief of “it should be different”.

Always remember that a thought that causes you suffering, pain, anxiety, and sorrow is a fake thought. It is not real. You were born to feel good. You were born whole and divine. But your critic inner voice – that is the fake one. You learned to believe a bunch of lies about yourself that are not congruent with your divine self. The nature in its being is always of growth and regeneration and never decline.

You are an integral part of nature, the Universe, the divine creation, and therefore, any thought that brings you out of peace is nothing but fiction.

Pursuing youth and beauty as the media insists, pushes you away from the ability to see your own beauty. This is exactly what you were accustomed to thinking.

You Were Hanging So Tight On False Thoughts Without Even Considering Better Approaches

I highly recommend simply exploring what you were programmed to believe, and offer alternative options. Finding a balanced alternative will serve you much better, and help you reduce the painful body image problems you have.

Alternatives such as –
“It is wonderful to accept myself, just the way I am, especially since my body or face has its own unique look. And from this awesome space of loving myself, I can alter what I need and want”.

Many non-western cultures value and respect the beauty and wisdom of adults. In these cultures, the years of aging symbolize a rich life experience, prudence, and discretion.

Likewise, explore your need to have a different body, skin, hair, or nose. When you feel the need to change your appearance, it is worthwhile to check with yourself: will this make me be happy? Will I truly feel whole? Or do I focus on my appearance because it is an escape route from dealing the REAL traumas? 

Body imaging

Do I hate the way I look because I was programmed to believe that a different look is not good enough? Or maybe I just want to please others and make them love me?

And if that is the case, ask yourself – do I really wish to be around those who will evaluate and grade me according to these standards?

Make peace with yourself

When you were born, the adults around you “sold” you a script and made you memorize it, whether you wanted it or not.

Day after day, you were exposed to that script in magazines and on TV, comparing with others, statements such as “this is how a woman is supposed to be like” and other statements that have no basis in reality.

You never checked if this script was right for you, and as a result, surrendered to the belief that they are right. This is how body image problems begin, and if you do not explore them and reveal their bluff, they will continue to haunt you.

It is important you understand that there is not such a thing as “it is supposed to be this way”. Nothing is supposed to be anything.

You are the only one who determines what is supposed to be, according to your standards; not according to what the society set or what you think others set for you.

Letting go of “it is supposed to be this way” paradigms will bring you one step closer to eliminating body image problems.

You’re Not Perfect, I’m Not Perfect, He’s Not Perfect – So What?

As people, we are not perfect. Our skin is a combination of pores, and there are scars and beauty marks. It is OK not to be thin (as long as it doesn’t risk your health). It is OK if you are bald, or if your nose is not similar to a Greek god statue. You are fine just the way you are.

It is natural that we will be different without fitting ourselves into the single, one-dimensional category the media is pushing nonstop.

It is not the flaws that block your path to happiness. It is your destructive perception that sees what you have as flaws. The false outlook creates body image problems, and the “defects”.

With a positive body image, life can be a fun and adventurous journey, free of complications, blockages, and resistances.

Positive body image will enhance your life to levels you didn’t think existed. You’ll feel happy, free, calm, confident, desirable, and sexy, and both mentally and physically healthier.

body image problems

It will be easy for you to enjoy sex, intimacy, let go of inhibitions, enjoy social gatherings, and overall be yourself without limits.

The secret to a satisfying and complete life depends on your conditioning, patterns, beliefs, and subconscious programming. Thus, a true change can occur only from changing your subconscious perceptions.

Get rid of your unconscious conditioning = overcome body image problems.

And here I want to offer you the ultimate solution for replacing your sabotaging paradigms, and subsequently can change your life!

Subliminal Messages To Overcome Body Image Problems

This empowering meditation contains powerful suggestions that will penetrate your subconscious mind and can help you get rid of the destructive blockages and the obsessed inner critic.

The hidden commands will re-channel your neural wiring and will lead you to see yourself in a much better light.

Shortly after exposing your subconscious to this program, your perception of yourself and your body will significantly improve; you’ll learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, and finally accept and love your body and appearance no matter its weight, size, or shape.

Love your body

A Mind Free Of Body Image Problems

These recordings will, in fact, shape your brain to embrace healthy approaches and views on yourself. You will not be locked behind your own bars, and your whole life experience will be exciting, fun, and free of self-conscious thoughts.

The hidden suggestions will bypass your hearing threshold and will also bypass your cynical and natural resistance. The absence of resistance is the major key to allow the powerful affirmations to penetrate your brain.

Do not worry if you cannot fully hear the affirmations, it’s that your awareness cannot grasp them, but your unconscious mind can absorb all the data around you in any given moment.

For your own comfort, the program to overcome body image problems contains two sessions: The subliminal technology that you are familiar with, and the multi-layered spoken suggestions. This audio has the same effect as the hidden commands.

You can hear the words, but since the statements are recorded in a sophisticated form, they will bypass your resistance as well. Feel free to use both sessions.

The Affirmations

I am at peace with my body
I truly love my body at all times
Every day, in every way, I accept my body more and more
I am beautiful just the way I am
I easily let go of perfection and enjoy the body I have
With every breath, I inhale divine love and release tension
I am surrounded and protected by a healing angelic light
It is safe for me to love my body
It is ok to release perfection patterns from my system
I happily love and accept my imperfection
My body is wonderful and magnificent just the way it is now
I genuinely love my self and live my life with pure joy
I find it pleasant and easy to make healthy choices
My body is incredible and I am thankful for it
I easily acknowledge the beauty my body possesses
I have the infinite ability to love myself for who I am
I take absolute responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle
I only care about what I think of myself and my body
I think highly of my body
My self-talk is always positive and empowering

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).