I’ve read hundreds of books in the personal development field. Some of them were good and some of them were just ok. I mean, they delivered nice ideas, but you could easily find them online for free, and the value they shared was pretty much everywhere, there was nothing new and transforming.

But, among all of the books I’ve read, there were outstanding ones that changed my life after one reading. When I read them again, the shift was even deeper.

Sometimes it takes one sentence to make a switch in your thinking. Sometimes it takes a story or a concept. Making a change is really easy, we just need to be ready for it and come across that line, words or presentation that will make it so clear.

These are the books I recommend to anyone who wants to enhance his or her life and line up with prosperity, abundance and positive vibrations.

Pick up a book/books that resonate with you the most. Then read it. Then read it again, and again.
Studies show that we forget 95% of the information we are exposed to, even if this info is brilliant and had a huge impact on us. Don’t just read it once and forget about it. Repeat it as much as you can until the ideas and the life-changing concepts in these books really get to your head and stay there.

I’d like to hear your books recommendations and feedback. Please contact me here.

I’m a firm believer of transparency, and so I am disclosing that the links above to those products and some other links to external websites will generate me an affiliate commission for any purchase you make. Having that said, it’s important to me to deliver you the best tools and knowledge I’m familiar with so you can leverage your life. There are endless of products for personal development, so I only promote the ones that have worked for me and that I personally use.
Edith Moscowitz