Discover Your Unconscious Patterns

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines” ~ Robert. H. Schuller

Unfortunately, most people will never realize their own sabotaging subconscious patterns; you know why? Because they don’t even know they exist.

But, as my subscriber, you already know I’m all about shifting the subconscious paradigms.

I talk about it in most of my articles, so you’re well aware that you have an autopilot deep within that directs your life.

Many times, it directs your life to places you have no interest in going, and yet, it happens over and over again.

So knowing there’s an inner force that guides you without having the conscious ability to choose the path is not enough to make a profound change.

Get To Know Your True Self

But, once you spot your patterns, you can alter your reality to any direction you want! Knowing your blockages will enable you to clear them and implant new ones!

So how can you know what your patterns are? By noticing the trends.

If something you don’t like repeats itself over and over again, that’s a pattern.

So instead of getting mad at yourself saying, “God! I can’t believe this is happening again, I’m such a mess!” Be glad if you frequently face the same problem, because this is your

Notice it, see when and where it happens. Then, think of ways you could do things differently next time to break this pattern and create a new alternative route.

For example, do you find yourself attracted to unavailable people? Do you find the challenge exciting?

It could be that you suffer from abandonment issues, and your brain is always on the lookout for ways to relive this experience and fix it.

You feel confused when someone offers you the love and safety you deeply crave, because your brain doesn’t recognize it. This is an unfamiliar land, even though you want to be in that land.

Therefore, you disqualify the good people that offer you what you wish to have, and automatically aim for what you already know (although what you know doesn’t feel good).

Or, It might be a pattern of “I don’t deserve to be loved” or “I am not worthy” or “I am not enough”.

Do A Little Research

You know your history best. Go back to your childhood and look for the answers; patterns usually begin there.

Then, after spotting your pattern, you’ve got something to work with and that’s a lot!  At least you are aware of the problem, and that’s something that most people can’t say.

Revealing your unconscious conditioning is to get to know yourself. Don’t hide from the truth.

Expose it, see it for what it really is, and then work to improve it one day at a time.

If you want to explore more, I encourage you to journey to the depths of your mind and discover the powerful subconscious whispers  that have been driving your words and actions since the day you were born.