Chakra Frequencies

Chakra Frequencies

Chakra Frequencies – Awaken Your Chakras With Sound Therapy

Activate, balance, clear, and heal all of your 7 chakras. Listening to this sound therapy meditation will stimulate the energy flow of each and every one of your chakras. In addition, it will provide you with specific sound frequencies related to these energetic pathways.

  • Activate, open and balance your 7 chakras
  • Specific healing frequencies for each chakra
  • Pure Alpha brain waves
  • Relaxing sounds that will calm and relax your mind


Open your energy centers with chakra frequencies

Would you like to feel more grounded, self-assured, and confident? Leave behind money worries, self-image complexities, and just flow with the rhythm of life?

Would you like to gain quick and accurate access to your intuition, trust your gut feeling, find clarity and walk on the right path for you?

Open your chakras and experience all of these and much more!

What does it mean to open the chakras?

What are chakras anyway, and how opening each of them can enhance your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

The seven main chakras are energy centers of your body and soul, in charge of your emotional and physical balance.

Each chakra has a different color and its own unique frequencies.

The chakras are a gateway for the entrance and exit of energies from your body to the united field around you. They are your way to communicate with that field.

When these centers are blocked for any reason or not operating optimally, this highly impacts your emotional, mental and physical being.

For that reason, it is essential to open, awaken, and balance the chakras daily to enable the free flow of the life energy to you and through you.

How to balance your chakras faster

There are multiple ways to clear the chakras, such as crystals or eating foods identified with specific chakras. These methods are efficient, but they take time, practice, patience, and willpower.

Because most people are addicted to wanting to have instant results, they drop this process in the middle before they’ve noticed any shift.

But imagine a secret method, easy to do, that can help you open your chakras without previous experience? Would you give it a try?

Are you stuck in certain areas and don’t know what’s holding you back?
Open your blockages. Download chakra frequencies now.

Well, such a method has recently become widespread, but that still hasn’t reached the spotlight.

As you already know, each chakra has its own frequencies.

As a matter of fact, every form of being in this universe vibrates its own frequency – plants, inanimate objects, and living creatures. Even each cell in your body has a unique frequency.

The chakras can be measured by patterns of electromagnetic activity. Each chakra represents an essential aspect of the consciousness that influences your ability to love, learn and upgrade to higher levels of enlightenment.

Tune into accurate chakra frequencies

In this Binaural Beats (AKA Sound Therapy) recording, I use particular frequencies associated with each of the seven chakras.

What’s fascinating about sound therapy is that you also can absorb sounds through your skin and bones and process them with your body.

Through sound therapy of chakra frequencies, you can shift your energetic patterns and – by that – heal, balance, and clear your chakras.

This shift will bring you to higher awareness, amplifying your self-healing power and vastly improving your well-being.

The great advantage of using chakra frequencies is that they are natural, without any interference from chemicals or conventional medicine.

By changing the vibration of your chakra, your body has the ability to heal itself and, by that, bring you to a higher emotional state of happiness, joy, delight, and alignment with your authentic self.

Now to the exciting stuff…

If you look at the picture, you will see that the lowest frequency belongs to the color red, then orange … all the way up to the color purple. The frequencies are based on scientific findings.

chakra frequencies

That is why infrared radiation is not considered dangerous because of its frequency, as opposed to ultraviolet radiation, which is the most dangerous one.

The ascending order of the colors matches exactly the chakras of the human body.

Color is a visible sound, and the sound is a visible color. Therefore, each of the chakra centers belongs to a specific color and frequency.

For example, red, which vibrates the slowest, is associated with the root chakra. The colors are organized according to the colors of the rainbow, with light purple (violet) vibrating the fastest and related to the crown chakra.

The length of this session is 60 minutes; every 8 minutes, the frequency changes to the following chakra.

The base frequency is 12 Hz, which is considered one of the vibrations for opening the chakras and creating an entrance gate to the rest of the frequencies. This frequency is also related to centeredness, mental stability, a transition point, and the throat chakra.

Frequencies details:

Root (Muladhara) – 256 Hz – the first energy center. relates to our most basic survival needs and our sense of belonging
Sacral (Swadhisthana) – 288 Hz – relates to our ability to feel creative, sexual, and accept change
Solar Plexus (Manipura) -320 Hz – the center of personal strength, learning, and comprehension
Heart chakra (Anahata) – 341 Hz – center for unconditional love
Throat (Vishuddha) – 384 Hz – represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves
3rd eye chakra (Ajna) – 448 Hz – intelligence and psychic power, seeing beyond the physical
Crown (Sahasrara) – 480 Hz – spiritual awakening, integration with the whole

The seven main chakras are related to one another in an unbreakable structure. Therefore, a blockage of one chakra might influence the activity of a chakra above or below it.

For example, one can have difficulty with self-confidence (third chakra) because of a blockage in communication (fifth chakra) or the opposite. Or maybe the real problem is with a suppressed heart chakra (fourth chakra).

If you are interested in more than 8 minutes of chakra frequencies for each chakra, you can download the separate chakra programs:

Root chakra
Solar plexus chakra
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Third eye chakra
Crown chakra

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Audio DetailsBinaural Beats Subliminal messages are hidden positive affirmations that bypass your conscious resistance.
Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones belong to Brainwave Entrainment technology that presents the brain with sounds or light flashes that synchronize the brain waves with certain frequencies. The purpose of sound therapy is not creating thoughts or feelings, but to create the ideal state for the brain to absorb the subliminal messages.

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Chakra Frequencies

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Tracks with Subliminal Messages only Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones
Listening Time Listening Time
No Time Limit Up to an hour
When To Listen When To Listen
Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) At night time, while falling a sleep
Headphones Headphones
Recommended for maximum results (not required) Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones
Volume Volume
At a comfortable level At a comfortable level

Listening Time

When To Listen



Tracks with Subliminal Messages only No Time Limit Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) Recommended for maximum results (not required) At a comfortable level
Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones Up to an hour At night time, while falling a sleep Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones At a comfortable level


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Chakra Frequencies
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Jane

I’m not a spiritual girl, but you don’t have to be to listen to the ‘chakra frequencies’. The frequencies focus on the main chakras and sort of fix your weakened parts or blocked chakras. I didn’t know exactly which chakra was weak, so the ‘chakra frequencies’ covers everything. I absolutely experienced a tremendous change. My relationships with friends and family have gotten deeper. I believe it is related to my heart chakra. I’m more intuitive and follow my instincts. For example, I didn’t sign a contract because it just didn’t feel good, and a few days later, another opportunity just flowed to me and I felt good about it. It’s hard to describe those changes, but I can say that the chakra frequencies helped me be connected to myself, be more authentic and loving.

 by Matt

After listening to the ‘chakra frequencies’ for the first time, it was like getting out of a spa treatment. It is so relaxing, calming and peaceful. My mind was balanced and it felt like my chakras have recharged. I listen to it two or three times a week and that’s all you need. My days look better, I’m happier and people told me I radiate positivity, so that’s a blessed progress. Thank you, Vortex, for creating the best programs.

 by Lillian

This makes me feel so grounded. I can’t really explain it, but something is me is safer. I wanted an overall chakra cleansing and am amazed by the results. Even if you’re not into chakras or don’t understand much about it, that’s fine, you don’t need to. Just give it a chance and you’ll see for yourself.

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Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.