Find Love

How To Train Your Brain to Get Rid of Negative Patterns
of Love and Relationships And Finally Attract Your Perfect Match?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to truly love and be loved?
Try to imagine your life with your soul mate –

The addictive feeling of desiring one special person so badly that
all the others are completely irrelevant

The adrenaline explodes in your body and doesn’t let you fall asleep at night
because of the flood of emotions

Every text message or phone call jumps your heart beats to maximum speed

Everything suddenly looks perfect, the world is beautiful,
like it was taken from a movie with a happy ending

Finally understand and think, “Wow! This is what all the love songs are talking about!”

attract love meditation

Love can enhance your inner happiness, love can get the best out of you, love can make you become a better person, love can make you smile and sing all day long, love can make you give to others, love can make you be kind, and love can make you shine! Love will put you in an abundance zone.

Do you think people who have healthy relationships and great partners found them “by accident”?
Of course not.

Do you think people who find themselves in toxic relationships happen to have a “bad luck”?
The answer is obvious.

You’re here because you already know the most powerful and direct path to manifesting a harmonic and loving relationship… your unconscious mind!

By reprogramming your mind for love you will-

Eliminate your blocking patterns in your mind
Replace the negative patterns that sabotage your love life with empowering beliefs
Let go of resistance
Allow great people to enter your life

attract love easily
Everyone from major love coaches to top sales people and famous professionals have secretly used a revolutionary method called – TransforMind Technology.

Before I explain more about this cutting edge technology,

I want to reveal a very important message to you.

Truely internalizing this will create a fundamental change in your life:

Even if you attract the best partner for you, as long as you carry limiting and negative beliefs inside your subconscious about love,
you will push this partner away.

You’ve tried to change your love life, but it all remained the same

Imagine how you felt (or currently feel) the devastation of a break up. It’s frustrating to deal with another break-up… to face shattered hopes…

The disappointment of expectations that will never come true… to again begin a heartbreaking healing process… shed tears at night, at work…not focusing on anything else…

And then after you’ve finally stitched together your heart’s pieces… starting all over again, finding another partner, entering into a relationship that will fail like all of the previous ones.

If you read this page, you have probably experienced bad relationships before that put you down and made you become skeptical; perhaps you found great potential partners but pushed them away without knowing what you did wrong; maybe you haven’t found anyone yet and you excuse it by thinking, “the one for me hasn’t shown up.”

You might have even tried to go to therapy and figure out what’s “wrong” with you; you even bought special courses of well-known coaches who teach you about love; you tried to visualize what it is like to find a loving partner and share romantic moments together…but…

Nothing really worked and you found yourself right back where you started…

find love meditationIt seemed like everybody was getting somewhere – they found their loved ones, got married, had romantic vacations with their spouses, had kids… but the opportunities just slipped away from you… Maybe by this age you expected to find yourself in a better position. You might be feeling that it is just not meant to happen for you.

Even if you had no plans to marry someone or have kids, if you’re reading this post, maybe you just wanted a healthy, loving and warm relationship.

Your subconscious patterns determine your love life

This is the sad truth…

No matter how great the partner you attract will be, when your subconscious
beliefs about love and relationship are negative, then it’s doomed.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions will eventually LEAD you to ruin this in one way or another.

For instance,  If you subconsciously believe you don’t deserve to receive love, you will show it by behaving in a way that matches this thought: you will make fun of yourself, will try to impress the other side by any means, will lose boundaries, won’t be true to yourself, will do things for the other side on your expense… those things destroy any sexual attraction and emotional connection.

If you subconsciously believe that your life is worthless without love, your behavior will reflect your thoughts: you might be needy, obsessive, and possessive, you might show jealousy, react to things over dramatically… those things kill the attraction and the other side will most likely decide to take off.

Your actions are conducted by your inner subconscious thoughts.

Your unconscious paradigms are caused by environmental exposure, such as parental education, school, norms, society’s rules, false interpretations and painful past experiences.

Subconscious beliefs → actions that support subconscious beliefs
→ strengthened subconscious beliefs

How can I know if I carry blocking subconscious beliefs that are destroying my relationships?

1. You are feeling sad and miserable most of the time when in a relationship. Check with yourself if you tend to keep your love life even when it is absolutely clear that the relationship is not working and you CHOOSE to stay in this unpleasant place.

2. You are, time after time, attracting wonderful potential partners into your lives, but ruin it and scare your partners away.

3. You are, time after time, attracting the wrong partners into your life.

It is important that you know the truth – it is almost impossible to eliminate
your inner negative patterns by using your consciousness only.

[box title=”” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#0a0a0a” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#ececec” align=”center”]
Here are some examples of limiting beliefs many people share –
Does it sound familiar to you?

“Why would anyone want to be with me”?
“I will never find someone who really is attracted to me and wants me”
“I have never felt loved by anyone”
“I need to lose weight to find love”
“I need to make more money if I want to have love”
“It’s hard to find someone who is truly honest”[/box]

Your negative subconscious beliefs might have been created because of many reasons:

  1. The relationship pattern you absorbed in your childhood (you parents didn’t love each other and fought all the time. You rationally understand this is not how love should be, but your subconscious mind gets it way differently.)
  2. Past traumatic experience of cheating, deceiving, lies, etc., that might have scarred your subconscious and you don’t even know it!
  3. Beliefs and views that adults and society repeated over and over again like: “it’s not healthy to get older by yourself”; “in order to find somebody you need to make compromises”; “sometimes you must give up on yourself for the relationship.”

Unfortunately, most of those limiting beliefs are not your fault at all. When you first came into the world, your brain could not distinguish between what’s right or wrong, and what’s right for YOU.

Your parents, teachers and the adults around you conducted their own agendas and propaganda and you perceived it as absolute truth.
You didn’t even question it.

Just imagine a child who grew up in a family in which the parents were hostile towards each other, and between whom the love didn’t even exist – parents who didn’t respect each other and threw insults at each other.

This kid’s subconscious mind absorbs the idea that a relationship should be difficult, full of blame, disharmony, based on ego, and conducted with bad communication.

It doesn’t really matter what the reasons are. All you need to know is that it’s not your fault!
Your subconscious mind absorbs what’s out there; it doesn’t question things.

attract love subliminal meditation

How can you program your subconscious mind and get rid of those inner paradigms that ruin any chances of a healthy,
loving and successful relationship?

You can easily program your subconscious mind by simply using TransforMind Technology!

TransforMind method is a powerful integration of
Subliminal Messages and Brainwave Entrainment

The subliminal affirmations bypass the walls of your consciousness and reach your subconscious mind easily and effortlessly. The messages are conveyed by an audio or visual platform. Maybe you will pick up some of the messages, but your subconscious mind will hear it all!

When your unconscious is bombarded by a constant flowing stream of positive messages, it accepts it right away. It simply gets it and obeys!

love positive affirmations

The Brainwave Entrainment (i.e. Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones) contains healing frequencies that tune your brain into relaxation mode. When your mind is relaxed and at ease, the messages are conveyed better and more quickly!

The Subliminal Messages technique is so powerful that it got banned from commercial use in the United States (but is completely legal for personal use.)

Now you know that your inner force is conducting you, and this inner force carries negative patterns that sabotage your ability to find a caring, warm and successful relationship.

Instead of asking yourself: “why is it always happening to me?”, the right question needs to be: “what am I going to do about it?”

This cutting edge technology will shift your subconscious thoughts into affirmative and empowering ones! These sessions will neutralize your overcrowded negative thoughts about love, relationships and healthy romantic partnerships.

I have created Vortex Success project out of a goal to help as many people I can. My formula was developed in a unique method and touched more than 3 million people around the world.

I wish I could come to each and every one of you and help you analyze the programming that stunted your love life…

Because I want to reach as many people possible, I have built and formulated special subliminal affirmations that cover all common negative beliefs men and women hold in their subconscious mind.

What are you going to get with Vortex Success subliminal sessions?

Develop positive subconscious thoughts that will lead you to make the right decisions
Stop managing your love life out of fear, control, self-criticism, and possessiveness
Act differently and manage a successful love life
Think and act in a way that will appeal to and attract others
Finally find the partner who loves you and only you
Be in a healthy relationship and leave the painful past behind you
Overall, enjoy a better life full of happiness and self-satisfaction

However you picture your future loved one to be – it is within reach!

find your soulmate meditation

It has never been easier!

Quantum physics has already proven that thoughts become things!
Lots of studies show the huge impact of subliminal messages and healing frequencies!

By a constant mind infusion of the subliminal messages, your brain will be filled with attracting love-related thoughts.

The flowing stream of messages will transform your subconscious mind into one that carries a mindset of seeking love while keeping your boundaries and setting your standards.

This method is super simple to use, yet extremely powerful!

It takes only a few minutes a day; however, when you listen to subliminal messages (without brainwave entrainment) there is no limit to the amount of time! You can listen as much as you want to maximize the effects.

Here is what other people say about Vortex Success subliminal trainings:

[su_quote cite=””]A month after I listened to this, I’ve found my mate, and we’ve now been together for 7 months… wow, um, I guess this worked![/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=””]First, I was skeptical so I listened only once a week or two. Then, I noticed something had changed: I became more softened, less cynical, more accepting… then I listened more often because I loved the improved version of me. About 3 months passed and I met my fiancé by accident. It’s funny, because I wasn’t even supposed to be at that place at that time and neither was he. It just meant to be, I guess J Thank you for wonderful mission.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=””]I can’t begin to express how happy I am that I found your videos! I was divorced for so long, with 3 mouths to feed that I forgot what love is… suddenly, I feel like I am 16 again. My heart is pounding and I feel those butterflies that I never thought I’d feel again. We’re just in the beginning of our relationship but it’s going toward a good place. Thank you for sending me my love.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=””]I don’t know exactly what you’re doing or how you’re doing it, but your videos are the best, and I have signed up to so many programs before. You actually care and put some thought in this. God bless you.[/su_quote]

Now you have a chance to get the ‘Attract Love’ package for ONE low price of $19.99!

This Ultimate Love Package Includes:
Find Your Soulmate: 30 minutes of powerful subliminal messages
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Solfeggio Frequencies: 9 sacred healing tones including frequencies of bonding and relationships and DNA repair
Attract Men: 15 minutes of subliminal hypnosis
Find Your Perfect Man: 30 minutes of subliminal suggestions and Binaural Beats
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Heal Your Broken Heart – clean your heart and soul from painful previous relationships and find a new love out of a complete place

Attract Love Package

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How to make the most out of subliminal messages

Set your intentions clearly, increase your level of expectation, and dare to visualize
Connect your visualization to emotions; feel this energy, live it like you already found the one.
Listen on a daily basis, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, so the messages will consistently drip into your subconscious mind.
Listen for a few minutes a day for 4 weeks. If there’s no actual change – 90 days. After this period of time –when needed.
Leave the subliminal audio playing in the background when you are watching TV, working, or doing your regular stuff at home.
Stay focused! Even if you purchase a few recordings that deal with several issues (confidence, money, weight loss), listen to each topic for the recommended time period.
Listen while sleeping – this way, you gain 8 hours of self-development.

At what volume should I listen?

The volume should be at your comfort level – not too high and not too low.
If you feel uncomfortable, lower the volume to the desired level.

How long until I experience results?
Everyone is different. One might experience a change starting from the first listen, while it takes another person a week or two.

The good news is that you will experience progression every time you listen.

The change will be gradual, like a physiological change when you’re going to the gym. If you persist, that is the key to success.

** Recommendation** when listening just let go of the expectation for something to happen, and simply relax, visualize and have fun with it. This process should be effortless and enjoyable (like any other process of change.)