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Track Details

The 30-minute subliminal meditation is made with triple audio layers, so your ears will be bombarded by non-stop streaming messages from all directions simultaneously.

This subliminal meditation will help you to connect to the channel of abundance of all areas of life; it will guide you to spot opportunities, attract wonderful people, open the gates for flow of money, wealth and prosperity.

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Since you are interested in this FREE subliminal meditation, I am sure you can find great value sessions that are relevant for you in my audio library.

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The Affirmations

  • Abundance is flowing freely into my life
  • I am deeply connected to the energy of abundance
  • I experience abundance in its physical, emotional and spiritual form
  • I attract abundance, success and wealth easily and frequently
  • My mindset is tuned to attract abundance, wealth and success
  • The energy of prosperity is moving freely into my life everyday
  • My vibration matches the vibration of abundance
  • I feel blessed and gifted
  • The vitality I experience, fills my heart and mind with joy and happiness
  • I am united with the divine power of the magnificent universe
  • My subconscious mind is in alignment with the abundance energy
  • I manifest my dreams easily and it fills my heart with intense excitement

How To Use


The recommended time window is before sleep at night and/or right upon waking up in the morning. But you can use it all day long while you’re relaxing, cooking, taking a bubble bath or checking emails online.


Headphones are recommended, but not a must if you prefer not to use them. Don’t use this program if you do things that require focus and/or when doing things that may put you or others at risk. *Never play it in a moving vehicle*

Brain excersize

Constant exposure can strengthen your mental muscles,
so your brain will be wired to attract abundance. If you suffer from a physical or mental health condition, please advise your healthcare provider.

How to download to iPhone / iPad:

There are two ways to download our files to your iOS device.

Download the sessions to your computer first and then export it to your iOS device.

If you’d like to download the files straight to your iOS device, please watch this video.

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