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Your Subconscious Contains Paradigms and BELIEFS Which Actively Shape Your Reality

Edith Moscowitz – The creator of Vortex Success

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same spot, no matter how hard you try to succeed?

Have you reached that ‘almost point’…where you are just on the verge of succeeding but for some reason, YOU JUST CAN’T GO THE EXTRA MILE NEEDED TO ATTAIN YOUR DREAMS?

See, all the hard work and wishing are going to get you NOWHERE near where you want to be.

If hard work was the key then the wealthiest and most successful people would be factory workers and laborers.

Every successful person you will ever meet did not attain their success because they were the most talented of the most hardworking.

So what is it that makes successful people who they are?

I created this SUBLIMINAL recording for the purpose of ridding you of the negative beliefs about money holding you back. AND I’M GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE!

This subliminal meditation contains healing affirmations that tackle limiting beliefs about financial abundance AND self-esteem issues such as self-trust.

Imagine that you subconsciously capture the same thoughts and beliefs of the world’s top super achievers!

This Life Changing Mind Power System Is
Designed to Enable You to:


Feel capable of doing anything you set your mind to!


Manifest your goals, no matter how challenging they may appear at first.


Change your wealth set-point and attract financial success.


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“I didn’t know what my goals were, but I wanted to find them. About two weeks into this session, my life purpose became crystal clear to me.”

“I attracted a brand-new car, didn’t pay anything for it, got an executive management job offer and I get to travel the world for free.”

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