Goal-Setting And Decision Making

Goal-Setting And Decision Making

In this world we live in, where law of attraction takes a huge place, we are exposed to a non-stop stream of messages, ideas, images, opinions and knowledge of every possible aspect of life. These constant messages are running through our heads and that oftentimes creates confusion, a lack of focus, and our thoughts are scattered. This is completely contradicts our ability to use our endless potential to attract our dreams and wishes.

When you set a major goal, this pattern of “thought-hopping” can be a big obstacle on your path to manifesting results.

Decision making is a crucial step in any goal-setting process.  Most people cannot even choose what to eat for breakfast, not to mention life-changing decisions like choosing the right partner or opening the business of your dreams.

You probably have many dreams and hopes like everyone else, and that quick jump from one idea to another is distracting you from making a commitment to follow them and finally accomplish them.

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Imagine that you start driving your car toward a particular destination and then you notice it takes you a while to get there, so you change your direction because you think a new destination is better and easier to get to. What happens is that you’re completely losing focus of your original destination, and you will most likely change your mind about your second choice, because there are so many options on your way that keep popping up!

Let me clarify – it is absolutely fine to CHANGE YOUR MIND when it comes to a goal, but if you see that you do it ALL THE TIME and you find it difficult to make up your mind about what you want in your life, then you lose the focus and nothing can manifest. You send a message you the universe of inconsistency and disorder and that’s what’s going to manifest – a big mess.

In order to put your dreams into practice, you must DECIDE first. Make up your mind about what the most important thing for you is right now and in the long term.  Think about what is burning within you (even if you think you cannot achieve it.) After you figure out what it is that you want in your life right now, focus on that ONLY.  If you don’t know yet, it’s okay. Take your time to figure it out; there is no need to rush.

Just keep asking your subconscious mind for the answer and it will show up eventually. The answer can suddenly arise when you’re in the middle of a shower, when you’re drinking beer with your friends, or when you wake up in the morning.  It will come to you if you ask for it.  Avoid setting a goal that you don’t feel passionate about – that will not last and you’ll feel frustrated for doing it.

For example, if losing weight is the most crucial mission in your life, focus on that. Focusing on one goal puts a field of energy around it and that increases your vibration to achieve it. When your vibration matches your goal, the law of attraction comes into play in the forms of “like attracts like” and “ask and it is given.”  Your thoughts will become things, and they could manifest in several ways – attracting friends who share the same goal; attracting the right information and tools you need to lose weight; or even resulting in a sudden gift for a health club membership from a close one.

The power of putting your focus on your goal is one step and shifting your subconscious patterns about that goal comes alongside it.  When you hold limiting beliefs, fears and doubts in your brain about your capability to get to your goal, that’s the point that the law of attraction doesn’t work for you anymore.  At first, you are very excited about your new decision and you choose to act on it and do whatever it takes. You even attract great experiences that lead you to it, but that works only in the short term. When the dominating patterns that manage your life constantly tell you that you’re not going to make it, eventually, you will give in.

When you decide to set your target, it is inevitable to also decide to shift your sabotaging subconscious mind paradigms you hold.  Imagine the unlimited potential you can have once your vibration resonates with your goal and you stop carrying subconscious self-doubt and fears.  Then, the huge power of manifestation will reveal itself to you in all its glory, not only for a few days (like most people are experiencing when they first discover the law of attraction), but for a lifetime!

You can actually become a human magnet and implement the full immense power of the law of attraction when you set your mind on the goal you desire and step by step, unleash the neural connections that have been created in your mind.

That is the reason I’ve created this website and the Vortex Success project, to help you untie those knots of brain connections you have in your mind. I invite you to experience it yourself with this video I’ve made – wish fulfilment: attract the reality you desire.  Please read the description and follow the instructions. This video is completely free out of good will to provide you with guidance to connect to the biggest resource on earth and the endless potential you hold within – your subconscious mind.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.

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