How to Align with Your Goal to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

The only explanation you will ever need to how the law of attraction is the only answer for weight loss.

If you have reached this page, you probably realized something other people haven’t cracked yet. You are on something that could possibly change your life, but you still don’t know how. More or less, you are familiar with the Law of Attraction and how it works, but not exactly connecting it to weight loss.

You feel like there are missing pieces in the wide picture that is called weight loss, because how could this be that so many people are struggling with unnecessary weight, despite the infinite ocean of knowledge and methods from the best trainers and nutritionists?


Losing weight is one of the most challenging and frustrating things in existence for overweight sufferers. I spoke with quite a few very successful people in their fields that easily manage to be on top of things and direct their lives to where they want in absolute flow, but when it comes to diet – they are lost.

“I have zero problem to run a whole production department in our factory that contain more than 200 employees, have a loving relationship with my wife, finding the time for pleasure and fun, traveling, vacationing, repairing the car, cleaning my house and paying my credit bills right on time.

But I am overweight. And I’m tired of it. And I’m stuck.  I have tried so many techniques, but something in my system doesn’t respond to this. It just doesn’t make any sense. Statistically, when you try countless of ways, one got to stick. I guess statistics doesn’t work when losing weight is involved. This is the only area of my life that I have no clue how to deal with, and god knows how much I have tried”.

This is just one example of a 52 years old man named Fred who feels he has explored all the roads, that each and every one of them led him to a dead end.

Law of attraction and weight loss – how do this two work together?

Without getting into Quantum Physics details, the law of attraction says that like attracts like.

This universe and the endless parts in it are combined of energy. Yes, you too. You, as a human being are a walking energy.

energetic eoman

The thoughts and the feelings you are tuned into create a vibration that you transmit to the universe. The law of attraction is about one main element, that if you deeply internalize it, you could create any transformation you desire, easily!

The role that the law of attraction plays is to classify all of the vibrations that are being “tossed” into the universe and match between them, and thus bring you what you asked for.

The vibrations are vibrating in positive and negative frequencies. Negative thoughts will lead you to sense negative emotions that will lead you to attract negative people, negative circumstances, and negative life experiences.

OK, great. Now what? How these vibrations are got to do with my weight loss?

It is got to do with it big time. The law of attraction is related to anything you experience in life!

Have you ever wondered how certain people are climbing on the success waves and achieve anything they want easily? Like effort is a foreign term that doesn’t play a role in their lives. While others are trying so hard and experiencing an excessive struggle and barely see any results?

No, it has got nothing to do with luck. Nothing in life is about luck.

The law of attraction and weight loss are intertwined in one another. Law of attraction and money go together. Law of attraction and love. In fact, the law of attraction and any area of life you could possibly imagine.

What energy are you signaling?

Stop for a second and ask yourself – when it comes to weight loss and diet – are you in a good vibe or do you find yourself complaining and being grumpy?

happy to lose weight

When the combination of the words weight loss is crossing your mind – what associations does it bring you? Joy, exhilaration and bliss or difficulty, “I’m not in the mood” and “maybe tomorrow” kind of spirit?

What you feel is what you radiate, and what you radiate is what you receive back from the universe, sometimes ten times more than your original vibration, depending on how intense it is (momentum) and the constancy of the signals you send.

If you are sending vibrations of excitement, anticipation, and eagerness when it comes to weight loss, healthy living and exercising, you will receive physical proofs that support the vibration you are tuned into.

The physical proof could be that you will find the diet method that works perfectly for you among the infinite collection of weight loss techniques out there, or people that will ignite inspiration and excitement, or people who have the same goals as you and vibrating the same energy that can support and encourage you. But most importantly – you will have fun with the process.

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Enjoying the process has powerful significance for you! First, joy drastically decreases the levels of anxiety and fear of the changing process, and this is causing a physical shift in the cellular level! Joy improves the metabolism functioning, which increases your mood and good feeling over time!

Beyond that, enjoying the process of change is critical in order to continue and invite the experiences, situations and people who will accompany you on the weight loss journey.

Here is an example of one the people I love the most on this earth – my cousin.

My cousin was overweight ever since I remember him. Losing weight, for him, was a rocky road with ups and downs and lasted for years. No matter how many salads he ate, no matter how many carbs he avoided and no matter how many miles he run every day – he always reached an imaginary wall that he could not break through.

The transformation burst out after he watched ‘The Secret’. He was up on an insight that changed his whole mindset. He suddenly noticed that the suitcase he packed every time he went on the journey of losing weight, contained toxic ingredients of negativity, lack of desire, lack of vitality and tiresome.

The knowing of the existence of the law of attraction led him to send positive vibes to the universe. Shortly after, he met a friend that convinced him to join breakdance classes. My cousin, that was never had any interest in any forms of dancing got addicted immediately after the first class!

The breakdance came to be a huge part of his daily routine. Not only my cousin did not force himself to work out every day for at least an hour and a half, he impatiently waited for it!

One size doesn’t fit all

As you know, everyone has a different body that reacts differently to foods and exercises. What is working for Jillian Michaels, for example, will not necessarily work for someone else.

green juice pixabay

When you are in alignment with your goal to lose weight and tie to this goal positive feeling that will uplift and empower you, you will direct the energy of the universe accurately! The law of attraction will send you, in various ways (you will be surprised to find out how creative the universe can be) whatever works for you that will serve your goal perfectly! Just keep an open mind and allow yourself to receive life-changing experiences.

This is not all, the most important thing has not been said yet, and it is the glue that connects between the law of attraction and weight loss.

Releasing limiting beliefs is the key for high vibrations

One of the reasons that the law of attraction decease to work for people after a short while, even when they practice resonating positive feelings, is the existence of limiting beliefs.

Remember that positive vibrations are a product of positive feelings that are product of positive thoughts… right? Not exactly.

If you are stuck with a certain issue long enough, and the results you are craving do not show up – it means you are programmed to believe in something that is contradicting your goal. You are conducted on an automatic platform. The automatic patterns are the root of everything, and they are way deeper than just thoughts.

Therefore, if you desire to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, but the settings of your life perceptions regarding weight loss are negative at their core – you are working against yourself without being aware of it!

So yes, at first it will be very easy and fun to radiate positive feelings because you will be full of motivation and a massive desire to nail it… but how long do you think you can do this?

When you are programmed to believe that weight loss is a grueling, long and difficult process – how long do you think you can hold positive thoughts about it? Not too long, as you probably guess.


In order to tap into the momentum of alignment with your goal, your emphasis should be directed towards the patterns that are rooted in your subconscious mind, and not your feelings, that are outcome of your subconscious paradigms, that reside deep within your brain.

Here are some examples of common subconscious beliefs people carry about weight loss and healthy living

“You need good genes in order to be thin.”

“I have tried too many ways to lose weight, I guess this is my fate to be overweight.”

“Healthy food is boring and expensive.”

“Weight loss requires tons amount of efforts and hard work.”

As a child, it could be that you heard statements like that from your adult environment. Since you did not have the option to screen these sayings, your brain absorbed them as an absolute truth. These beliefs that are nothing but myths, which run your thoughts, feelings and behavior in the process of weight loss. Your subconscious conduct you to walk the path that matches your inner settings.

The only way to harness the law of attraction to push you to lose weight is by breaking the limiting patterns that bring you time after time the same results. Only a complete destruction of the negative beliefs will enable your conscious goal (lose weight) to be in perfect match with your subconscious mind paradigm. This match will skyrocket you to success because your system will be clean of resistances that block you every time you crave for change.

One of the most effective and powerful formulas to neutralize the limiting beliefs is to expose your subconscious mind to subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are hidden positive suggestions with one purpose: to bypass the natural resistance you hold and create new neural connections in your brain, which will eventually lead you to a better reality.

Here you can find a subliminal meditation that contains affirmative and accurate suggestions that cover all limiting beliefs that are common for most people, and probably yours too.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.