How to Release Resistance When Creating a Change?

How to Release Resistance When Creating a Change?

Creating A Change
Many years ago, well before I dove deep into the wonderful world of self-observation, I felt stuck in several areas, especially when it came to money.

I wanted big changes in my life, but despite the passion to make progress and create, it felt like I was stuck in the same place. I invested lots of efforts and energy that lead me nowhere, which frustrated me.

“Maybe it’s not my time”, I thought as I neglected my wishes for a while.

One day, I was sitting in a coffee shop, reading an article in a magazine. It said that the only reason the change is not occurring in our lives is due to our own resistance.

Here, I understood the blockage I encountered each time on my way to manifestation. The blockage was… me.

Why Do You Resist Positive Changes

resistanceResistance is a natural reaction to change. It protects us from dangers and enemies along the way, it preserves our system and helps us survive.

The same force that keeps us alive also prevents us from really living.

The resistance prevents us from living the life we truly yearn for, it shackles us with chains and makes us slaves to our own thoughts and fears. It points out every “what if” every time you’re thinking about stepping out of the familiar space.

The resistance is part of your inner voice; it discourages you and will always be there to tell us why a certain thing you want will not work.

How many times have you heard others complain “I am not happy in this relationship, but I am too scared to be alone”? Or, “I have a great business idea, but it’s too difficult to make it happen?”

It is easy for you to listen to others and give them friendly advice, but when it comes to your own life, you do listen to the dark voices your inner resistance produces?

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The Path Of Least Resistance

The 4 tools written below will help you cope better with the internal battle between you and the positive changes you wish to make in your life.

They are specially designed to assist you to live your passion without surrendering to the “common sense” mask the resistance is wearing.

1. Only when you are ready

Sometimes, you might want to change a certain thing, but this feeling is merely a passing thought.

Change can occur only if it is burning within when you constantly thinking about it when you cannot sleep because of the Adrenalin that is washing through the body. Then, you know it is time and you need to act.

2. Know what to expect

Every time you decide to go through a profound transformation, expect to experience self-resistance.

It could be forms of self-doubt, fear, stress, anxieties, and other negative emotions that have one purpose – to block you from moving forward.

It is okay, don’t be afraid of that resistance, it is a natural reaction. Expecting it will make it easier to accept it, which leads me to tool number three.

3. Accept the fear, don’t fight it

There are two common mistakes people make when they deal with the resistance within them:

1. They fight it, or 2. They listen to it.

Whenever you begin to experience this uncomfortable feeling of “it will not work”, don’t fight it. Simply accept it with genuine understanding. Tell yourself, “I thank you, dear defense system, for watching out for me, but I got this now.”

4. Persist

persistence is the pathway to success. The wealthiest people in the world say they always keep on going, no matter how rough the road was.

Even if you don’t notice anything different at first, keep on going until you do. Remember that changes don’t happen overnight and you need to develop forbearance.

As you allow yourself to let go of barriers and break through your own limitations, your confidence will grow.

It is important you understand that you might not get all that you want exactly as you planned, you might not achieve anything at all… but what is certain is that you will not regret trying.

Today is my day to learn a simple proven method that will help me change any result in my life.

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