Get Practical Help

Get Practical Help

One of the key elements of attracting abundance is inviting the right assistance into your life, whether you pay for it or you receive it for free. One crucial mistake people make when they put their energy into attracting abundance is that they are not willing to learn new things that will push them to succeed and evolve. In addition, they prefer to do everything by themselves, which is the opposite of growing.

When you synchronize your vibrational frequency with the energy of the universe, the abundance you are about to attract also comes in forms of lessons, tools, new methods, people who are experts in their niche, new situations and so on.

Attracting abundance doesn’t only mean that money is going to flow into your bank account (which happens a lot to people who practice the law of attraction and shift their limiting beliefs) but there are various forms. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for beautiful possibilities that you are allowing to come into your life.

So, in order to allow yourself to prosper and become wealthy, you need help from other people.
Of course, having no help from others won’t be efficient, so you need to find the ones who can guide you. They can be in the same field you are in and they can also provide you with services. For example, if you decide to invest money in the stock market, you need to find friends who do it as well, so you can help each other. In addition, you can surround yourself with professionals like advisors, an accountant, and pay for lessons that can enrich you with useful techniques.

Why is it important to get help? Think about your current job, or a previous job you had. Most chances are that when you first started your job, you were guided by your supervisor and work collogues. Without their help, it would have taken you a huge amount of time to gain the skills and the knowledge you needed. You might have been stuck in an entry level position for a while, because there was no one to provide you with guidance on what works, how things work, and what you should do to perform well at your job.

It works the same with money flow, abundance and wealth. If you have a business, or are interested in opening one, or, say, investing in real estate, or if you have an entrepreneurial idea and you’re looking for investors – no matter how you intend to get rich, it’s important you tune your mind to accept help.

Before you send hundreds of messages on Linked In to other people, it is important to clarify this:
you don’t need to be stressed about it. Even if you are on your own and you’re doing everything by yourself at the moment, that’s ok (that’s how I started.)  Let go of the stress and worries, and simply open yourself up to the possibilities of attracting guidance from people, friends, relatives, experts…

Let this abundance come to you, and invite it into your life by making clear statements about what you want and need. However, avoid being totally passive about it. You can still approach others and look for groups of people (which are called masterminds); it’s wonderful when you make progress on your own, but remember to be at ease about it, relax and things will happen more smoothly.

Get Practical HelpHow can I meet others who can assist me? As I wrote before, you can definitely pay for services (I’ll talk about this aspect more in just a little bit) but In addition, it’s important that you surround yourself with supportive people who you can talk to immediately when you need. It could be your wife/husband, it could be a church/synagogue/mosque member who also owns a business; it could be a friend who knows about marketing, or someone from your dancing group who understands graphic designing.

Define what you need and open your allowance gates to attract those people. In return, you’ll help those people with what you have – knowledge, connections, listening… whatever you have to offer.
It’s not necessary to find many members in the mastermind group, but only a few who you can turn to with your business/entrepreneurial questions.

In order to meet those people, you need to put yourself out there.  To do this, you need to let people know what you’re doing, ask others if they know a person you’re looking for, check social networks or forums (you don’t have to see those people; they can live across the ocean.)

However, be selective about who you want to tell.  If you are aware of negative people who are not supportive, people who make comments and cut your wings, then avoid sharing anything with them regarding your process of attracting abundance.  Focus on the ones who will be happy to help and the ones who are vibrating with positive energy and have the same mindset about abundance and money.

As for investing money for professional help, many people hold the wrong perception about it.

Think about how much you spend for restaurants, vacations, clothes and other stuff that will never bring you money back (that is why I refer to them as spending.) Investments, on the other hand, will bring you the money back, sooner or later. It’s funny to see that when it comes to investing money on services (such as seminars, courses, programmers, website designers, real estate agents, etc.), people tend to think, “I can do it myself; I can save this money”, while they can spend thousands on gambling at casinos, cigarettes, dining out…

Every time you are so called “saving” the money, you are basically sending a message to the universe and your subconscious mind – “I don’t deserve it”; “my business doesn’t deserve it”; “I don’t need to grow”; “I can stay in the same position.” You are sending messages of scarcity, of lacking, messages of, “I don’t have enough money” (and that relates to our first lesson – feeling wealthy.)

How can you attract abundance if you are not willing to invest in it (investing doesn’t mean money necessarily, but it’s an imperative part of it)?  Why would abundance reach your life if you subconsciously feel like you are not worthy? That your business isn’t worthy?

If you are a beginner, it is inevitable that you do most things by yourself, but even small investments will lead you to grow. Invest your money smartly on the things that are your first priority, the things that are basic for your success (it could be an investment advisor, marketing, or whatever is the most “burning” right now.)

I am not suggesting that you invest all you have or divide your money disproportionally. Just think about it next time you are “saving”. Think about the signals you are sending and how this way of thinking serves you and brings abundance into your life.

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