Powerful Tips To Magnetize Money

Simple powerful tips to create freely-flowing money into your life

These easy and powerful tips that you can apply, starting from today,
will put you in alignment with the energy of the abundant universe.

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Breathe MoneyBreathe Money – Did you know that you can inhale abundance breaths?
I want to offer you this simple method you can use whenever you want in order to increase your vibrational state of abundance:

When you inhale, imagine that money is falling on you from the sky and flowing to you from all directions. In your imagination feel the money on your body; you can even touch it and feel its texture with your hands. Imagine that your body is surrounded with endless bills that keep on flowing.

When you exhale, imagine all of the toxic thoughts leaving your body, and all the negative beliefs getting out of your system and making room for empowering thoughts and feelings. Feel how your body is cleansing itself from negativity and it becomes looser, lighter, and more at ease.

How and when can I apply this practice? Everywhere you want! You can do it in your house, when you’re walking down the street, when you’re taking a shower… simply with every breath you take, imagine that your physical being is wrapped with money that comes towards you from all directions and surrounds you. In this imagination practice, try to connect to positive feelings of happiness, uplifting sensations, joy, confidence, gratitude and a sense of security and peace.

Improve Your Relationship With MoneyImprove Your Relationship With Money – This practice is a process of healing with the energy of the money and it goes like this:
Hold a bill – it could be any bill you want – from $5 to $100.
Hold the bill in your hands, look at it and imagine there is a light coming towards you.
Imagine a person or any other being who you love unconditionally. It needs to be someone who you have zero resistance to.

Now let this light of love flow through the top of your head, to your shoulders, to your stomach, and to all of the cells in your body. Imagine a sense of euphoria spreading all around your body – a beautiful feeling of love. You are so enjoying this love and feel good to have it in you.

This light of love flows to your hands and your fingertips, and you stream love to the money. You send love to the bill and you say sorry. You ask for forgiveness for all the times you had negative feelings about it that kept it away from you.
You do it not only to make it to come closer and be present in your life, but because every energy in this world deserves love.

Then you tell it: from now on I love you! I am very happy you reached my life and I believe you come into my life because you really want to be near me. I am delighted and am enjoying passing you forward since I know I am sending along with you an energy of love, and you’ll come back to my life with more and more abundance, because when I have more of you, then I can convey more love and more of my essence to the world.

This is a very physical act; therefore if you do it a few times, it will be preserved in your awareness.
** Use this technique more and more and you’ll start to see money flowing freely and frequently into your life.

Positive Vibrational State For 21 Seconds21 Second Law – the 21 second law is about creating a spiral of a positive vibrational state that is in harmony with your desire for 21 seconds. By creating a strong vibrational energy around your goal, the law of attraction comes into action.

How can I create a spiral energy?
Imagine you are winning the lottery. You check the lottery ticket you’ve got and you have all the numbers!! You can’t believe this – it feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!! You feel like you want to scream!! You are so happy and excited!! You are getting into an emotional trance of divine joy and gratitude, you’re feeling ecstatic, your heart is pounding from glorious excitement…

Now focus on your goal – it could be having your own business, attracting plenty of customers, growing an existing business, starting an innovative idea, recruiting investors, a real estate opportunity…

Focus on it for 21 seconds or more – the more the better. Get into this goal, imagine that you achieve it, how grateful you feel, imagine it happening, manifesting in your life, imagine sharing it with your parents or your spouse, imagine you in a business suit going to your office you own, imagine you taking a tour of all the assets you own… feel the happiness you’re experiencing, visualize it like a video; you can see your image from your point of view, or you can see your image from an outside point of view.

The purpose of the 21 second law is to experience a burst of positive emotions that fill your mind and body.
How can I know if I do it right? Ask yourself this question – would you let anyone else be in the same room while you’re doing this technique? If the answer is no, then you are doing this just right. 🙂

Be GratefulGratitude Ceremony – This technique is very similar to the 21 second law, but this time, you don’t put your focus on your goals, but you put your emphasis on what you already have now (even if you just have a little bit of it!) This series deals with money, but this specific practice is meant to cover all aspects of your life – health, your family, your family’s health, the money you already have, and the success you experienced in the past.

Be thankful for who you are – that you care about your personal development.  Be grateful for your creativity, for the sun, the snow, the car you own, the house you stay in, your friends, your happiness… just let those things you are thankful for flow into your mind.
My advice is to use this technique along with the 21 second law (at the same time) because it maximizes your vibration.

Invest Money To Make More MoneyInvest – a common belief people carry is time equals money. It could be right and it could be wrong – it all depends on what you believe. I, for instance, don’t agree with this belief. In my opinion, when you hold this thought, it limits your success, because in order to achieve lots of money, you need to give your time away. But… what if you replace this belief and trade money with… money?

It’s not a secret the world’s wealthiest people invest money in order to make more money. They don’t sell their time; on the contrary, time is one of the most important assets and they don’t spend all of it.

They invest part of their money on other assets that will bring them more money.
Even if you don’t make much at the moment, I recommend taking 20% and investing it. If you have a business, invest it in advertising, a new course, stocks, advisors and so on. You could even invest it in your pension.

Most people SPEND their money on stuff they mostly don’t need. Imagine if half of this money would actually go to things that can bring you money later on?

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