Positive Subconscious Beliefs

What Are Your Subconscious Beliefs About Money


Subconscious Beliefs About Money

You may not know this, but it is highly possible that you carry subconscious negative beliefs about money. If it feels like you’ve tried to get to a good financial point, but you find yourself struggling with that issue over and over again, you might want to check your inner patterns when it comes to money, abundance and success.

Money, like everything else in life, is an energy. When you approach this energy out of a place of guilt, fear, doubt, anger, stress or any other kind of negative emotion, you are not going in the right direction towards wealth and prosperity.

Every growth, including financial growth, needs to come from a good place such as joy, happiness, excitement and eagerness.
Positive feelings stem from positive thoughts which stem from the subconscious mind. Once you hold empowering beliefs and paradigms regarding money, success, and abundance, this influences the whole cycle of conscious thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Let’s look at this as a scheme:
Subconscious patterns (beliefs)  thoughts  feelings  behavior  leads to results  strengthens subconscious beliefs.

Having positive subconscious perceptions regarding money makes you feel good about money, and that puts you in alignment with the vibrations of abundance, which leads you to attract more and more of it (the law of attraction.) That is the reason the law of attraction doesn’t work for most people, because the signals they’re sending to the universe are not in alignment with abundance.

What’s absurd is that almost all people in the world want money, but they’re vibrating the opposite frequencies of the money energy, because they are stuck with subconscious thoughts they’re not even aware of.

Born with limited beliefsIt’s important to clarify something right now – this is not your fault. You were born into this world that was already packed with a belief system of your parents and the adults around you. They raised you according to what they believed, and were limited with the tools they had. Of course they didn’t mean to hurt you in any way, but as a child your mind absorbs every thought and every sentence you are told without questioning it, exploring it, and without the ability to reject it.

What kind of limiting beliefs might you carry when it comes to money? There are plenty of them, but let me give you a few examples so the idea will be clearer to you:

“He/she is lucky” – I don’t know what about you, but I’ve heard this saying countless times in my life from people who referred to successful people as lucky. There is no such thing as luck. You are not getting lucky just like that because God loves you, or because you’re all that special. You attract that so-called “luck” (or opportunities or great people who help you reach success) because your subconscious is PROGRAMMED for abundance.

Your subconscious settings lead you to find all that you need in order to be successful.
“More money, more problems” – this kind of thinking is blocking you from climbing your way up, growing, and having more wealth because according to this belief, money is a problem, and more of it creates more problems.

“I’m scared I won’t have enough money” – remember, when you approach money from an angle of negative emotions, it’s the opposite energy as growth and prosperity (or any kind of a blessed change.)

“It’s difficult having your own business”; “easy comes easy goes”; “don’t forget where you came from” (many aren’t aware that this saying keeps them exactly where they are); “I’m not good with money”; “the market is slow now so it’s not a good time to start a business”; “time is money”…

There are endless negative ways people perceive money, despite their conscious desire to make money. The good news is that there are infinite empowering and enlightened perceptions about money such as:
Everybody can be rich; I can be rich; I feel wealthy right now; money saves me time; money liberates me; money provides me with freedom; money provides me with peace of mind; I can help others with money; I can inspire others; I am a live magnet for abundance; there is enough money for everyone; I can do whatever I want to do; any idea can make millions…

You can shape your subconscious mind toward that direction. With easy and simple practicing, you can create a new neural network that will lead you to see those wonderful statements as truth. Those statements can become your reality.

Rewire Your Subconscious BeliefsHow can you tell if you have limiting beliefs that are blocking your way to success? And if so, what are those limiting beliefs? It’s a complex question because you can’t think about and answer right away. It takes analysis to figure that out, but it shouldn’t be that hard after you dive into it.

First, look back at your childhood. Try to bring up memories about your parents (or other adults who raised you) regarding money, try to reminisce how they perceived rich people, what their views were about success, about owning a business, investing money in real estate and properties. Take your time and think about it. If nothing comes up, don’t push it. Let it go and come back to it later.

Second, look at your life history and observe where the spots were that you felt challenges and difficulties; try to figure out what your comfort zone is when it comes to money and what is preventing you to step out of it; try to notice if you experienced the same failures or if they were different kinds of obstacles.

If you don’t have any clue and it feels like you reached a dead end, ask your subconscious mind to provide you with a solution. When you go to sleep at night, ask your subconscious mind to let you know what your limiting belief/s are regarding money and what your weak points are that are blocking your path.

Developing a positive mindset regarding money simply means changing your relationship with money.
As a kid, how many times did you hear the sentence, “Don’t put money in your mouth; it’s dirty.” What the adult meant to say is that is not healthy because of bacteria, dirt and so on.  The way the child perceives this is that, “Money is a filthy thing and I need to be careful not to get close to it.”
Imagine if you were treated by others as the way you treat money…

People view money in many negative ways… they see money as unimportant; if they give away something for free it makes them better people (so what does it mean about the ones who receive money?) What if people told you that your presence is dirty… that your presence corrupts people?  That your presence is not important or the people who are in your company have vices? How would you feel next to people like that? Would you like to hang around with them?

Money is an energy, and the subconscious thoughts you’re having send bad signals that make this energy get away from you. It is time that you work on your relatonship with money and start to treat it with respect by changing your subconscious thoughts about it.

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