What Is Your Starting Point?

What is your starting pointDo you, like most people on earth, want to attract more money, live in abundance and enjoy the luxurious life you’ve always fantasized about? There is no reason you shouldn’t. Not only that- you deserve it.

Everybody deserves to have a good life; the universe has endless abundance to offer us and there is a room for everyone to succeed and earn as much money as possible.If we put aside that imaginary life and focus on the current reality –how do you feel about your life now?

Unfortunately, most people on earth keep complaining about what they have and what they don’t have; they feel constantly unsatisfied with their lives, with the small things and the big things. Very rarely do they acknowledge all the good they have, the beauty around them; they mostly focus on the gap between the desirable life and the current reality.

This kind of thinking will never bring them prosperity. On the contrary – this kind of unaware thinking will perpetuate the poor cycle they live in.
“But how can I think differently when I have a big “minus” in the bank account?” many people ask me.
Remember the law of attraction and like attracts like principle? Well, in order to reach a life full of abundance,
you need to start feeling wealthy right now.

It is very important that you internalize this concept: In order to get from one point in your life (lacking) to a desirable point in your life (abundance), it is necessary to have a good starting point. A good starting point means that you are in alignment with the abundance vibration. You need to feel abundance now in order to get to it later.

When you keep complaining about how bad your situation is, and how horrible your financial challenges are, you keep remaining on the same track. The track of lacking. Like most people, you want to change lanes because you want to make a turn toward a better direction. The absurd thing is that you can’t make a turn because you’re on the wrong track.

Here is a question I would like you to think about– do you think rich people became millionaires because they constantly focused on their bad economic situation? Or do you think that they first FELT WEALTHY and then their reality caught up with their inner mindset?

So now that you know that in order to become rich, you need to feel wealthy first.
How can you feel wealthy with all the debt and the financial stress you might be experiencing?

Financial dept and stress


The answer to this question is combined by 4 simple elements: 

First, fully internalize the idea that in order to shift your life from A to B, it is crucial to feel the vibrational energy right from your starting point. You see, it is impossible to start a journey from a place of hate, negativity and frustration and expect to reach a place of fortune, a steady flow of money, and prosperity. Once you grasp this little known secret deeply, then you are already in line with your goal.

The second step is gratitude. I’m sure you have heard many times before that gratitude is a major key to success. Many people have heard about it, but they don’t know why it is so important, and why gratitude is necessary.

Well, when you put yourself in a position of thankfulness for what there is, you shift your focus from a point of view of scarcity to a “there is” point of view. Looking at the good things you have in life, accepting them, appreciating them, and embracing them will lead you to attract MORE AND MORE good things. Having a grateful state of mind connects you faster with positive energetic vibrations, the same vibrations of abundance, success and happiness.

What can you be grateful for? Almost everything! Start appreciating the money you’re already earning, even if it’s a small paycheck; be grateful for your car that takes you from place to place even though it’s not an Audi; appreciate the money you have in your life now; your health; your family’s health; the house you live in; internet access that allows you to reveal the great tools that can change your life; be happy that you’re breathing.

The third step has to do with expectations. Many people expect things to change right away or that some kind of magical force will land from the sky and will change their lives completely. Leave your expectations aside and truly be happy to be a thankful person. Simply experience feelings of gratitude day after day, which leads me to step 4.

Step 4 is consistency. Be consistent. Be persistent. In simple words – keep on being grateful for what you have as part of your daily routine. Don’t ditch your gratitude when things finally start manifesting in your life, or worse- don’t stop being grateful when things don’t work out for you right away. Be consistent and great things will happen. J

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