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Recording meditation subliminal For Nail Biting

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Nail Biting Recording – Let Your Nails Be

This is an exclusive subliminal program created by The Nail Biting subliminal hypnosis can rewire your brain to get rid of the uncontrollable impulse to chew your fingernails. The session for Nail Biting will help you to live your life with healthy aesthetics, and infection free nails.

  • Stop nail biting.
  • Let go of the need to chew your fingernails.
  • Let go of perfectionism.
  • Embrace healthy patterns to handle stress.
  • Be aware of your obsession and set it free.
  • Become a non-nail biter.

What Is Nail Biting?

Nail biting, Odynophagia, unlike the common myth, is not a habit, but an uncontrolled cerebral impulse. The nail is composed of Keratin, a substance that is also found in your hair. The keratin is not addictive, but the ongoing ritual is.

Putting your fingernail in your mouth AND fixing the nail and the skin around it, creates a brain conditioning of emotional dependency, and that what causes it to become an addiction.

The weaning from nail biting, unlike nicotine, is not accompanied by hunger or anger, but a sense of total discomfort.

Through repetitive listening to the nail biting program, it will be easier for you to stop this dependency since you will train your brain to realize you do not need it anymore.

Over time, the craving will subside because your brain settings will be replaced with healthier alternatives. Once you change your neural pathways, your behavior will change accordingly.

What causes Nail Biting?

We all know women with artificial, decorated, and fashionable nails, and don’t have a clue that underneath them is hiding a desperate nail-biter.

Are you ashamed to shake hands with people? Do you put your hands in your pockets often, hoping no one will notice your nails?

Even though nail-biting causes aesthetic problems that embarrass you, it doesn’t make you quit. Even risky infections can’t make you pull your finger out of your mouth, just like the danger of smoking does not deter people from buying cigarettes.

Therefore, the nail biting session is not about scaring you or informing you about the possible risks of what chewing your nails will do to you. You already know this. And telling you all this information is not stimulating enough to make you put an end to it.

nail biting

According to psychiatrists, the causes for nail biting are stress and anxiety disorders, or symptoms of compulsive disorders, such as OCD.

I am not here to argue with those findings, but this analysis has a missing piece. I think it is too easy to blame it on anxiety; there are other factors that keep you stuck in this behavioral loop.

Before we discuss the factor that (based on recent extensive research of the University of Montreal) is pushing you to bite your nails, let’s explore the option of anxiety.

Anxiety And Nail Biting

There is a consensus that the uncontrollable urge of nail biting stems from anxiety and stress. Many professionals in the psychology field claim that nail biting points to emotional tension and nail chewing is an act of relief, an expression to set free this tension.

I do not dismiss this explanation by any means, and this nail biting track includes suggestions to overcome anxiety to cover this possibility.

But nonetheless, it seems too easy to categorize any problem we have under the title of anxiety, and not look at other factors for nail biting or other challenges we face.

The interesting thing is that nail biting starts between the ages of 6-8. Of course, anxieties develop at an early stage due to growing up in dysfunctional families, but are ALL nail biters anxious? There are many peaceful nail biters, and lots of anxious people who do not bite their nails.

Perfectionism And Nail Biting

Research from the University of Montreal has found that ironically, perfectionists tend to compulsive behaviors such as nail biting. They try to do better but end up causing more damage.

nail biting hypnotherapyHow does it work? You locate a rough spot on your nail, your brain gives an order to fix the ‘flaw’, but your teeth are not accurate enough to fix it. Another rough spot is created and this is the cycle of perfectionism.

The nail biting program contains powerful hidden suggestions that deal with your endless urge to make things perfect. The affirmations are designed to reach the unconscious level of your mind to help you release core limiting beliefs that are related to that aspect.

Using the nail-biting session will enable you to give yourself a rest and simply flow freely with what is, accept the lack of perfection with love, ease, and understanding.

How To Stop Nail Biting

Aside from this subliminal hypnosis for nail-biting, here are a few methods that involve a continuous mindful effort. The daily practice could bring about a significant nail biting decrease and even stop this impulse entirely.


When the need to nail bite arouses, acknowledge it before your hand reaches your mouth. Delay the process and have a compassionate conversation with yourself.

Ask yourself what is it do you need it for? Can you handle not doing it? Can you just let it be without trying to fix or control it? Can you let it be imperfect?

Ask yourself what you gain out of this. Don’t fight the need because it will not help, but simply have an internal dialog. By talking to yourself over and over again, you will finally realize you have absolutely no need in doing this, and your life can go on peacefully without it.

Discern your feelings

Notice the feelings that motivate you to engage in nail biting. Are you stressed? Anxious? Just tired? Angry? Do you seek comfort? Bored?  The goal of this exercise is to check if there is an emotional need that you try to satisfy or relieve through nail-biting.

nail biting mp3

If the reason for nail biting is stress, tell yourself there are thousands of alternative ways to reduce the stress that don’t involve self-harm. Find another way that helps you relax – go for a short walk, write, listen to relaxing music, eat something if you are hungry, breathe a few deep breaths, and so on.

Set yourself free of perfectionism

Anytime you would feel like ‘making amends’ by nail-biting, tell yourself – “so what?”

“So what if the skin around the nail is not perfect. Who says it has to be? I can live with that. And me trying to fix this ‘problem’, only causes more damage.

So I choose to just let this go. I absolutely realize it is fine that my nails are fine just the way they are, and I am enabling them to grow and heal, as they should.”

The Nail Biting Program Is The Easiest And Ultimate Solution Available Today

The Nail Biting bundle contains two mind training technologies.

Brainwave Entrainment and Healing Suggestions

The mp3 of nail biting includes hidden messages and Isochronic tones. Those commands bypass your level of resistance. You cannot hear the words clearly, and therefore, cannot resist them.

The hypnotic suggestions offer you an utterly different mindset than your current belief system. So, if you had listened to these in a form of ‘regular’ spoken affirmations, that would stir up resistance.

That is why the nail biting hypnosis will have such a big impact on your destructive addiction, because the subliminal messages reach directly to your subconscious mind, without any effort and struggles on your part.

Do not worry. Even if you cannot hear the suggestions, your unconscious will absorb them all.

What are Isochronic Tones?

Everything in this universe has a frequency. Some vibrations make us feel good; those specific frequencies that have been chosen for this nail biting session will synchronize with your mind and bring you to a deep state of relaxation.

You don’t need to be a meditation champ or a sworn Buddhist. All you have to do is lay down in a comfortable position and listen to this recording. Listen to this program before going to sleep. According to studies, it takes the brain between 4 weeks and 90 days to form new conditioning.

In Summary

This is the most effective formula to stop the inner urge to chew your nails because it neutralizes the possible causes.

The nail biting session will also create an effect of relaxation via affirmations and healing vibrations. It will also take care of your desire for everything to be perfect.

The affirmations

It is ok to have imperfections
My imperfections make me unique
I accept my nails as they are
I let my nails grow naturally
I cut my nails using a cutter once they are long enough
I embrace healthy behaviors that help me grow as a person
As a developed human being, my awareness is always growing
I am a self-aware individual
I have a high awareness of nail biting
It is safe for me to let my nails grow
My mind is always in perfect balance
I embrace only positive thoughts that make me feel good
I enjoy having beautiful and healthy nails
I joyfully set free obsessions and ritual behaviors
It is completely safe for me to let go of obsessiveness
My brain is wired to let my nails grow freely
I find it easy and simple to have beautiful and healthy nails
I am naturally relaxed and at ease
I always feel calm, serene, and at peace

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).