Why Does Nothing Change After I Listen to Subliminal Messages?

First of all, you should know that listening to subliminal messages is one of the most effective tools for tackling the limiting beliefs you have, the beliefs that prevent you from fulfilling your potential and living the full life you deserve.

Many celebrities, like Tony Robbins and Tiger Woods, and successful entrepreneurs, credit this method with helping them achieve their life goals.

However, occasionally, people contact me to let me know that they’ve tried listening to subliminal audio-tapes created by others and are hesitant to purchase my recordings, since “it didn’t work for me.”

Let’s do away with the myth that subliminal messages don’t work

Saying that subliminal messages don’t work is a little like going to a gym to work out, not losing weight, and blaming the gym equipment for it – that is, saying that going to the gym doesn’t work.

So why have subliminal messages not worked for you in the past? Why do they work for other people?

Why do you feel that when it comes to certain areas in your life you are making significant progress, whereas you lag behind in other areas that might be far more important to you?

It is time for us to take a deeper look to see what is going on and what you can do to change the situation so that these messages will work for you.

1. Internal resistance

Some people react fast to such recordings, and some people react very, very slowly.

It all depends on the level of internal resistance you have when it comes to the area you are working on.

Psychology works on a range and not just on the extreme edges of the possible. In any given area of life, some people have a low resistance level, whereas others have a medium or high resistance level.

If you happen to have a high resistance level in an area you wish to work on, it is entirely likely that it will take you longer to see any results. This isn’t written in stone, but it is certainly a likely scenario.

Let’s take a loaded topic with numerous inter-related beliefs like money.

Perhaps you grew up in a rich household, one in which your father was absent due to frequent business trips. You may have abandonment issues that are deeply connected to money. Perhaps you believe that money is bad, or that money deprives you of love.

On the other hand, you may have grown up with hardworking parents who didn’t make very much money, and who hated and were jealous of rich people, yet secretly hoped they might win the lottery one day.

Regardless of whether you grew up rich or poor, the emotions you have surrounding money are not positive.

Nonetheless, it is likely that someone who struggles to make money but who grew up in a wealthy home will respond better to subliminal messages about attracting money since this person is used to having cash flowing around them.

That’s how he or she was raised. They didn’t grow up in an environment lacking in money but lacking unmet needs, such as safety, protection, love, affection and so on. In such a case this person will not be so resistant to the idea that lots of money can be made quickly and easily.

2. Choosing the recording with the most appropriate affirmations

This is a super important point that I want you to pay close attention to.

Many times, when we are doing self-improvement work related to a particular area (money, love, career, quit addictions, etc.), our limiting beliefs are more connected to ourselves than to the thing we wish to accomplish.

Let’s look at weight-loss, for example. A little while ago I received an email from someone who told me he purchased a weight-loss related subliminal recording. Not only he was unable to reach the weight he wanted – he didn’t even come close!

On the face of it, the recording included all the right weight-loss affirmations. However, the affirmations didn’t match his internal challenges, the real needs that needed to be addressed, in order to lose weight.

More often than not, when it comes to eating, the hunger we feel is for something specific. It is not necessarily a hunger for food.

It can be a hunger for comfort, love, or even self-reward (the food is just a tool as a temporary escape from depression) and etc. It is entirely possible that an obese person may have no limiting beliefs related to healthy food or working out.

It is likely that his limiting beliefs have to do with himself – for example, believing he is unworthy, unloved, and so on.

In such a case, food consumption is a symptom of another problem such as low self-esteem, emotional neediness, or fear of abandonment.

So make sure you have an idea of what is the root cause of the problem, and not just focusing on the result, the symptom (weight gain).

Let’s take another example – financial struggle. 

When we have troubles attracting money, they can be related to limiting beliefs we have toward the issue itself (money) and/or negative conditioning regarding our sense of self.

Money related beliefs can be something such as –
“Rich people are mean and care only about themselves”
“It’s hard to make money”
“More money more problems”
“The resources are limited”
“If I spend money, I will run out of it”

The sense-of-self issues that block us from gaining success can be –
“I’m not good enough”
“I don’t have what it takes to make things happen”
“I’m not deserving of living the good life”
“I don’t deserve to live prosperously”
“Every success I gain only comes with hard work”

Therefore, if you have a weak self-esteem and sense of self issues, then you need to work on these areas, in order to solve your financial abundance issues.

So in order to find laser-focused subliminal programs, what do you believe to be your blockages?

Don’t put your emphasis on your reality, or the current conditions. These are just reflections of your beliefs.
Ask yourself what are the negative paradigms that led you to live this reality?

3. Trial and error

Choosing the most appropriate affirmations is a tricky process, since we are often not fully aware of the beliefs that control us.

We don’t exactly know what causes us to act the way we do, or what patterns act behind the scenes to influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

If you have not found recordings with affirmations that fit your needs, please feel free to let me know and I will create a customized recording for you.

When I first started listening to subliminal messages, they didn’t work so well for me. This was because I chose affirmations that did not accurately match my needs.

Nonetheless, I didn’t give up. I didn’t say “subliminal messages are crap”.

I understood that I simply didn’t find affirmations that met my hidden needs and that finding the right affirmations was a process of trial and error – just like finding the right gym routine, the right diet and the right business model for a specific project.

If you’ve subscribed to my emails, you know that I am a sports fanatic and that I go to the gym at least four-five times a week. There are workouts in the gym that have zero effect on me whatsoever, and there are other exercises that lead to remarkable results.

I had to go through a lot of workout combinations that didn’t work before I found just the right ones for me.

To sum up

Subliminal messages are an excellent tool to help you get rid of destructive subconscious beliefs and to adopt winning beliefs that will lead you to a pathway to happiness.

The reasons I listed above are the main reasons why, sometimes, people who use subliminal affirmations don’t see the sort of results they’d hoped for.

It is important to note that there are other factors that affect success, such as repetition (which is key to achieving success) and focusing on one goal (money, love, self-confidence, feeling good, etc.) rather than spreading yourself thin among several goals at the same time.

Yet another important element is becoming aware of the automatic patterns of your life, as is a real desire to change.

You can find more information about all these important issues in the FAQ page, here.

Even if you are aware of subliminal messages and know how they work, I still recommend that you read the FAQ. It is possible that there are things you don’t know and just one piece of new information will lead you to achieve better results when listening to my recordings.

I hope that what I’ve written here has helped you understand why you may have had limited success with subliminal messages, helped diffuse any frustration you might be feeling, and has motivated you to continue the healing process you so richly deserve.