Live Your Definitions And Release Negative Feelings

Be Relax and Positive

One of the most important things about magnetizing a desirable reality, no matter what goal you have (love, money, or health, for example), is to walk the talk.

To walk the talk means to BE those things you are asking for RIGHT NOW, even before you have gotten it – before you have managed to attract it. It means to send the SAME vibration you are asking to receive. That is the principle of being a human magnet.

The law of attraction brings together things, situations and people that resonate the same frequencies.

You can’t expect to be in a state of hurt, disappointment and frustration, and from this state magnetize something spectacular that will rock your world. Makes sense, right?

Connect with the feeling of love and your vibration will attract another person who vibrates the same frequencies. Tune in to the feeling itself and let that perfect person who is a match and who is available to come in.

Resonate Your Values

Remember that we talked about choosing four core values that fit you the most in a relationship? If you haven’t read it, I suggest you read this first.

If you chose to focus on attracting a relationship that provides you with qualities of confidence, peace, passion and companionship, for example, you need to enter those essences into your life starting from today.

Ask yourself: how can I bring confidence into my life right now? How can I resonate passion starting from today?
Find those holes in your life that lack those qualities and fill them in by yourself, BEFORE you attract your future partner.

For example, you can work on a sense of confidence and see what places in your life require this essence.  Do you feel a lack of confidence in your job? In school? Maybe a general sense of low self-esteem? Is takes time and practice to work on those things, but remember that if you want to change your results in life (finding love), then it is necessary to make changes in your mindset first.

If you want a passionate relationship, see where you can bring more passion into your life. It doesn’t have to be sexual, but it has to carry the frequencies of excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm. Maybe you can find a hobby that you are passionate about, or work doing something that you love; maybe you can be passionate about losing weight or other aspects of your life that are lacking passion. If you are passionate about skiing – do it more. If you are obsessed with hiking – hike more often.

So the more you build these essences, the more it creates an energetic closeness between you and the thing you ask for – love.

Don’t Create More Wrinkles – Let Go Of Jealousy

Let Go Of JealousyHave you ever had a friend or met someone who got jealous of other people who found true love?
Do you ever get jealous of other people who have loving relationships?
Do you ever find yourself thinking, even for a split second:

“I can’t believe she found him and I am still alone.”
“I hope they’ll break up.”
“I said I’m happy for them, but I am not.”
“Why is everybody finding love besides me?”
“I am so jealous of her/him.”
“I am jealous of people who have found love.”

Let’s get something straight here: not only does being sucked in bitterness and negativity give you wrinkles, but it also keeps your goal far, far away from you. Even more than that – if you ever manage to attract love – it will not be what you are looking for. Soon after, you will find out that the person you have attracted vibrates the same or similar negativity as you.

Jealousy is the number one obstacle people have on their way to attracting their wishes.
Release jealousy out of your system, because it doesn’t do you any good. It doesn’t serve you and it brings you to low places you don’t want to be at.

Here, I would like to offer you a different approach: I’d like you to embrace instead of envy.
Love exists everywhere, as you noticed yourself when you were dealing with being jealous of others. So you know that love is not something that is out of reach; it’s out there and there is plenty of it.

When you see happy couples sharing their love, you should be happy; you should be grateful that love exists, that it is there, and that everyone can have it, if they CHOOSE to!

Next time you find yourself feeling envious, immediately replace it with, “Love is everywhere and I am grateful this energy surrounds me. It raises my faith.”

Do this exercise every time you experience negative feelings when it comes to love. Ask yourself, “How can I turn this negativity into something inspiring that serves me?”

Be aware of your negative feelings and shift them into something good that serves you… think what you can gain from this and how it can bring you closer to your goal.

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