Stay Calm And Know That Love Is On Its Way

You defined what you want, the limiting beliefs you have are exposed, you know your motives, and you work on changing your “why” perceptions… you also keep on visualizing how it feels to have a relationship.
You got deep into this process and even learned to enjoy this, but… where is the love? Time goes by and you start wondering what is taking it so long.

When you want to achieve a certain goal and you put your energy in this, expect great results.  However, when you throw stress and self-pressure into the picture, then you are damaging your own chances of manifestation.

Imagine how you would feel if your boss kept asking you every time you’re at work, “When are you going to finish your assignments? When? When? When?”

It wouldn’t have a positive effect on you… it would even make you NOT want to finish your projects, because your boss always doubts you and doesn’t TRUST you that you have things under control. This kind of behavior creates resistance instead of harmony; it leads to distance instead of closeness.

Keep calm and trust the universe
(or understand that love doesn’t wear a watch)

Trust The UniverseHow do you think the universe feels when you keep on demanding and ask “when” constantly?
Every time thoughts of, “When am I going to find love” or, “Why isn’t it coming by now?” cross your mind and you dwell on those thoughts, you are pushing away the universe’s assistance; you are harming the process you’ve created.

Put trust in the universe; know this is working. Doubt and stress do exactly the opposite of what you want. Avoid nagging, and just know that what you ask for is on its way to you.
Ask for love by defining what you want, make it very clear, then practice meditating on it positively and repetitively, without stress or anxieties, without pushing, without rushing.

Ask for it by releasing this energy into the universe and know that it’s going to manifest. Enjoy the process, smile, have fun with it. Be happy that you discovered the way things work. Be thankful that the universe is hearing your voice and receiving the frequencies of your thoughts and emotional state.

Take it easy and leave the struggle and stress out of this journey. The plants grow naturally, easily, and freely… they don’t make an effort to protrude above the ground; they don’t struggle in the process. Everything flows smoothly and simply, like it should.

Be True To Yourself

Looking For LoveKnow what you want and what fits you; these desires should come from a place free of stress or any other negative emotion. When you’re starting to date, be real with yourself. Avoid falling again into your old patterns of allowing the wrong people to be involved with your life.

For example, you analyzed your past patterns and noticed you tend to attract partners who choose to be victims and who blame the world for everything.  In other words, maybe these were people who constantly needed help and were secretly looking for a therapist, not a lover. Maybe you attracted them because you secretly believe that relationships are about codependence or maybe that you need someone who is weaker than you.

When you’re dating and you notice the person in front of you reminds you of your past cycle of your old beliefs, put a stop to this. You’re not there anymore – you have moved on from this place.
It’s very tempting to say, “What if I just give it a chance?” or, “Maybe he/she will get my help and he/she will change”…

You’re smarted than these traps… those past monsters want to keep you where you are so you won’t make progress, because when you’re making a progress – you’re changing.

Change is the opposite of what our defense system wants – our defense system wants to keep us where we are so we won’t get hurt (physically or emotionally). Be aware of that defense system in action and ignore its begging to keep you as your old self. Know it’s there, put the voices in your head that scream “stay where you are” at a low volume.

Inner resistance is part of any change you will create, but don’t fret. You’re not the only one who gets these voices inside your head. Even the most successful people on earth face those annoying sounds that say “you can’t”… “you won’t… “it’s not going to work for you”…

The only different is that they know how to shut them down calmly and easily. Know it’s there, but don’t let it have control over you. It’s not you; it’s just a reflection of a natural system that tries to protect you – don’t let it.

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