Positive Affirmations: 5 Ways To Use Positive Mantras Daily

Positive Affirmations: 5 Ways To Use Positive Mantras Daily

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Positive affirmations are simple, clear, and direct declarations that we say to ourselves in order to achieve goals. If you embrace the power of daily affirmations – that can really speed up a huge change in your life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to use affirmations and how to say them correctly.

How many times have you had to bear somebody claiming that positive affirmations simply do not work? Probably a lot.

For every one success story out there, there are possibly hundreds of other people who have not changed their circumstances, despite using daily affirmations in some way or the other.

So what is the problem? Is there no power in positive thinking? Or does focusing on your goals succeed only for some people, a lucky few who are meant to succeed while the rest of us end in frustration?

Like with all things, the law of attraction and other associated topics like using positive affirmations to manifest your best life suffer from a lot of misconception and misuse.

People read a few articles or listen to a few podcasts and go no deeper. They dive head-in and quickly create a daily affirmations list of desires they wish they could have in the future. They recite the positive mantras off on their beds first thing as they wake up in the morning.

Two weeks later, nothing has changed and they grow resentful. Eventually, they become that person who swears that affirmations are useless and can list a number of reasons why. First of which is that it didn’t work for them.

At this point, let me implore and insist that you do not have to become that person. And if you already are, then you need to give affirmative words another chance. But this time, you will go about it the right way.

You no longer have to mouth off positive mantras and try to think positive to no avail. You can make your desires come true, if you learn these 5 ways to make daily affirmations work for you.

Positive Affirmations Are Important and Can Profoundly Change Your Life for the Better When Repeated Properly

To best understand the power that lies in your mind, and the ability of affirmations to harness that power and change your reality, it is best you imagine yourself like a guided missile or a torpedo flying through air or water towards some faraway target.

Once the coordinates or position of the target is clear to the internal system of the missile aka YOU… there is no stopping that it from achieving the mission and making a big bang in the process.

In fact, once the target’s position is clear, the rocket will find the best and most efficient route towards it and will expend less energy on its way.

However, if the aim is not clear or fuzzy or competing with other possible ones in a mash-up that contradicts the settings of the rocket, things get complicated and confusing.

The missile zigzags on its way. It goes left; it goes right. It goes up and down. It wastes energy and time as it floats about from one confusing direction to the next.

It becomes difficult for it to hit its objective because it does not even know what it is. There are too many conflicting signals interfering with its desire to hit a target.

Stay Super Focused

The same thing happens in everyday life. We are constantly being pushed and pulled by the internal and external demands and worries  It gets to the point it becomes impossible to sharply focus on any one goal.

We flounder about like goldfishes and allow ourselves to be influenced by external conditions and situations. And even when we do find a desire we want to manifest, we allow worry and desperation to cloud our vision and confuse our compass.

If you want to achieve anything, you need to know exactly what you want. Your purpose, and the positive intentions you list, must be crystal clear in your vision. Meaning – easily identifiable and free from the clutter that bombards our brains incessantly.

positive affirmationsDaily use of affirmations is important because they offer positivity and clarity of purpose. They clear the mess in your head and sharpen your focus. When you use them accurately, you can become like a guided missile with that clear mission –  flying through the air so that nothing can stop you from hitting your target and doing so with a huge bang.

Positive affirmations can:

    • Boost your confidence and your self-esteem
    • Quit addictions and other bad habits
    • Enter relationships that suit you and fit your needs
    • Attract job offers that you want
    • Make connections easily
    • Reduce stress
    • Make more money
    • Attract opportunities fast and easy

The Right Way to Recite Daily Motivational Affirmations

Affirmations that are positively charged, can make you unstoppable, but only if you practice them correctly. More often than not, people make a few mistakes when using this technique and it torpedoes their chances at success.

In order to create daily affirmations, you must know your weaknesses and what’s standing in your way and the limiting beliefs you have.

Sometimes you’ll have one limiting thought about a specific issue and in other cases, you’ll have various unhealthy thoughts. How can you tell what kind of limiting belief you have?

The answer is very simple: Check your resistance. The resistances that are popping up in your heads when you consider the option of a change are the limiting beliefs.

If the positive affirmation of your choices raises too much resistance you can handle, don’t use it.

Instead, during your daily mind training, pick a general, affirmative, truth statement that doesn’t bring you much stress.

For instance, let’s say you want to lose weight. Instead of standing in front of the mirror and say, “I am skinny” – maybe consider this alternative: “I am consistent with taking action to steadily lose weight”, “I am becoming more and more successful with my food choices”.

Here 5 tips to keep you on the right track:

1. Always formulate your affirmations in the present tense

2. Attach a feeling to your statements.

Affirmative suggestions become much more powerful if there is a corresponding feeling attached.

For example: I am so happy that I am attracting $20,000 monthly from multiple income sources. Instead of I am attracting $20,000 from monthly from many income sources.

3. Say it like you mean it.

Don’t just read lines from your list. Use emotions and intention when reading.

4. Your chosen affirmation needs to scare you a little

But just a bit, as in just out of reach. But it should not terrify you as in being too far removed from your present reality.

It should stimulate excitement rather than fear or stress.

For example, if you currently make $5000 monthly, instead of setting a goal of making $100,000 monthly which would terrify you, focusing on making $20,000 would set your heart racing with excitement instead.

5. Always make the effort to stand or be in motion when reciting High Vibe affirmations.

The energy that goes with action will easily transmit itself to the way you voice out your positive statements.

Personally, I begin my day with affirmations shortly after I wake up in the mornings.

The first thing I do is tune into the high vibrations of love. I do this using an easy method which involves me imagining my head opening up to a stream of love and light coming in from the universe.

I imagine this bright light (which could be white, pink, yellow, or any color you want) coming in from above and entering my body through the crown chakra.

This takes some practice to get used to, but once you do it a few times you can expect your vibration state to rise almost immediately.

Next, I bless all my followers who are using my meditations and wish them success with achieving their goals with ease.

After that, I set a clear intention. For example: “In this joyful day, I am easily attracting health, happiness, and peace that will help me keep my positively charged momentum going.

I make it a point to steer clear of stress when saying my positive affirmations and releasing them to the universe. I always send my affirmations or intentions out from the vortex: a place of contentment, peace, abundance, with no anxiety or scarcity.

Here’s another example: “I am excited that business opportunities come to me and help me spread my work to more people who need it.”

I stick to small steps that excite me rather than scare me. In addition, I rewrite and fine-tuning my goals and affirmations daily as they manifest and my desires evolve.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Positive Statements

More often than not, we shoot ourselves in the leg when using this technique. Here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Having the wrong intentions.

This is a sneaky one that traps most people. Let’s say you want to attract love or a soulmate – which is a great goal – but you want this desire because you are needy and scared stiff of being alone.

Such a scenario that is centered on lack and fear will not give you the abundance of love which you want.

Set your affirmations to reflect a wholesome, positive state, or outlook. Set your visions from a high vibrational state rather than from a low or negative vibrational state.

Creating a huge gap between your present reality and your current life.

Positively infused affirmations bring the best results when you take small steps that excite, rather than quantum leaps that overwhelm.

Your mind and body are able to digest smaller changes and prepare for bigger ones this way.

A classic case of being overwhelmed by large changes can be seen among lottery winners, most of who end up right back where they were before within a few years. Before you learn how to ride a motorcycle, you should get used to riding a bike.

You fail to eliminate negative beliefs about the desire you are trying to manifest.

Affirmations are useless against firmly entrenched limiting beliefs that go against what the positive sentences are saying.

If you want to manifest double income, but you believe in your unconscious that you are not worth that money then there is a positive suggestion in the world that can help you.

Subliminal messages directed at eliminating that negative belief and replacing it with empowering ones will be much more effective at getting you better results.

In fact, subliminal tapes like my special recordings are often all you need in expelling negative inner chatter and manifesting your desires. I have written extensively about this and you can learn all about this scientifically proven phenomenon and get my special recordings by clicking here.

To sum it up

Follow the daily affirmations tips I share here, avoid the mistakes outlined, and watch your life change in profound ways.

A few changes here and there can put you on the right path and lead you towards the desires you have been wishing to manifest all along.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.