Schumann Resonance Is the Earth’s Own Frequency —Here’s Why You Need to Tune In

Schumann resonance

Schumann resonance is made of the naturally occurring, extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves that occupy the cavity (or space) located above the Earth and below the ionosphere.

The science whizzes at NASA say the ionosphere is a layer of electrons, molecules, and ionized atoms, stretching from about 30 miles above Earth’s surface to just the edge of space.

And it is thanks to this layer that we are able to send and receive radio communications.

So what causes this Schumann resonance in this area above the Earth, anyway?

The roughly 2000 thunderstorms that rumble around the globe daily are to blame (or rather thank) for the creation of Schumann resonance.

These 2000 daily thunderstorms generate about 50 lightning effects per second which are directly linked to the Schumann resonance signal.

A lot of this information was discovered, or, better yet, mathematically predicted in 1952. A very smart German scientist, by name Winfried Otto Schumann, found out about it – hence the name.

Like any significant scientific discovery, Professor Schumann’s work caused some excitement at the time.

However, the true implications of the significance of Schumann resonance was to come shortly afterward from a different source.

The lowest frequency of Schumann Resonance Is the Same as The Alpha Frequencies of Brainwaves

The implications for physicists and meteorologists were huge once Professor Schumann published his results in the journal, Technische Physik. But a certain physician, Dr. Ankermuller, immediately saw something else.

The lowest Schumann frequency stands at 7.83 hertz (Hz).  Dr. Ankermuller was quick to point out, it is the same as the alpha frequencies of brainwaves.

Professor Schumann asked a, then doctoral student, Herbert Konig to investigate the phenomenon. Konig, who later succeeded Schumann at Munich University, demonstrated a correlation between Schumann resonances and brain rhythms.

Herbert Konig compared human electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings with the natural electromagnetic fields of the environment. And he discovered that the first five Schumann resonances, ranging from 0-35 hz had frequencies that overlapped with the frequency ranges of the various brain waves.

He also agreed that the lowest frequency Schumann resonance coincided with the brain’s alpha frequency.

A Quick Overview of The Different Brain Waves

  • Delta Brainwaves: Ranging from 0.5Hz to 4Hz, these brainwaves are associated with dreamless sleep, unconsciousness, and drowsiness.Delta brainwaves also occur during the first stages of sleep or during deep meditation when we are awake but open to mental visualizations. This state is associated with creativity, daydreaming, intuition, and fantasizing.
  • Theta Brainwaves: Ranging from 4Hz to 7Hz. These brain waves are believed to strongly correlate with activities in the limbic system. They are associated with an increase in anxiety, inhibition, and behavioral activation.Theta waves are the most dominant waves noticed in most normal, relaxed adults as they go about their normal lives with alertness but without processing any information.
  • Alpha Brainwaves: Ranging from 8Hz to 12Hz. These brainwaves have been linked to creativity.People who are nearing a solution or actively searching for one tend to emit these vibrations. Alpha brainwaves are also linked with mental work, body-mind coordination, calmness, learning, and alertness.
  • Beta Brainwaves: Ranging from 12Hz to 30Hz. These brainwaves are associated with normal information processing and mental activity. The higher ranges, from 17Hz to 30Hz, commonly known as “fast beta brainwaves, are associated with heightened alertness, anxiety, and fight or flight response.
  • Gamma Brainwaves: Ranging from 30Hz to 100Hz. These brainwaves are associated with waking states and can appear when processing information simultaneously in both hemispheres of the brain. Whales and dolphins also operate in the gamma frequencies.

Now, here’s the clincher:

Not only does Schumann resonance correlate with brainwave frequencies, but also, later studies have shown that it can also influence our mind state. How? Becuase it is altering our brainwave frequencies.

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Think about that for a second.

You Can Alter Your Mind State and Experience Profound Benefits

My point today is not simply to take you down memory lane, far from it. I want to share with you the benefits that lie available to you should you tap into the vibration of the very Earth around you.

Despite all our advances in science and healthcare in the modern age, we are yet to surpass the health, mental, and spiritual benefits that can be gained when we align ourselves with the natural order that surrounds us and makes up the infinite expanse of the universe.

And this is especially true when we talk about the fundamental Schumann resonance. The powerful 7.83Hz frequency and corresponds with the alpha brainwave frequencies.

Once you are exposed to Schumann frequency, you place yourself on the path of so many benefits that come with vibrating at the same pace as Mother Earth.

Some of these include:

  • Enhanced learning capabilities and cognition ability.
  • Improved memory and retention.
  • Body rejuvenation and physical healing.
  • Improved awareness.
  • Improved stress tolerance.
  • Resistance to jetlag.
  • Anti-mind control.
  • Deep calmness.
  • Improved mental coordination and inner awareness.
  • Mind/Body integration.
  • Increased creativity.

Awaken Your Creativity

Schumann resonance pulls back the curtains and exposes the tip of the creative iceberg that exists just below your conscious awareness.

Tuning into the Schumann frequency opens the gateway to deeper states of consciousness which evade us amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Many artists and creative personalities in the past have confessed to having risen to the loftiest of creative heights while they hung between sleep and wakefulness.

Perhaps the better way to get a grasp of the benefits tied to Schumann resonance consists in examining the effects that follow when it is taken away from the environment.

Experiments where individuals were placed in an environment where Schumann resonance of 7.38Hz had been taken away resulted in subjects developing migraine headaches, emotional distress, and other health problems.

Indeed, recent research has shown that changes in the environment, which push Schumann resonance out of its normal range, can alter the delicate balances. For example – your brain/heart synchronization and the brain’s melatonin levels.

Some ill effects caused by abnormal Schumann frequency ranges include:

Altered blood pressure; Reproductive, cardiac, neurological, and immune system problems; Mental disorders, depression, and suicide; Accidents, increased hospital admissions, sudden death, and many other stress-related occurrences.

Expose Yourself to Schumann Resonance and Align Yourself with Mother Earth

We live in a time when so many electrical and digital appliances and technologies are giving off signals of their own which distort the Earth’s natural Schumann frequency around us.

You don’t have to suffer the sad effects of this distortion, though. You can attune to the Earth’s heart beat and get some of that natural love and wholeness that has always been your birthright.

Meditation techniques can get you far down this path. However, if you don’t wish to spend years in mastering this hallowed technique – or if you are just impatient – you could start reaping the benefits of Schumann resonance today with Brainwave Entrainment recordings.

I created special tapes designed to help you tune into Schumann resonance pretty quickly, and you can find them here.

Here is to all the prosperity and health that comes with tuning into Mother Earth. Cheers!

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