Why Are You Still Not Attracting Money

I want to touch on a super-important topic lots of people ask me about, and which might also concern you:

“I’m sure that I’ve changed my subconscious beliefs about money and abundance. How can it be that I still can’t magnetize them into my life?”

Some also report that they experienced success, but found that it was over so fast they didn’t even get the chance to realize fully what they’d gained and been able to enjoy it.

I Don’t Envy Rich People Anymore

It’s frustrating. You’ve spent nights and days listening to subliminal messages; you’ve improved your relationship with money; you don’t perceive money as evil; you stopped being jealous of rich people and attributing negative traits to them; you’re happy when others succeed; and you’ve even succeeded in lining up your resources with your spending habits without feeling bad and guilty about it.

Okay, so you’ve changed your conditioning about money. That’s terrific! You’re already on the right track to success.

But you forgot something else. You probably haven’t changed your relationship with… yourself.

What does this have to do with attracting abundance?

What Is Your Worth?

Look, it all starts and ends with the value you grant yourself, the worth you attribute to you.

If subconsciously, you feel that you’re not good enough and don’t believe you deserve good things to come your way, then your vibration won’t match up with, resonate with, and attract the energy of abundance.

Yes, this will be the case even if you’ve resolved your conflicts with money.

I’ll give you an example from the dating world that will help you understand this idea better.

Imagine an ordinary guy who is not used to dating hot women. Suddenly, out of the blue, he gets a date with an attractive woman who he believes is completely out of his league.

What do you think he’ll radiate during the date? Most likely, he’ll project the message: “Wow, I can’t believe this is happening to me! I’m so lucky! How can someone like her date a dude like me?”

He will radiate over-excitement and behave in a way that immediately turns her off. Needless to say, the woman probably won’t go out with him on a second date.

The same thing can happen with your subconscious thoughts about money. Maybe you believe you don’t deserve great abundance and that you’re not worthy of receiving money.

And so then, when it finally makes its way to you (because at some point your desire for abundance becomes stronger than your resistance to it), your limiting beliefs about YOURSELF are the ones that block the continuing flow of money.

Wealthy People Expect Flow Of Money

Look at rich people, for example. Those who experience a huge daily inflow of money don’t say to themselves: “Jeez, I cannot believe this is happening to me!”

They just know the money is going to show up. They’re deeply convinced that they deserve it. It’s totally clear to them that they’re worthy of all this wealth.

In other words, when you feel you’re not worthy of abundance, you deprive yourself of the option of receiving. Sure, you want it; it’s burning like wildfire in a field of dry brush.

But when, deep down, you don’t feel valuable, you block yourself from receiving gifts from the universe.

Ask Yourself These Following Questions

Have you really and truly resolved your limiting inner ambivalence about money?

If so, are money and abundance manifesting in your reality? If not, check to see if you’ve conditioned yourself to feel valuable and enough, right now and just as you are.

I encourage you to listen to two relevant subliminal meditations:

Feel worthy and deserving of money

Overcome the programming you are not good enough

Repetitive listening, during the day and night, will help you change the self-defeating negative neural connections that have been established and fixated over the years.

Always remember: you are wonderful. You are an extension of Source energy. And you’ve got all it takes to live an abundant life.

These programs will help you acknowledge your own worth and put yourself in the mental and emotional mindset of feeling enough, valuable, and deserving.