Magnetizing And Subconscious

Law of attraction, Magnetizing
and subconscious –
how to combine them?


Magnetizing and subconsciousWe are all familiar with the law of attraction that was presented to us in the wonderful movie “The Secret”.

The law of attraction in its core is taken from the Quantum Physics and rules that positive state of mind, positive observation of events and people and focusing on the things we want will create a chain of flowing energy that will bring us abundance from the universe.

Our thoughts are controlled by our feelings that controlled by our thoughts (it’s a cycle), and positive and affirmative feeling can attract whatever we want, the universe will respond to our wishes.

The movie is not just a new age marketing product, it contains an extremely important and useful information about the flow of energy, the universe rules, the importance of our thoughts and their huge role in our lives, why people’s lives are the way they are and what can be done in order to make it better.

After the movie was out everybody was highly influenced and sucked into it, tried to use the law of attraction in their lives. Tried and failed. Some of them tried and succeeded for the short term.

I heard so many people telling me that the law of attraction doesn’t exist, it’s a scam, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. People blamed the law of attraction and questioned its existence, but they didn’t question themselves.

subconscious mind power

Unfortunately, the missing part of the puzzle wasn’t really discussed in the movie – the subconscious. It’s very true that positive constant state of mind can bring enormous prosperity in one’s life.

However, this positive observation and interpretation can fully deeply occur when the subconscious mind is programmed to convey positive signals and messages to the consciousness.

Of course, people tried to think positive for a while but that doesn’t really last. They couldn’t fake it forever or convince themselves to think positive for years, it only lasted for a short time.

After that period of time, they got back to their regular routine of looking at events as is. They were continuing to respond to reality based on what they saw, and you can’t really make a transformation and get to point Y if you’re responding to the reality that is currently in point x. You can’t really experience abundance if you are responding to the lack in your life.

endless possibilities

The universe has endless possibilities. You can choose a possibility you desire and start to live it, start to feel it and the reality will catch up. BUT it will only happen when you program your subconscious mind.

A deep meaningful change can happen only if you change your perception of things on a subconscious level! For instance, If you want to quit smoking you must realize, internalize and reprogram your beliefs about cigarettes, the way you perceive them.

Smokers believe that cigarettes have the ability to relax them, but in fact, it’s not true at all. After the nicotine is withdrawing from the blood system, the body gets anxious and the mind is restless until you get your next fix.

Start with changing your subconscious beliefs. The next step as mentioned above – choose the option you desire and feel it – feel how it’s like to be a non smoker, how amazing that feels to breathe again, to smell food, to smell good, to be in a meeting for two hours without waiting impatiently when it’s over so you can go out and smoke.

Think how fabulous this feels to release yourself from the jail you put yourself in, stop being a slave of nicotine, and how marvelous it feels to be independent and every second of your life is not determined by the next cigarette time.

Combining between reprogramming your subconscious mind and focusing on the possibility you desire out of all of the possibilities that exist out there, will attract massive abundance, wealth, prosperity, and success in your life. This is the basic of magnetizing.

Law of attraction is here and it’s going to help you if you only use it right. The world’s purpose is growth and not droop, abundance and not lack.

The law of attraction is a wonderful, natural source that you can use it freely whenever you feel like it. Focus your mind on what you really want, chose the option for you and the energy of the universe will take you there.