Shifting Your Subconscious Mind Programming

Why Subconscious Mind Reprogramming is the Only Way to Change Your Life?

The subconscious mind is a storage of endless of thoughts, memories and experiences, that to most of them, you are not even aware of.
The subconscious mind power has such a tremendous impact on your life, that it makes it impossible, to create changes by using only the awareness itself.


What are the beliefs that we hold in the subconscious mind? How did we create  them? What are the reasons we carry these beliefs in our subconscious mind?

The negative paradigms, or the subconscious mind thoughts, that you have about  yourself and the world shape your life and prevent you from moving on.

This is the mechanism of  the subconscious mind:

we have a limiting belief that resides in the subconscious mind → we are spotting a great opportunity that can cause us happiness → the opportunity collides with the limiting belief we have in our subconscious mind → the subconscious mind recognizes it as  danger → the Amygdala in the brain releases chemicals of fear, doubt and anxiety → we find all the reasons in the world not to do it (of course the reasons are not true but they are v-e-r-y convenient) → If we actually decide to act, the results will be in accordance – they will not manifest the full potential they can be for the long term and will decay as quickly as they started.

The subconscious mind is built that way in order to bring you back to the comfort zone.
It protects you from the terrible danger out there.

This is the mechanism of the subconscious mind and that’s how it works. This mechanism of the brain is not here to make you blossom and prosperous, it’s here to ensure your survival! On one hand the subconscious mind is protecting you from real danger (that doesn’t even exist), but on another hand the subconscious mind is blocking you from a breakthrough and making sure that you will be stuck in the comfort zone forever.

comfort zone

Think about it – a person cannot be successful if subconsciously he believes that rich people are mean or that money is the root of all evil. What message does this person send to the subconscious mind over and over again? What message does he/she send to the universe?

The reality MUST eventually catch up to the gap between the DESIRE (the consciousness) and the BELIEF (the unconscious). Guess who’s going to win this battle…

Once we change the programming of the subconscious mind – the results will change, and our life will change.

When you harness the subconscious mind power, you will not be frustrated; or experience ‘bad luck’; You will gain success and abundance in all aspects of life. Shifting your subconscious mind programming is the best gift you can ever give to yourself. Now we can finally understand why we act the way we act, why we choose the same partners over and over, why we don’t manage to quit smoking, and why we think negative thoughts about ourselves.

Here’s an important note: It’s not enough to neutralize the fear, doubt and the anxiety – those are just symptoms of the real problem – we must deal with the roots, with the real problems which are, of course, the limiting beliefs, that lie deep inside the subconscious mind.

Why do we carry a negative subconscious mind programming in the first place?  How come our subconscious mind is programmed this way?

limiting beliefs

This has many reasons:
because of our parents, the environment we grew up in, our teachers, role models that we grew up with, but mostly our parents.

They didn’t mean to hurt us or impede us. Most of the parents do not wake up in the morning and say, “It’s a lovely day, the sky is blue, the birds singing on the trees; how am I going to purposely fail my child?” They just didn’t have the tools to know how to act, how to educate and teach us, or how to approach us. The lack of tools harmed us by creating negative subconscious mind programming.

The parent’s unintentional influence on your subconscious mind paradigms

When our parents had us, they came with their own baggage of negative subconscious mind settings. It’s not their fault; it’s nobody’s fault and it is unnecessary to look for whom to blame.

Their impact was so tremendous that It was even enough for a kid to hear his father say “why can’t you be like x”, or “why did you get only this grade”, or “more money more problems” or “humbleness is a virtue so don’t give yourself compliments” or… you get the point.

Statements like those are poisonous for a young kid’s soul! It programs the subconscious mind for failure, for lack of confidence. It has a huge impact on children’s lives and the way their perception is shaped, and the way they observe reality.

Studies have shown that children up to the age of 7 do not have the tools to determine what is right and wrong. What happens in kids’ lives goes straight to the subconscious mind, because they don’t have defenses or a gatekeeper.

Your current reality is shaped by your old subconscious mind settings

Then they grow up with those destructive subconscious mind beliefs and live their lives as adults and react to their life circumstances in the same way that they reacted when they were children.  Maybe they don’t cry, wine or scream due to social codes, but they can be discouraged very easily from making a change, get offended easily from other people who  push those painful buttons and that brings them back to their childhood.

No wonder people get scared quickly, are frightened of others and live with fear. No wonder they attract on a regular basis people who treat them badly, and the pattern goes on and on. Their emotional system is imbalanced; their subconscious mind is programmed to fail in certain areas of life.

This is a new era and there is a consciousness movement that is increasing rapidly. People are more aware; people realize that their thoughts can change their reality; people take courses, go to therapists and work on themselves and their self improvements.

Despite all those efforts, it still seems that people are unhappy and things are still stuck. Why does it happen? Because those people still carry in the subconscious mind the limiting thoughts that were created when they were younger. Those blocking paradigms are their basis. ; these are their default subconscious mind settings. They might have gained positive new believes as adults along the years, but their base is still rotten and that needs to be replaced.

The example of the lottery winners and their sabotaging subconscious mind programming

win the lotteryTake for example lottery winners – more than 90% of the lottery winners not only lost most of their money with five years of winning it, but they also encountered difficulties in other areas of life – they became depressed, got divorced, etc.

The reality HAD to catch up and get in line with their subconscious mind perspective regarding money (money makes things worse, money makes you lose freedom, money causes you worries and  etc…) regardless of their profound desire  to have this money.

Obviously they had a desire and a will to have more money because they filled out the lottery card. But bottom line – they acted exactly in a way that reflected their subconscious attitude towards money without even being aware of this!!
The result has changed (more money in the bank) but not their unconscious paradigm, and that’s why things got back to the way they used to be and even worse in less than five years.

It’s time to work on yourself, from the bottom, from the base, from the source. Enough dealing with the symptoms, or blaming others. Take responsibility for your life because you’re the only one who can change anything – not a partner, not money from the lottery and not other external materials.

The change starts from the inside, and a true change will guide you to get all you desire and actually keep it and live in abundance.

This is not all…  Now the fun begins!
If you are tired of living the same year over and over again,
If you find yourself struggling with the same problem, even though you put so much effort in it
If you experience ongoing negative feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction and frustration 
It is time to start a new path, which you are its creator.

I invite you to a world where you can get rid of these blocking beliefs that ruin your life time after time and finally unleash the power within you and push yourself further naturally with zero efforts.
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