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Discover the mind shifting formula that works successfully
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Audio Library SetYou already know how much changing your belief system is necessary for you and how you cannot make any progress without it. But this knowledge doesn’t really help.

In practice, you are simply suffering every time you try to be happier, to lose weight, to build confidence or to make any other change that tickles your heart.

You find yourself going on dates with people who don’t fit you, using artificial body language to exude self-confidence, and trying to go to the grocery store on a full stomach with a shopping list so that, this month, you can finally save a little bit.

Yet, it all remains the same, nothing changes, and you find yourself frustrated.

So what do you do? You read a lot and download tons of free info online. Great! You have folders full of dating tips, increasing self-esteem, diets and ways to make more money.

 But, the truth is, at the end of the month, you realize you haven’t managed to save anything.  You also realize that all of your fake attempts to feel confident have not been effective, and you discover you gained five pounds.

Time after time, you don’t seem to be getting to that ideal life you imagined… you feel trapped by your own life…You suffer through false promise after false promise…

– It can be frustrating.
– It can be expensive
– And it can be discouraging.

You keep on wondering how other people around you overcome all those hurdles and create so many changes easily and efficiently…

This formula is successfully working for hundreds of thousands of people world-wide; There is no reason it will not work for you

I don’t know if it comforts you, but most people suffer like you and feel nervous every time they socialize, go out on a date, or try to begin an entrepreneurial activity. Besides, of course, the ones who make things happen! How do they do it? You want that too!

 You want it?

 You can have it!!

Subliminal MessagesYou can because of the simple reason that creating a new reality and subconscious reprogramming for success are not an inborn talent. They are like any other practice you can acquire and keep on enhancing (and that is exactly what the successful people do).

Changing your internal thought patterns into empowering ones has always remained almost the sole tool to create any change you desire.

All you have to do it simply apply this method and make it an integral part of your toolbox.

TransforMind Technology –implant tons of powerful suggestions in your mind and eliminate destructive beliefs that keep you in your safe zone

TransforMind is by far the best formula for shifting inner patterns and beliefs that reside in your subconscious mind, conduct your life, and prevent you from moving forward and materializing your goals.

 Imagine that you are the # 1 creator, producer and script writer of your life.
Imagine a world where you peruse your goals without fear and self-doubt…
Imagine that you FINALLY step out of the passive position as a watcher and become the role player of your own life.


 With TransforMind you can train your brain to –

Feel comfortable and safe when meeting other people

Attract the man or woman who fits you and the standards you set for yourself

Love eating healthy food without forcing yourself

Find creative ways to make money even without a bank loan

And above all – re-wire your brain so it believes you are actually capable of achieving whatever you want or becoming who you want to be.


What personal changes can you easily create with the diverse library of Vortex Success?

Cope with depression

Massively reduce anxiety

Attract money and abundance

Find a great life partner who fits you best

Build high self-esteem

Unlock weight loss obstacles

Manifest anything you desire

Empower your mind to fulfill your wishes

Become your life designer and shape it the way you want


 Here is the solution

changing my lifeTransforMind Technology, a little-known method, but increasingly becoming wide-spread, is an integration of two powerful techniques:

Brainwave Entrainment (sound therapy) + Subliminal Messages (i.e. hidden positive affirmations).

Wealthy people around the world use it on a regular basis. Even Antony Robbins and John Assaraf have admitted they use it and recommend this to others.

The Subliminal Messages break apart your own mind blocks and give you affirmative thoughts instead.

The subliminal affirmations bypass the walls of your consciousness and reach your subconscious mind easily and effortlessly. The messages are conveyed by audio and visual platforms.

Maybe you will pick up some of the messages, but your subconscious mind will absorb it all!
Your subconscious mind gets what’s out there; it doesn’t question things.


Why do I need to listen to hidden messages in order to finally make a change?

If you listen to regular positive affirmations, your mind patterns will not allow them to go through and resist them right away. When you are programmed to have certain patterns in your mind, every suggestion that is different from this belief will immediately be transferred to the “recycle bin” of the brain and will not make its way to the subconscious.

When your unconscious is bombarded by a constant flowing stream of positive messages, it accepts it right away. It simply gets it and obeys!

When you finally recruit your subconscious mind to be on your side, you’ll experience better results and accomplish your aspirations and neglected dreams.

The Brainwave Entrainment
 (or sound therapy) mostly refers to Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.

Science has shown that the regular use of brainwave entrainment increases the listeners’ capacity to perform better in different areas.

When it comes to mind power, Brainwave Entrainment impacts numerous areas of daily living, bringing about positive, long-term effects, relieving anxiety, and reducing stress.

The Brainwave Entrainment (i.e. Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones) contains healing frequencies that tune your brain to a relaxation mode. When your mind is relaxed and at ease, the messages are conveyed more effectively and more quickly!

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what the customers think of the Vortex Success formula –

[su_quote cite=”John H.”]Since listening to this for the last few weeks I have seen so much change. A few days into it a wonderful opportunity was presented to me. I also have had profound dreams that have given me clarity on a few issues. I will continue to listen as I embrace change.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Kelsy G.”]I’m getting to be a rather anxiety free, self-confident and happy individual. Something most of us struggle with in life. I believe in myself and my capabilities. I feel more comfortable with being myself and don’t worry what others think. Life is good! Thank you Vortex Success for your amazing work. This has improved my life for the best![/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Garry M.”]Great effect!!…the almost invisible vibration you have going every few seconds…like the music and tones, felt different within seconds of listening.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Ashley N.”]“I’d like to thank you ever so much for creating the videos. Nothing has ever helped me so much and I even told my mental health doctor about it and she’s going to look into binaural beats! (She’s not heard of them before) they always leave me smiling and feeling great after – helps my mental health so much”.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Eric L.”]Thank you I started listening to that one and I have made amazing using both together. There was a girl at my job that I liked or thought I did. Turns out I came to the realization that I was looking to her for acceptance, worth, and love. The moment I realized this I started with this video five days later I started to feel more confident about letting go of her for good without vengefulness or a grudge even if she started talking to someone else. Well as of today 16 days later I’m I have mostly let go and much more expressive in the workplace building a better relationship with my boss and fellow coworkers. Not to mention the woman and I get along much as coworkers. I’m holding my friends more accountable 5 days into the subliminal program I was able to say no to a friend I had trouble even thinking of saying no to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!![/su_quote]

See how simple it is to use the Vortex Success subliminal training

 All you need to do is:

Tune into a specific goal and focus on it

Dedicate a few minutes a day (and it’s recommended to also do so at night) to listening to the subliminal audios or watching the videos

Use a pair of headphones if you listen to a session with brainwave entrainment

OK, it sounds good, but how much it cost?

Let’s do the math:

A therapy session with a psychologist or a coach costs between $100-400 for one hour. Usually when you go to therapy it’s more than once. The total can sum up to thousands of dollars.

Self-help courses online and offline cost between $70 and $500.

*** This ground-breaking method is not a substitute for therapy or medicine. However, it is a powerful tool for mind changing that you can use ANY TIME in the comfort of your own home for a decent investment.***

I don’t believe that a personal development journey should be a ridiculously expensive process that emptys your bank account.

The original reason I created these subliminal sessions was to help my sister and myself because of personal struggles.

After both of us experienced success by exposing to the hidden suggestions, I decided to distribute my recordings around the world.

The goal is to provide you with value and true help that will lead you to break through the walls you have built, so you can live your life the way you deserve.

Therefore, as a new customer, your investment is only ONE low price of $27, $37, $47 OR $87, depending on your plan

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In fewer than 3 minutes, you can get full access to the Vortex Success subliminal library, which has changed so many people’s lives worldwide.

Get from me, on a silver platter, direct access to the subliminal library that was developed by me based on extensive research, so you can – in a reasonably short amount of time – create the change you want on your own. I packed all this knowledge for you into audio and visual files that are available to download instantly.