Powerful Guidelines For Using Subliminal Messages

ways to use subliminal messages

Subliminal messages: in order for them to be effective and to change the subconscious mind, they must be used correctly. Otherwise, it’s pointless. Sometimes, when MP3 or visual subliminal messages are used incorrectly, they can be more damaging than helpful.


How to formulate a subliminal messages?
**Read this section if you are interested of creating your own subliminal messages**
If not, continue to read the guidelines below (what is the best time to use audio subliminal messages)

The principle of formulating subliminal messages as sentences is identical to the way positive affirmations need to be absorbed. If you haven’t read about the way positive affirmations need to be formulated, don’t proceed with this article, unless you read this.

In short, subliminal messages in the form of a sentence must be positive (without negative words of any kind, including the words “NO”, “DON’T”, “WON’T”, etc..)
In addition, subliminal messages must deal with the challenge you’re facing and put an emphasis on that topic only; subliminal affirmations must be clear, specific (not too specific though), short, apply to you and be formulated in present time.

For example – “Having more money creates freedom in my life” and “I feel comfortable and at ease in social situations.”

Another important point to mention is the word “want.” It’s not recommended to use it when creating subliminal messages, because it sends a message to your subconscious that you’ll never get it because you’re stuck in the position of wanting it.

The point is to build the subliminal messages in a way that you’ve already obtained your goals.
attract moneyFor example, instead of saying “want more money” you can formulate subliminal messages such as– “My income grows more and more all the time”, “Money flows easily into my life”, and “It feels great to earn so much money.”

Now that you know how to build a good and effective suggestions, let’s find out how subliminal messages can easily change your subconscious programming and replace old limiting beliefs that block you from moving forward.


What is the best time to use MP3 subliminal messages?

The best time of the day to communicate with your subconscious mind, with or without subliminal messages, as mentioned in various articles on this website, is right before falling asleep or just when you wake up.

Right before you fall asleep, listening to subliminal messages is an easier task to apply than when you just wake up, because when you wake up, most chances are that you won’t remember to use the subliminal messages. It takes time to recover from sleep time and to get yourself together. In those two windows of time, before falling asleep and waking up, a few things happen simultaneously:

  1. The brain produces Alpha brain waves. These waves put the mind and body in a relaxed mode and the mind becomes receptive to new ideas. It becomes almost effortless to plant new thoughts and beliefs.
  2. The consciousness becomes vague, and its defense walls crack.
  3. Your physical body becomes loose: the heartbeat slows down, the muscles release their tension, the blood flows through the system more easily and all of those elements combined together increase the overall sense of calm.

At this point, around 15 minutes before falling asleep,
listen with headphones to affirmative subliminal messages (Headphones are not a must, unless the subliminal messages are covered with Binaural Beats).

HEADPHONES are the key to success when it comes to conveying
the messages due to 2 main reasons:

  1. No background noise can disturb you.
    Every time you’re disturbed, the mind gets out of the sleep focus and the whole process of the subliminal messaging is cut.
  2. Second – using headphones will maximize your results; You will relax more easily and subsequently your brain will get more receptive.

Make sure to use headphones for the whole session of subliminal messages.
Just let yourself fall asleep with the headphones and take them off if you wake up in the middle of the night after the subliminal messages session is over or in the morning.

It’s recommended you’ll use special headphones that are designed for sleep and meditations, so you will not be bothered by discomfort or pain in your ears.

sleepphones for meditation

Where can you find subliminal message sessions?

There are three major ways you can get subliminal meditations-
You can purchase sessions of Subliminal Messages here on the vortex-success website and download them easily to your device.

These are the same subliminal meditations you loved listening to on my YouTube channel. Pick a category and choose the topic that is most relevant for you. Be aware that you are limited to a WiFi connection and data usage, so you will not be able to listen to the subliminal messages training anytime or anywhere.

A better option for you would be to join to the Vortex Club here and enjoy full access to unlimited downloads for one low price.

As an appreciation for choosing the sessions I create, some of the subliminal messages meditations are given for you for free.

I’ve faced challenges in the past in many areas of life, and now I want to assist others in reaching their targets.

What drove me to record powerful subliminal messages and share them with the world?

Before I reached success and achieved the goals I set to myself (mainly thanks to powerful subconscious programming with subliminal messages that I used on a daily basis for years), I suffered from a lack of confidence, a lack of money and, well, a lack in general.

I didn’t believe that the world is full of abundance. I had my job which I didn’t like, I lived from month to month, I wasn’t satisfied and felt that there was no hope.

After realizing my results are simply an outcome of my subconscious mind beliefs, I began practicing with subliminal messages and guided meditations; before I discovered this powerful technology of subliminal messages, I tried so many different systems, methods and techniques that cost me time and money and simply did not work for me.

Nowadays I have my own businesses, my life is full of abundance, I am a happy person and my interpretation of events is positive. I believe that everything that happens to me or around me is for my higher good.

I have complete freedom to enjoy the things I love without worrying about money, without thinking about every dollar I spend, and without stressing out about the bills.

After going through this process myself, exploring and researching the fascinating field of subliminal messages in its scientific and psychological matter, and their huge influential impact, I began my own project.

I see so many people around me that are struggling with money issues, relationships challenges and other obstacles that keep ruining their lives. I want to tell them that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to work so hard to achieve things.

Life shouldn’t be about constant effort. Your default shouldn’t be a ‘survival mode’. I want to tell them that abundance is everywhere, and if you just change your inner subconscious mind programming – you can easily get there.

The purpose is to help you, whomever you may be, to take control of your lives, take responsibility of your life and manage it the way you want it to be. It’s never been easier. I feel so blessed that I could reach out hundreds of thousands of people world wide and help them to live their dreams. It’s always amazing to see their personal tremendous developments.

subconscious mind power

What About Actions? Are subliminal messages enough? 

Lots of people ask me this question when they start their personal transition: “Should I just implant subliminal messages?” Well, it’s not just installing messages. Those are new beliefs.

The only reason your life is on the wrong path right now is because of your limiting thoughts. Having new thoughts and a new subconscious understanding of the unlimited potential you have is huge!

Those beliefs, if they are sitting really tight in your subconscious mind, will lead you to think, feel and behave differently, which means – the new beliefs will change your results!

The subliminal messages will re-channel your subconscious mind and create an empowering belief system.

There are gurus that advise their followers to ‘fake it until you make it’. I believe this is ridiculous.  A true change can occur from within, and masking your behavior or your body language is not going to last forever. Sooner or later, you will give up.

Subliminal messages will completely shape your inner talk about yourself and your inner beliefs about different challenges you’re facing (money, relationships, friendships, anxieties, weight loss and much more). When you subconsciously perceive things in a different way, your actions are changing naturally and automatically.

This way, there is no need to fake anything. Your feelings and behavior will match your inner programming.

At first, you might feel stressed about getting out of your comfort zone, but it’s going to be thousands of times more effective than if you just act without having the new subconscious mind settings.

When practicing subliminal messages training, the results you will see are going to last for the long term;
acting differently will feel way easier because the behavior will overlap with your inner subconscious paradigms.

Subliminal messages are the easiest and most powerful way to program your subconscious mind
The basic key is understanding, and true change must occur in the subconscious mind level.


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Subliminal messages will re-wire your subconscious mind exactly the way you want!

Imagine that your subconscious mind beliefs shift from a lack of confidence to prosperity.

If you believe that you have the right to exist in this world, that you have a presence, that you have a say, that you’re valuable and a deserving human being – it will be so easy for you to act this way, and it will come almost naturally for you.

If you subconsciously believe that abundance flows freely and you deserve to receive your share – you will attract it.

If you subconsciously believe that loving relationships are easy to maintain and that love is easy to find – you will attract it.

Today is my day to learn a simple proven method that will help me change any result in my life.