What Messages Do We Get

What kind of messages do we get
on a daily basis

Our world pThe Messages We Getrovides us with thousand of subliminal messages on a daily basis. Conversations we have or hear, the media, books, signs, internet and all that is received in our senses system, are all nutrients, so to speak, inside our brains and they stay there.

In due time, all this information plus our parents’ education, the neighborhood we grew up in, the teachers we had, the religion we were born into, create our thinking patterns, customs and behaviors that are responsible for our lives’ reality.

Every single moment, the amount of data and information that is suggested for us in the modern world is so extended, that the mind can’t even capture or remember it all.

Our consciousness can receive only between 5-20 information details out of thousands or millions every single moment.

The choice of those particular pieces of data is based on what we think is relevant for us (imagine how many options there are out there, how many opportunities we miss, how many great experiences there are). If our mind is programmed to think negatively, the consciousness will most likely skip on those options.

However, research has proven that the brain doesn’t lose all of the background info (the countless data.) It keeps everything in the subconscious, including all the information that it considers as not relevant, inside the archive of the subconscious.

It’s very important to understand this: The patterns that have been made in our minds determine how we see the reality and how we react to it.

Our subconscious keeps all the information in the system, but screens it to the conscious based on our paradigms and beliefs.

Subliminal Commercials

In the 60’s lots of research was made about the impact of subliminal messages (they called it “subliminal influence” back then.) The participants were exposed to various subliminal messages in commercials, movies and TV shows, and the conclusions showed that a subliminal commercial is way more effective than a regular commercial.

After the realization that subliminal commercials are much more effective, lots of companies and marketers began to use it rapidly and the public wasn’t even aware. After many protests, the U.S law banned the use of subliminal commercials.

The subliminal messages only became more difficult to be spotted and recognized. These days it’s not known whether there’s a use for subliminal commercials on TV and radio.

Subliminal Messages In Politics

In the United States elections, when George W. Bush was the Republican nominee and Al Gore was the Democrat nominee, the Republicans were using subliminal message in their campaigns. A subliminal message was flashed for a split second while Al Gore was displayed on the screen.

Watch the video below – try to spot the subliminal message. If you haven’t found it (and it’s completely o.k. if you haven’t; most people can’t distinguish that), keep reading the rest of this post.

The subliminal message is presented after 25 seconds, where the word “rat” is shown. This created a negative connection between the nominee Al Gore and the word itself and what it represents.