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What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

People are always waiting. No matter where they are or what they do, they keep on waiting. People stand in line in a grocery store and wait their turn; people wait until the mechanic will finish the work on the

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Goal-Setting And Decision Making

Goal-Setting And Decision Making

In this world we live in, where law of attraction takes a huge place, we are exposed to a non-stop stream of messages, ideas, images, opinions and knowledge of every possible aspect of life. These constant messages are running through

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Power of gratitude – Easy practice great results

Appreciate everything you have

You’ve heard it so many times, that you have to appreciate and be thankful for what you have. In this post, I’d like to dive deeper and make it clear why it’s so important to be grateful for the things

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What is self love and self acceptance

What does self-love or self-acceptance mean, exactly? What if you are not happy with your current situation, but you are told by new age books to “just accept yourself”? It’s very confusing because you want to accept who you are,

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What is self confidence and how does a lack of it affect your life?

Self confidence has a wide definition and isn’t fully agreed upon among researchers. I’ll provide you the definition I agree with the most: Self confidence is an internal emotional force that enables you to execute your true abilities. Each and

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