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All you need to know about your subconscious mind programming – how they work and what can you do starting from today to change your brain. Dr. Nicola Bird interviews Edith, the creator of Vortex-Success.

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Many books, articles and documentary movies have been dealing with the power of mind phenomenon. It’s interesting to see that even though the subconscious mind gained widespread attention from endless recourses, it is still a mystery for many people to …

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Sleep problems are a well-known world-wide phenomenon. Did you know that 30% of the world population finds it very difficult to sleep well? The sad truth is that many of them are not even aware that they’ve got a problem, …

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First off, I’d like to start with why I am posting this article and why I keep on publishing money magnet subliminal and binaural beats videos on YouTube. This is NOT going to be my last article about money; it’s …

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