The Law Of Vibration Is What Matters – Here’s How To Work With It

The Law Of Vibration Is What Matters – Here’s How To Work With It

Law of vibration

Without the law of vibration, you wouldn’t be able to manifest your goals, small or big. This fascinating law is what runs the show, unlike what most people think.

Have you ever met someone that you didn’t feel comfortable in their presence? If yes, that’s because you both had different vibrations.

Thanks to the law of vibration, you can notice that unpleasant vibrational differences and the law of attraction made sure you two probably won’t stay in touch for too long.

What Is The Law of Vibration

The law of attraction actually just connects you with your desired dreams, people, circumstances, and opportunities, but what’s really pulling the strings behind the scenes is the law of vibration.

Here’s how this natural law works:

The law of vibration states that every substance, whether it’s a rock, a tree, water, the device you’re using to read this post, a physical body, and even the air itself, all have an electrical and magnetic charge in varying levels of density. They are all made of molecules, which are made of atoms.

The atoms are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons, and they are essentially vibrating bundles of energy. In other words, your existence and everything you see around you is just energy.

Once you get used to the idea that energy and substance are essentially the same things, and the energy of the cosmos and your own vibration have a reciprocal relationship, you will be able to change your life completely.

As you emit a specific vibration, you’re signaling to the Universe your requests.

As your signals get consistent often enough (the law of momentum), the law of attraction then puts together vibrations that are the same.

Vibrations are the collection of our default and constant thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The common advice to use the law of vibration the right way is to keep telling the universe what you want. Be passionate about it. The principle of ‘where attention goes energy flows‘, and then all your dreams will come true with ease.

Well, it’s partially true, but there are other pieces of the law of vibration puzzle that must be in place.

How To Leverage The Law of Vibration

As living beings, we are capable of visualizing what we want in our imagination, but we’re also capable of screwing things up.

See, most people never receive their big requests from the Universe because they keep contradicting their own vibrations.

In other words – the law of vibration is not working in their lives because they send mixed messages that create confusion, so they manifest random things they don’t even need. Or even worse – they pull into their lives the things they don’t want.

Has it ever happened to you that you decided with excitement to achieve something, and then the following day you completely lost your bursting motivation?

For example – think of all those awesome business ideas you had in mind that you promised yourself you’d take action. Or all those times you made a commitment that you’d go to the gym…

This pile of tiny disappointments of lost dreams you’ve accumulated over the years is nothing but fears and self-doubts. Your own subconscious limiting beliefs went against your conscious desires.

And guess who always wins? Your subconscious mind.

No matter how strong your desires are, as long as you contradict your conscious vibrations with deep-seated fears, your conscious wants are going to lose the battle.

Yes, the law of vibration always works. But which of your vibrations are stronger? Your vibrations of self-belief? Self-worth? Determination? Optimism? Or your vibrations of stress, worry, and fear?

How To Attract Your Desires with The Law Of Vibrations

As you already know by now, your unconscious negative paradigms have by far stronger vibrations than your current aspirations.

These negative patterns gained so much momentum and they’re the ones that really call the shots.

Your patterns determine your emotional reactivity – how you’re going to react to various life situations. Will you stay grounded and calm or will you sweat the small stuff and get nervous every time the wind blows? Will you handle pressure well and get yourself together or fall apart when things don’t go as you plan?

These paradigms also determine your actions. For example:

If you’re programmed to believe that you have to shrink down parts of yourself to protect yourself from harm (toxic shame belief), then you won’t take the right actions that will help you get the promotion that you worked so hard for.

Perhaps you won’t apply for the job you’ve always wanted, or ask out on a date someone you like.

So here is what needs to be done in order to make the most out of the law of vibration and apply it in your life successfully.

The Law of Vibration And Your Limiting Beliefs

First, you’d need to identify the enemies inside you that keep you stuck in a rut and sending the same ole low vibrations that don’t get you anywhere.

After you know which junk beliefs hinder you from recruiting the law of vibration to be your ally, start eliminating them one at a time.

Luckily, our brains are not only capable of change, but they are DESIGNED to change. Neuroplasticity studies prove that time and again.

The Law of Vibration Responds To Your Stress Levels

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to reduce your stress levels.

Every time your limbic system is activated, you’re operating in a fight, flight, or freeze mode. If it happens on a continuous basis, your vibrations’ quality gets poorer, which goes against your wills.

Remember, your vibrations are the sum of your personal frequencies that you emit daily with your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Feelings have the most impact on your overall vibrational quality.

So if you get stressed repeatedly, that lowers the quality of your overall energy and you can’t utilize the law of vibration to work for you.

Many times, our limbic system gets activated without us even knowing it. We might get triggered by current events that somehow remind us of past traumas we endured.

When you get overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, talking yourself out of it actually doesn’t work. I’m sure you’ve tried that before, so you know what I’m talking about.

See, when your primitive parts of the brain are turned on, the blood flow is taken away from the prefrontal cortex (the part that is responsible for reasoning and rational thinking). And where does it go? Straight to the limbic system, in order to prepare you to deal with the “emergency”.

So if you don’t have any blood flow in the pre-frontal cortex, you can’t really think like an adult. You enter into a child-like reaction. That doesn’t help you harness the law of vibration.

Therefore, the best way to deal with that type of stress is to use another part of your brain – your Hippocampus. That’s the part that is responsible for your memories.

Instead of talking yourself out of the stress, simply try to recall a positive past memory, preferably a moment where you felt at peace, safe and relaxed.

This immediately can help reduce the blood flow to the lizard brain parts and turn off the fight, flight, or freeze mode.

Focus On What You Want And Then Let It Go

The third step to gain from the law of vibration is to give your undivided attention to the things you want. Focus on how you’d feel when you finally attract it, what your life would look like when you have it.

And then, after a little while of focusing on the things you want to have in your life, just let it go.

Forget about it.

Release it from your thoughts.

Your job, when it comes to the laws of vibration and attraction, is to ask for what you want and focus on it by using clear mental imagery – your senses, feelings and etc.

Then, your job is over. Let the law of vibration do the rest.

From now on, it’s not up to you anymore or your call when and where it would be delivered.

From this point, it’s on the Universe’s to bring you your request. I elaborate more on this topic here.

In Summary

It’s important to understand that the concept of the law of vibration is not a new agey thing. This is a physical law that is based on science.

Everything and everyone has specific vibrations.

If you maintain higher vibrations without interruptions or gaps, you will achieve the energetic intentions you put into it.

When I say “higher vibrations” I’m not talking about necessarily being happy and enthusiastic all the damn time. Not at all.

There are so many examples of depression sufferers who achieved their goals and happy people that manifested shitty experiences.

I’m not telling you to continue the depression cycle either, but just saying that don’t fret if you do have depression or trauma-related conditions.

High vibrations mean to re-channel the programming that says you –

  • Can’t do it.
  • Don’t deserve it.
  • Should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Are not good enough.

When you alter that inner talk, your vibrations will automatically elevate on their own.

Then, you’ll see the full power of the law of vibration.

In addition, do something about those stress levels, it’s not good for anyone. Use your calm and fuzzy past memories to help yourself to snap out of it.

If you’re ready to transform your mindset at the deepest level, explore my programs now. These mind training tools are designed to help you banish your destructive patterns and start living the life of your dreams.

And last, if you’re too clingy and attached to your end goal and refusing to let go, that is also not the best move to choose if you want to benefit from the law of vibration.

Loosen your grip, know when it’s time to release resistance, and just allow the Universal law to take care of business.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.