This is Why I Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies as often as I can – and Why You Should Too

This is Why I Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies as often as I can – and Why You Should Too

Solfeggio Frequencies

I LOVE the solfeggio frequencies – they are a big help, because, well, you know, life happens.

Let’s be real for a moment. For all our drive towards self-improvement and how much we talk about it, we still have to be humble enough to agree that life can really get under your skin sometimes.

Your boss could be leaning really hard into you at work for no observable reason, for example. Or maybe you just can’t shake the feeling of being overwhelmed by all that your daily responsibilities require of you.

Sometimes you may return back to your bed after 18 hours of giving it your all. And at that point, all you can do is wonder where the strength and inspiration for the next day are going to come from.

Or you might be stuck on a problem in your business or project or relationship. You know, when you feel the solution is just on the edge of your attention, but you have problems putting it together somehow.

In those situations, I have found solfeggio frequencies to be my emotional go-to aid kit.

What Purposes Do I use Solfeggio Sounds For?

Solfeggio tones help me relax and unwind, even when I previously thought it would be impossible to untie the knots left by the daily grind.

I use them to raise my vibrational energy to where it is supposed to be in order to align with the things that I want to manifest from the universe.

I even use them to get over a cold quickly. From my experience, they don’t fall short of elderberry syrup and vitamin C.

Even back when I began my self-development journey, I found the impact of those frequencies that belong to the Solfeggio scale to be very useful. I was able to use the empowering frequencies revealed by solfeggio to unearth and discover many limiting beliefs I was yet to discover in my subconscious.

This tactic worked so well it almost felt like I had hacked the system or was using nature’s own cheat code:

I played solfeggio frequencies just as I was going to sleep. But before sleeping I would ask my subconscious mind to reveal what I was dealing with and to help me overcome those blockages.

It worked really well for me, and it would for you too once you begin listening to them consistently. You can find my Solfeggio Frequencies recording here.

The Many Benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies

These tones on the solfeggio scale are useful in so many ways that it is hard not to love them.

I particularly love playing the tones at 741Hz and 852Hz frequencies if I find myself in need of guidance from my higher self about how to get to a certain solution.

I keep things simple and listen to them just as I am ready to go to bed. And I always get the response I need.

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Sometimes, I receive the answer the following day. Other times, I receive enlightenment a little bit later when I would least expect it – like when out jogging or with friends. Sometimes I receive the answer I need when I am out enjoying nature and admiring the abundance that surrounds.

The answer would just come to me out of nowhere, without me desperately looking for it.

Now you understand why I make it a point to incorporate solfeggio frequencies into some of my special recordings.

I want people like you who listen to my recordings to also benefit from this gift of nature from the comfort of your own homes.

By listening to solfeggio frequencies you can:

  • Restore numb quantic potential in your genetic makeup.
  • Enhance your sense of clarity and expand your level of awareness of your environment.
  • Create balance and harmony between your body and soul.
  • Add to your internal and external wellbeing, and establish an atmosphere conducive to miracles in your life.
  • Connect yourself to the abundant flow of life energy and allow the abundance to flow through you.
  • Enable life energy to flow through and from you by dissolving energetic blocks from your cell memory.
  • Repair DNA and supercharge the overall quality of your life, both internally and externally.
  • Align yourself to The Source from which all life and the universe itself comes from.

You can have all these and much more by tunning into the natural Solfeggio wonders, AKA frequencies.

They can serve as a wonderful tool to fast track your way towards knowing, developing, and aligning yourself with the universe.

Of course, I am not advising you to skip therapy; but there is no reason why you cannot use both methods to boost your progress.

What Are the Different Solfeggio Frequencies and Their Benefits?

So we know these solfeggio vibrations can work wonders when you listen to them consistently. But what are they and how many are there?

The tones on the solfeggio scale number 6 in total, and they each come with various benefits. Many people believe that they were introduced in the 11th century by a Benedictine Monk named Guido d’Arrezo.

But some quarters suggest their use goes much farther back to even more ancient cultures that would use them in their religious and cultural rituals.

Today, after being lost for centuries, the solfeggio scale is experiencing resurgence in popularity – and it is not difficult to see why:

There are several benefits attached to each of the 6 frequencies, many of which have been proven by science.

Here Are The Most Popular Frequencies

396Hz  – Releases you from the blockages of fear and guilt, turns them into joy, and strengthens your inner fortitude. This frequency is related to the root chakra.

417Hz – Cleanses you from the overhanging effects of traumatic experiences and negative influences from the past. Thereby easing self-development, inner child work, and change. This frequency is associated with the sacral chakra.

528Hz – Initiates DNA repair and creates an atmosphere for transformation and miracles in your life. It fosters a feeling of joy, instills clarity, and infuses life energy and boosts creativity. It also aligns desire with divine guidance, all while restoring your DNA to its original perfect state. It is also related to the solar plexus chakra.

639Hz – Creates harmony in your relationships by establishing reconnection and balance, encouraging communication and mutual understanding, and promoting tolerance and love. Guess which chakra we’re talking about here? The heart chakra, of course.

741 Hz – Increases your problem-solving ability and enhances your intuition. IT can cleanse your cells of the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Also, encourage you to eat better, live simpler, and express yourself with more confidence. Related to the throat chakra.

852Hz – This specific solfeggio frequency will restore you to spiritual order. Your inner voice will become more pronounced and louder.

Illusions will clear up before your eyes to reveal the truth and hidden agendas behind people, places, and things. Your divine mission and destiny will also be revealed to you once you listen consistently. This solfeggio tone is related to the third eye chakra.

You can be sure that solfeggio frequencies hold many more secrets we are yet to uncover, despite the intense scientific scrutiny they have already been put under.

But, that should not be a problem. Given what we already know, you have more than enough reasons to use these sounds to better your life and align with the universe, like I have.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.