Use Your Negative Feelings As Guides To Personal Growth Instead Of Running Away From Them

When you experience jealousy, fear, or anger towards someone or something, do you try to escape from these unpleasant feelings?

No one likes to dwell on something that doesn’t feel good. But if you become aware of what these emotions signal to you, they can serve you way better than any pill that represses these feelings and pushes you away from the areas you need to work on.

If, for instance, every time you spend time in the company of someone who triggers uncontrolled anger within you, see it as a great opportunity to explore why you feel this way.

She Makes Me Angry

I remember a time when one of my old college friends shared a secret with me, confiding that one of our mutual friends set off in her huge anger for some reason, even hatred. Both are very intense feelings; however, it’s worth exploring them to discover the message they convey.

I asked my friend: “What’s about our friend that induce such feelings in you?”

“I don’t know,” she answered. “It just hits me and I don’t know why. It’s just the way she is, I think. I feel like she’s fake… and not that bright… and she doesn’t have any depth. Besides, I have nothing in common with her.”

“Okay,” I reply, “but I’m sure there are other people around you whom you perceive as shallow and not quite intellectual, but they don’t make you feel this strong anger.”

“True,” she answers, and then asks, “So why her?”

“Maybe those traits you see in her,” I answer, “you also see in yourself. Maybe her hypocritical personality you’re describing sort of reflects what you don’t like about yourself, or your old self. So her combination of traits touch on an uncomfortable spot and just remind you of what you don’t like about yourself.”

It’s All About You

Let’s face it, people. Our feelings towards other people almost never have to do with them.

It all comes back to us: the way we perceive others; the way their being fits or doesn’t fit with who we are. Therefore, if we have negative feelings towards someone who never harmed us in any way, it’s probably because this person reminds us of something we don’t like or have repressed in ourselves.

So if you envy someone, for example, it might be because that person’s presence is a constant reminder of what you don’t have and that you wish you did.

Work With Your Negative Emotions

Explore them. See what they represent. Look for the thought patterns they reflect.

Each and every feeling you have is the result of a definition. It’s the result of a subconscious belief, a conditioned mental pathway that has been in your brain long enough to be molded and fixed into an automatic pattern.

Exposing your patterns by being conscious of your feelings will guide you deep into your sense of self. There’s nothing better than this practice to enhance your personal development.

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Don’t let those painful patterns repeat themselves. Put them in the spotlight.

It’s enough only to become aware of them in order to start making blessed progress in reducing their power over you and then diminishing your reactivity to painful emotions.