What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

People are always waiting. No matter where they are or what they do, they keep on waiting.

People stand in line in a grocery store and wait their turn; people wait until the mechanic will finish the work on the car;

People can’t wait until the clock hits 5 so they can go home and watch TV; when they get home they wait for dinner; then they wait for their projects the next day; then they wait for the upcoming weekend;

Students can’t wait to be finished with their B.A and start the adult life (years later they miss it thinking those were the best years of their life); people can’t wait to get married (shortly after, they miss being alone sometimes.)

At restaurants people can’t wait for the food because they’re too hungry; after done eating they can’t wait to pay the bill, come home and relax. Does it sound familiar to you?

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People spend their precious time waiting for the next moment instead of enjoying the present moment.

Life would be much more enjoyable if you stopped your waiting journey for a second and just… looked around. Feel the present, appreciate the moment and be here.

Whenever you find yourself caught up in the thought of, “I can’t wait to… {Fill the blank}”, immediately stop this thought from drifting away and replace it with, “What’s special about this moment right now?”

Try to remember how many moments in your life that, at the time, you wished would be over. Now, you miss quite a few of those moments.
Keep in mind that experiences you are living through right now will be a part of your nostalgia in the future.

When you develop a whole new approach toward living in the present and enjoying the moment, it changes your life. I am not just saying it – I am standing behind this declaration.

Enjoying the little moments, feeling them, and extracting them to the fullest makes your life unbelievably fun.

Experiencing each moment is appreciating your existence.


Learning to live each little moment turns your life into an ongoing valuable adventure. Adventures don’t necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane, climbing Mount Everest or scuba diving among sharks. Adventures happen every day, right now, in these little moments. You can experience them as part as your lifestyle if you just stop waiting and start living them.

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