What Is The Vortex – Getting Into The Vortex These 3 Ways

What Is The Vortex – Getting Into The Vortex These 3 Ways

what is the vortex

Before we dive into the 3 ways for getting into the vortex, I will first touch on what is the vortex. I’ll try to describe as best as I can what this mysterious concept means and why even bother yourself with being in it on a daily basis.

I invite you to join me to discover the 3 easy ways to resonate with the vortex.

Esther Hicks has been tapping into an infinite intelligence that is called “Abraham.” She is the one who introduced us to the Law of Attraction that you saw in the movie “The Secret”.

Over the years, she gradually discovered this whole idea of “like attracts like,” which means that when you put your energy into a certain thing, everything that is similar to that energy is attracted into your life.
She also named that principle the “vortex.”

What Is The Vortex?

Vortex is an energetic stream that belongs to our source. It is a sphere of high vibrations only, and by connecting to it, is what makes everything possible.

You might be wondering how you can align yourself with this feeling that everything is possible. You know, like you feel when you’re in love… Or those moments when you just know deep down that everything is going to be just fine.

It may sound impossible to actually tuning into these internal experiences regularly, not to say – maintain them.

But it’s possible and I’ll show it to you.

The first step is to acknowledge this truth –

Everything in this Universe is an energy and carries a certain frequency. You ARE a vibrational being.

The vibration that is you and the vibration that is anything else is managed by one force – the Law of Attraction. What it does is that it links together the vibrations that are the same.

Your Vibrational State

energy You are, in fact, a live magnet. And you are inviting into your life people, situations and experiences that are congruent with the emotions and thoughts you offer on a continuous basis.

The word “vibration” usually describes a certain mood or emotion. There are only two types: positive and negative.

Here are some of the feelings that belong to the ‘positive vibe’ category: uplifted, loving, excited, exhilarated, joyful, and hopeful.

When you’re angry, hurt, feeling guilty, or sad, you resonate with a negative frequency.

A negative vibration is, in fact, the farthest place from the vortex; it’s the place where you don’t want to be.

The Law of Attraction responds to your energetic signal and brings you more of the frequency you offer.

That is the reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

That is the reason that the ones who are truly content on a regular basis get more reasons to be satisfied.

The same goes for people who cherish and appreciate their lives, rather than complaining about anything and everything. They naturally pull into their lives, like a magnet, more circumstances to be thankful for.

How to Tap Into The Vortex And Stay There Long Enough?

See, if you want to manifest abundance to your life of any kind (love, connections, money, career, health and etc.) – you better do it only from a state of the vortex.

All you need to do is to be in alignment emotionally with what you ask for. In order to be in a pure synchronization with your desires, prior to attracting them, you got to stop offering contradicting vibrations.

Sure, it might seem a bit extreme, because after all, you have bills to pay and daily commitments that can steal your peace of mind. No matter how calm we can be, there will always be something to stress over it.

But don’t allow yourself to sink into that stress. Practice on staying grounded, secure and safe, even if there are certain undesired conditions that are happening in your current reality.

As a matter of fact, at any given moment, you have the ability to get into a divine energetic filed that is always available to you!

You literally have the capability to design your reality, no matter what your current circumstances are if you just visit the vortex more often.

getting into the vortex

When you’re connected to this wonderful world of the vortex, there is no reason to fear the future or be threatened by others.

There is no reason to panic, get triggered often, or be anxious about things you shouldn’t be anxious about. Having that deep internalization that you will ALWAYS be getting access to that magical vortex is enough to help you feel safe and at peace.

You hold the key to open the gate of the vortex. Every. Single. Day.

In my free advanced course, you can learn so much more practical ways on how to be in the vortex experience.

But here’s the catch – no one can make you use the key. You have to consciously choose to do so.

The vortex is not a result but a certain state of mind you’re at. When you are in the vortex, the Universe is working for your highest good.

It doesn’t care if you have debt, financial difficulties or relationship issues. As long as you’re in the vortex and continuing to signal pure, positive frequencies, without contradicting them with low energy – the Universe will deliver what you ask for.

Entering the vortex gets you on the path of momentum, and when you’re there, long enough – nothing can stop you from manifesting your greatest life.

The vortex is waiting for you with abundant opportunities that fit your true needs. The vortex already has the love of your life, a purposeful career and all the things that matter to you most.

False Perceptions Take You Out Of The Vortex

Every time you’re complaining about your current reality (the evidence that appears in your life) and how it’s so different than you want it to be, you are reacting to “what is.”

See, every time your focus is directed toward what you don’t want, you are leaving the vortex.

Yeah I know, it’s easy to be distracted by your current, unpleasant, conditions. But they’re not going to change if you keep aiming your attention on them.

Train your brain to shift your attention toward what you want. Avoid going to the dark zone and try to commit to giving your undivided attention to your vision. Become goal-oriented and not current conditions-oriented.

Live from your imagination, rather than your memories.

As Tony Robbins says: “wherever focus goes energy flows”.

Pray instead of criticizing (not necessarily religious prayers, but also spiritual); be grateful instead of grumbling; enjoy your experiences instead of pointing to what’s wrong with them. Be more compassionate towards yourself and others.

Train yourself, every single day, to be mindful of these practices that will put you on the path of getting into the vortex.

You Can’t Attract Something Positive Out Of a Negative Place

imaginationOnce you are responding to your imagination or to the feeling you think you will have after achieving your desire, you match your frequency to the thing you want to attract.

When you are in alignment with the thing you want to have, you are getting closer to that goal instead of pushing it away.

Think about it for a second – you can’t find a healthy relationship if you are in a place of ongoing criticism and a lack of love towards yourself and others.

You cannot manifest something positive out of a place of lack or absence. It just doesn’t work this way.

The reason why the physical reality always provides you with evidence of lack is that you are stuck in a crappy vibrational state.

Distract your focus from reacting pessimistically to your reality, where many features are absent, and start interacting with your infinite imagination.

If, for example, you want to find love and you’ve been going out on dates and nothing happened, get into a positive spiral and respond to what you want to happen.

In other words, you need to be the thing you want to attract, before you manifested it in your physical reality.

You can have conversations with yourself like –

“I know I’m on my way to finding my true soul mate. There are many people I know who have found the loves of their lives.”

“I know there is an endless love in this universe and I can connect to this love every time I want to by feeling good about the little things I have, by being with friends, reading a good book and walking on the beach or listening to inspiring stories. I know there are amazing people out there who are looking for this special soul connection, just as I am.

“Many times before I felt that abundance was flowing to me… like those times when there was still money left in the parking meter; a heritage I got; money I found in the street; a scholarship I received; a job interview my friend got me before it was publically advertised; people who wanted to be close to me; touching cards I got from friends and family; happy events I participated in; a song I thought about and suddenly played on the radio… there is so much abundance to celebrate and I choose to do it right now.”

Immerse yourself in this spiral of empowering thoughts. React to your imagination that is based on things you wish to happen.

Put your emphasis on pleasant past experiences and on the evidence you received (or proofs others received – like people who managed to find their ideal match).

All of these simple daily exercises will make you feel better and attune you with the vortex.

Now imagine that you practice these mental workouts every day. A few times a day… Most of the day…

vortex energy

Mindful Breaths

It’s just enough to distract your thoughts from the toxic inner chatter you drifted into.

You can easily distract yourself by taking deep breaths. Five seconds of inhaling and filling in your stomach and lungs with fresh air and five to eight seconds of slow exhaling can do miracles.

It doesn’t take a huge effort, and this daily action creates an instant relaxing effect.

It’s no wonder that every meditation session begins with slow breathing because this simple step has an immediate relief and calms down your overactive limbic system.

Aside from the breathing technique, your current reality can, in fact, learn a lot about yourself and your limiting beliefs. So instead of being upset with your life, you can look at your current situation as a mirror to the parts in yourself that need to be healed.

The fact that you’re shifting your focus towards uplifting thoughts and emotions, doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the things that bother you in life.

On the contrary, because you CARE about what’s going on in your life, you mindfully choose to change your conditions by paying attention to where you’d want to be.

There is so much more to it. Check out my free LOA blueprint here.

Start Small

Every day, do some exercises to access the vortex.

Start with only a minute a day. Think of your goals, where you intend to head and the things you wish to manifest. Think of all the things you are grateful for and notice the abundance that’s already available to you.

Then, when you feel comfortable and derive joy from this exercise, increase it to 10 minutes each time until your brain will automatically enter the vortex on a consistent basis.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.