Manifesting And The Mystery Of The Subconscious Mind [last FREE guide]

LOA and Unconscious

We have discussed up to now, the central and most important principals in the Law of Attraction: the setting of clear intentions, attracting from the Vortex, letting go and allowing the universe to handle the “how”, detaching from our dependence on the final results, and other key principles that all who want to change their reality must know.

But that is not all.

There is a missing piece of the puzzle, and this missing piece causes many people who live and breathe the Law of Attraction to fail again and again without realizing what they do wrong.

This missing piece was not presented in the movie “The Secret”. It took me years to search for it myself and to finally discover it.

The reason I decided to write this guide for you is to save you the long search time, where many people have given up and were never able to connect the dots.

For them, therefore, the Law of Attraction always remains with “gaps”. This last guide brings you the full picture written in simple words. You do not even have to leave the house for it.

If you thought you knew all about the Law of Attraction, you must understand the following:

Our Subconscious Mind And The Law Of Attraction Work Together

If you recall, we discussed that you are an energetic being in the first chapter.

Have you ever wondered why you emit a certain energy, while Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Howard Schultz (the owner of Starbucks) radiate energy that attracts a free flow of wealth and unimaginable success into their lives?

How can it be that the biggest winners live a life of abundance and prosperity, while others survive from paycheck to paycheck and struggle to pay the bills every month?

They are not smarter, more talented or better than you are.

The difference between you and any successful person in any field is up to one thing – Your subconscious programming. Or rather, the unconscious negative programming that you carry within you.

Our vibrational energy is made up of our thoughts and feelings. But what causes our thoughts and feelings to be formed? What creates them?

What causes a certain person to produce thoughts that drive him towards abundance and prosperity, while another person generates thoughts that move him towards poverty and adversary?

The Answer To This Is Our Thought Patterns

As long as your patterns of thoughts are negative, destructive and toxic in certain areas, your chances to manifest your desires are significantly limited.

In other words – your limiting beliefs make the Law of Attraction work against you! If you’re conditioned to fail, your thinking process, feelings, and actions will ALWAYS reflect this programming.

As a matter of fact, our emotions carry a great deal more powerful frequency than our thoughts.

Today we already know that brain-generated thought has energy that can be measured with instruments that test brain waves. But did you know that the energy of emotions could be measured as well?

Only recently has it been discovered that the heart has a measurable electric and electromagnetic field also. In fact, measuring the energy of emotions has shown that we are dealing with a field that is 150% more powerful than that of the brain!

It is energy that radiates out of the heart area and spreads for miles surrounding our bodies and affects the structure of the atoms and our DNA.

In fact, our emotions are far more powerful and have greater influence than our thoughts, and these feelings are what actually recruit the Law of Attraction to work on our behalf or against us.

Your Default Emotions

But how can you regularly feel good, if your subconscious is programmed to harm you? Your thought patterns, or paradigms, determine what kind of thoughts and feelings you will produce on a regular basis.

If, for example, you have a subconscious programming that says, “I do not deserve to be loved” or “I need someone to love me to feel worthy”, what feelings do you think you will regularly generate?

Most likely you will generate feelings that match frequencies of neediness, fear, stress, dependency, possessiveness, jealousy and maybe even hatred.

Let me take this example a little further – suppose your goal is to attract your ultimate soulmate and build a loving, healthy and stable relationship. What kind of relationship do you think that a subconscious programming like this will lead you to?

If you are constantly resonating negative frequencies, can you, from that place, attract a partner that resonates vibrations of love, peace, and joy?

No matter how much you desire a certain goal, the subconscious is a million times stronger than your conscious desires.

Yes, you read it correctly! Your subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind.

While the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second, the subconscious mind processes 40 million bits of information per second!

Leading studies from the last decade show that the subconscious controls 96-98% of our results!

So if your subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, it is no wonder that you continuously come across an invisible wall that you cannot break through!

Again and again you find yourself in financial anxiety, attracting those toxic relationships into your life even though you promised yourself that “This is the last time”, and after swearing to yourself you’ll never eat junk food, you once again binge on ice cream in front of the television at 1 am on a Friday night.

So you sign up for another course and take another seminar; you pay a lot of money to finally fix what is ‘wrong’ with you, just to get that boost.

But the inspiration and motivation that fills you up vanish quickly, and no change really takes hold for the long term. No matter how much you try, no matter how hard you strive, you go back to square one.

And It hurts.
It is frustrating.
It is expensive.

You see, it’s not because you’re inferior to others. That’s the way you are conditioned.

This is the exact missing piece of the puzzle, without which the picture cannot be completed; the limiting beliefs that reside deeply in your subconscious mind! This is the part that causes the law of attraction to never be your ally, but your enemy.

It is the job of your subconscious mind, to get you back on track. Every time you start to change, your Amygdala and Hypothalamus cry out “Danger! Danger!” Your brain does not do it on purpose, but simply to fulfill its mission. Just as an automatic pilot always returns to its route each time it deviates a little.

The limiting beliefs weren’t created out of the blue for no reason. There are many factors that are responsible for their presence: parents who raised you with their own negative conditioning and insecurities, the environment in which you grew up, your teachers and life experiences, which sometimes, unfortunately, left you scarred, traumatized and destroyed.

My Struggling Story

I want to share a secret with you – for years, I battled with money issues.

When I was two years old, my father passed away unexpectedly. My mom was left all alone with two kids, mortgage and one salary that barely covered the expenses.

You can imagine how stressed out she was. Since that sudden loss of my dad, I grew up in this world of anxiety and a constant fear that we didn’t have enough to live. I saw the way my mom reacted to money – with fear and worry. Those patterns of her were deeply absorbed in my mind.

I carried this programming of “there is not enough abundance” to my adult life. I did not choose this but was forced to believe it, because that’s what my brain absorbed for years. But I didn’t know it back then when I started my first business.

Until the age of 7, your brain functions on Theta waves, and that explains why kids are so easily influenced by their caretakers and their environment.

My background, prior to the internet marketing field was retail. My first business was a complete failure! I hated to admit it, but it was.

I remember one night, I came back home crying after another day of failure. I was exhausted and I just sat down on the floor. “I can’t do this anymore!” I said to myself. “I just can’t see the figures drop down each and every day, why am I stuck? What am I doing wrong”?

I invested my savings and three years in this, but the results didn’t show up. It was so frustrating.

I felt useless; I felt like a loser. I was embarrassed.

It was extremely important to prove to myself that I could make money and live the lifestyle I deserve. Beyond the narrow outlook of ‘me me me’ – I wanted to give back to my mom and make her proud; I wanted to donate money to cancer charities and animal rescue organizations and support my community…

It was burning within me to make it in this life and live my true potential to the fullest.

I couldn’t help but want a wealthy lifestyle for myself, but I couldn’t accomplish this wish, no matter how much I tried… I was so hurt every time I failed, and I had failed a lot.

I was disappointed in myself that I had even dared to dream that I could be successful. This experience caused me to feel such discouragement and disparity.

I got to the point that I never thought I could actually have a successful business. EVER! I thought that maybe I was not made of the successful material. Maybe I didn’t have the right skills. Maybe I just wasn’t born with rich genes.

But the thought of working for somebody else with a job I hated until retiring age was horrifying! I felt trapped because I couldn’t stop feeling self-doubt and that I was not good enough, but at the same time, I wanted to live in abundance so badly that it hurt.

The Turning Point

I figured the best thing for me was to just take a step back, relax and clean my mind of the stress I had.

This was the best decision I have ever made.

The time off allowed me to look deeper. I questioned things and had profound introspection about how things work.

I wondered why only so few people experience true happiness, joy, confidence, sense of worthiness, love, and abundance, while others suffer constantly, experience lack, attracting negative people, and being sucked into darkness.

How come people believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’ but get zero results?

I had many unsolved questions and I was determined to get to the bottom of this. The inner urge to discover this mystery drove me to study it extensively.

After a lot of research, I discovered two significant things
1. I had been my biggest enemy throughout my entire life journey until that point
2. I could now become my best friend with the truth I’d found

My inner beliefs about many areas of life such as a flow of money, wealth, love and self-worth, were FALSE, NEGATIVE, AND BLOCKING.

Those unconscious thought patterns were SUFFOCATING my conscious desires.

Those hidden inner beliefs SABOTAGED my goals. Those beliefs were NOT at all in ALIGNMENT with my wishes. These patterns were hidden, and they were lying deep down within my subconscious mind for years.

You see, when you hold subconscious negative beliefs, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, YOU WILL NEVER GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

Think about it for a moment –
How can you really make massive progress towards your goals if you have a destructive force within you, which is million times stronger than your intentions, that is working against you?

If the Law of Attraction coordinates similar vibrations, and our subconscious creates our vibrations, it is no wonder that people never attract what they desire!

So if deep down I was so certain that “there isn’t enough”; “I must always put others’ needs before my own”; “my needs are not important”; “I am not deserving”; “you have to work hard for money” and “money comes slowly”, no wonder I was struggling so hard.

These were the vibrations I offered to the Universe on a continuous basis.

So how could I expect the Law of Attraction to bring me together with wealth, abundance, and opportunities for growth when the vibrations I resonated were the complete opposite?

Look Back At Your History

If you want to create a change in a specific area of your life but you’re continuing to experience blockages, you may carry limiting beliefs within you and that need to be exposed.

By being aware of your brain wiring, you will finally be able to see that you are chasing your own tail just like flying on an automatic pilot.

It will be very helpful if you put the finger on those limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward. This is your time to reveal the real face of the thought frames that put a stick in your life wheel.

Ask yourself what your goals are, what you want to achieve, what your personal inspirations are and so on.

Have you achieved some of those goals? Do you live your ideal life? If not, what is disturbing you? What is blocking you from making things happen? What is your conditioning that keeps you away from your goals?

Try to remember how your parents or grownups around you dealt with the challenges you experience right now (love, relationships, communication, self-confidence, happiness, success).

For example, if you struggle with having more money, do you secretly believe that money takes away your freedom? Do you believe that you have to be manipulative or mean to others in order to gain money? Do you believe that it’s shallow to engage with money? Is money corrupt? You don’t think you’re good enough, smart enough or worthy enough to be wealthy?

This Is How She Has Found The Love Of Her Life

Let’s view an example of how a limiting belief can sabotage your relationship. A client of mine, a single woman in her 40’s painfully shared with me that she has been attracting men who are emotionally unavailable.

When we went through that process together, she shared with me that her parents never showered her with affection, not with words, or with a warm touch like hugs.

We discovered together that her subconscious was programmed, like a laser beam, to find and attract only those men who could not give her the needs that were never fulfilled as a child – love, and affection.

Why? Because that’s her mind knows! Her brain is not used to anything else and it is drawn to the familiar, even if this familiar hurts like crazy.

In addition, she developed the limiting belief that she is not worthy of being loved.

There Must Be Something Wrong With Me

She grew up with the constant feeling that something was wrong with her and that she was defective somehow, because otherwise, why did her parents ignore and neglect her? Her child version thought, “if I am valuable, why do my parents treat me this way? So there must be something wrong with me”.

Children cannot understand the complexities of life, so when their needs are not met (love, protection, security, and peace), their brain immediately concludes that something is wrong with them.

Sadly, as children, we could not understand that it was not our fault, but the traumatic events we experienced as children were related to the faulty programming of our parents.

Since that was the dominant belief that guided my client’s love life, she was drawn again and again to those cold, unavailable men who were frightened by any kind of commitment or intimacy.

Her main limiting beliefs were:
“it’s hard to love me”
“I’m not worthy of love”
“love is scarce”
“I need to prove myself to be deserving of love”
“I am not enough”

She chose the most accurate subliminal recordings for her to remove her blockages and instead, implanted new paradigms that served her much better. Within two months, not only her self-esteem was higher than ever before… but she started to date that new guy and didn’t act on the same patterns of being needy and clingy like she used to.

It’s been a year and a half since we started this process. She’s so happy in this relationship and they’re planning on getting married next year.

Let’s go back to the link between the Law of Attraction and the subconscious mind

As you already know by now, you are an energetic being. As such, you signal vibrations to the Universe; the Universe then performs the adjustments between the vibrational signals that are sent to the infinity and sends you back the exact signals you transmitted.

The vibration that is being sent to you is translated into evidence and actual reality – less/more money, love, people and situations, experiences, successes or failures, etc.

In other words, you receive the exact energy you offer. The universe doesn’t really bring you what you want, but what you FOCUS on. So if you want to find love, but focusing on the lack of love in your life, or that you’re not worthy of having it – this is the reality you are going to experience. Makes sense, right?

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to signal a positive vibration. You can’t fake a high vibration.

If your subconscious is programmed to carry limiting beliefs, your vibration will match these beliefs.

Why You Fail Time After Time

When your subconscious beliefs are negative, every action you make and every step you take will lead you to do it WRONG. Your whole decision-making process will be conducted by your subconscious mind.

In order to – Succeed; Be a better parent; Attract money; Quit smoking; Lose weight; Attract people who love you; Feel like a valuable individual – It is necessary that you REPLACE the limiting subconscious thoughts with AFFIRMATIVE ones.

Here are examples that will illustrate this point

* You might experience some success in making money. Unfortunately, soon after, it disappears. Your actions and thoughts lead you to fail. You might not crack this code and just excuse it with the cliché: “easy come easy go.”

*You might have been raised in a way where sex was evil, anything other than hard work was evil; self-love was a sin; Maybe you were thought to put others first, otherwise… You don’t deserve blessings.

It is important to say it as clear as possible: This is NOT your fault! You were forced to have negative beliefs as a child. Your parents did all they could to raise you right, but they carried their own paradigms.

As an adult, perhaps you can now rationally understand that it was not your fault. Yet by the time we understand this, it is too late. The patterns have already been imprinted in our brains.

The conscious understanding that this is not your fault cannot uproot the negative subconscious conditioning that operates automatically within us.

That is why willpower is the most unnecessary power in the world. It never lasts. But for some reason, a lot of gurus recommend it when they spout out into the air worn-out slogans; “you will succeed if you just try,” “no pain, no gain” etc.

Is that it, Edith?

Am I Destined To Be Miserable Forever?

Would I never be able to change, fulfill my dreams and live the life I desire?

The answer is unequivocal:

So What Is The Solution?

Get rid of your subconscious negative patterns and beliefs and replace them with winning beliefs!

If you want to make a deep, real and lasting inner change, you need to remove your hindering subconscious blocks.

Studies in the fascinating field of brain plasticity show that not only can the brain change, but it is also DESIGNED to change!

In other words, you have the incredible ability to biochemically affect your neural wiring!

Now you realize there is no need to continue carrying those limiting beliefs anymore.
Now it is YOUR responsibility to believe whatever you chose!

When you crack the secrets of the subconscious mind:
You choose the exact skills you want to develop.
You choose the habits you want to get rid of.
You choose empowering beliefs that will put you on the right track
You choose to beat your old self!

Having Subconscious blockages is like driving on a highway with your handbrake up – Something always holds you back from progressing.

With hidden negative beliefs, your power to manifest your goals decreases tremendously. But when you shift your bad, old beliefs to empowering ones, you create a new neural network in your brain. You will be capable of achieving ANY change you want!

Once you remove the mental and emotional landmines, you will not have to force yourself to behave differently; Your actions will naturally overlap the inner patterns you have created.

Here, too, the law of action enters into the picture, which complements the LOA: To achieve results, we must act.

When we act out of a destructive paradigm, our actions will be meaningless. You will act from a place of stress and anxiety.

But when your mind is programmed to believe that you are worthy and capable of attracting abundance in any field, the actions you take will be a piece of cake.

Your actions will not be burdensome or annoying tasks. You will perceive them as a fun game, an amusement.

Your drive to act will no longer be out of anxiety, but out of passion!

With new affirmative subconscious paradigms, you will

Experience better results
Attract positive experiences
Easily reach your ideal life style
Live as a true winner
Believe in yourself to achieve anything you desire
Become unstoppable

Your reality will reflect what is going on inside!

By this point, you probably have figured out why you often feel depressed, tired, fearful of the world, paralyzed to take actions, and attract failures, bad opportunities and wrong people.

Now you realize why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you – because there is a huge gap between your conscious goals and your unconscious beliefs. Your wishes are not in alignment with your subconscious definitions.

The law of attraction works for better and for worse. When you hold inner blocking conditioning your ability to manifest doesn’t exist.

Manifestation Is All About Alignment

Your conscious desires and your subconscious intention must be in alignment. Once I cracked this code, everything has started to change for me.

I put years into revealing all the negative thoughts I subconsciously held relating to the most important issues in life: Money and Abundance; Love & Relationships; Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem; Anxiety; Social Anxiety; Depression; Childhood Traumas; And more.

There are different techniques to harness your subconscious mind for your own good.

I realized that the easiest, shortest, yet very highly effective way (and scientifically proven) is –TransforMind Technology.

This revolutionary method is extremely powerful and takes only a relatively short time to use!

What is TransforMind Technology?

This groundbreaking, little-known method is an integration of two powerful techniques:

Brainwave Entrainment (sound therapy) + Subliminal Messages (i.e. hidden positive affirmations).

Wealthy people around the world use it on a regular basis. Even Antony Robbins and John Assaraf have admitted they use it and recommend this to others.

When I first heard about it, I paid gurus to record custom sessions for me with hidden affirmations; then I bought special software to create my own TransforMind project.

Weeks later I have noticed a clear change: I attracted more customers and business partners, I felt better, happier, more relaxed and yet sharply focused. I felt confident and strong. I believed I can manifest anything I put my mind to. I felt invincible. I attracted the perfect life partner.

A year later I signed a deal that made me $287,000. That same year, I got married. These life-changing events can easily happen to you too.

All you need is –
– a real desire to change and get to know your patterns
– 15-30 minutes a day
– A pair of quality headphones

I Got You Covered

My formula covers ALL shared common negative beliefs people hold about: Money & Success, Love & Relationships, Self-Esteem, Weight Loss, Happiness and much more.

Those programs are extremely powerful and contain mainly audio subliminals with brainwave entrainment and some visual subliminals. The Subliminal Messages break apart your own mental blocks and put affirmative thoughts instead.

The subliminal affirmations bypass the walls of your conscious resistance and reach your subconscious mind easily and effortlessly. Maybe you will pick up some of the messages, but your subconscious mind will absorb it all!

Your subconscious mind gets what’s out there; it doesn’t question things.

When your unconscious is bombarded by a constant flowing stream of positive messages, it accepts it right away. It simply gets it and obeys!

As you finally recruit your subconscious mind to be on your side, you’ll experience better results and accomplish your aspirations and neglected dreams.

** The Subliminal Messages technique is so powerful that it got banned from commercial use in the United States (but it is completely legal for personal use.) **

The Power Of Sound Therapy

The Brainwave Entrainment (or sound therapy) that is being used in these sessions are Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones healing frequencies. Science has shown that regular use of brainwave entrainment increases the listeners’ capacity perform better in different areas.

When it comes to mind power, Brainwave Entrainment impacts numerous areas of daily living, bringing about positive, long-term effects, relieving anxiety and reducing stress.

The Brainwave Entrainment (i.e. Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones) contains healing frequencies that tune your brain into a relaxation mode. When your mind is relaxed and at ease, the messages are conveyed better and faster!

What is it that you wish to change

Simply choose the subject you’d like to focus on by viewing these empowering recordings.

With the invincible combination of those two elements (subliminal messages and healing frequencies) you can get rid of your own chains; have faith in yourself; have a sense of safety and security; feel powerful, grounded and unstoppable; attract opportunities, ideas, and sources; manifest your goals; attract money easily; open the business you’ve always dreamed of but never had to guts to do so; attract the right people to that will help you push forward your aspirations.

→ However, TransforMind Tech is not suitable for everyone:
If you’re not serious and don’t want to make a change, this is not for you.

The subliminal messages will not work for you if you don’t have the INTENTION, DESIRE, and WILL to make a true life lasting change.

This little known revolutionary method was created for serious people only who deeply desire a significant shift.

It’s time to eliminate thought patterns that don’t serve you anymore; it’s time to move on and finally become your best version. You can let go of your old self! There is no need to carry your past experiences, it’s time to feed your brain with empowering beliefs.

In addition, the recordings have been created using cutting edge high-quality editing software.

Most of the sessions were created with three or more audio layers of commands. This way, your subconscious will absorb the constant stream of messages from all directions to maximize the results of replacing your limiting beliefs.


Tying emotions to the messages is the absolute key to reprogramming your RAS (Reticular Activating System) and bringing into your reality everything you wish. One method that has proven itself throughout history time after time is music.

The sessions are accompanied by music that arouses feelings of peacefulness, excitement, relaxation, enthusiasm, deep calmness, and love. The music was carefully selected to provide you with the perfect experience of creating a new reality.

Vortex Success is the easiest, fastest and most powerful formula available
for programming your subconscious mind.

To get full access to all of the original subliminal recordings, simply choose your plan and start to
1. Eliminate the limiting beliefs that push you down
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3. Harness the magnitude of the Law of Attraction

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