The Power Of Intentions [third FREE guide]

In this chapter, we will learn about the most important thing through which you can attract anything you want into your life: the tremendous power of intentions.

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Have you wondered why some people manage to attract their dreams easily without any interference, while others are struggling and end up without attracting anything significant?

The main answer to this question is: focus.

Focus Is The Main Tool Through Which You Direct Your Energy

“Where focus goes energy flows” ~Tony Robbins

Most people who never achieve the results they desire, or even partial results, focus on what they don’t want rather than on what they do want.

Do you remember the story I told you about my friend in the first chapter? She wanted to attract a life partner because she did not want to be lonely. But that is exactly what she will get, more events and circumstances that will create a sense of loneliness.

Successful people focus their attention on their goals and intentions, not on the things they fear.

That is the reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The people who are struggling financially are afraid of money, stressed out by it, scared that they will not have enough, terrified of losing the money they do have, and penny-pinch dreading that there will not be more.

The rich, on the other hand, focus their energy on their projects and strategies; how to be more efficient, how to create better products, how to maximize the value they give to the world, and so on.

Focusing on what is missing destroys your intentions.

When you take your focus off your intention, you send opposite messages to the Universe, and that slows down your order as well as the time of delivery.

When you’re sending mixed messages to the Universe you will probably invite all kinds of random things. But when your thoughts are focused and concentrated for a while, as you consistently feel good (= high vibration) you will receive what you desire with much more ease.

How Do You Know If You Are Placing The Right Intentions?

Intentions are composed of goals and objectives. They are essential to you so that you can attract what you want.

Objectives are milestones throughout life, and the goal is where the direction leads.

Imagine that you are walking along the path, and every few miles, you mark the road you are on by installing small flags. The small flags are actually the milestones. The path is your goal, your purpose.

Your goal is a continuous and infinite event. It is not something you ever “complete”. You may have many goals along the way and they are the ones that represent what you stand for.

The goal reflects your core values. Objectives bring achievement, goals bring a purposeful life.

What Are Intentions?

The intention is like a vision, it actually answers the question of your “why”, your motive. The intention deals with why are you walking on this path? What does this path mean to you?

Most people don’t know why they do what they do, and don’t explore and understand what is important to them and what are their guiding values.

And when you don’t know what your “why” is, it is likely that you are not on the right path either. And so it goes that your goals are not congruent with the person you are.

When you have clear intentions, you can establish your goals and objectives; you are actually directing the energy towards the way you want.

What does it mean to “direct the energy”?

Imagine you are going to a restaurant, sitting at a table and waiting for service.

The waiter comes and asks you, “What would you like to order?”
And your answer is “I want to order food.”
“But what type of food?” the waiter asks, “Did you look at the menu? What do you feel like eating? Our menu offers many dishes you can choose from.”
You look at him confused and tell him “I don’t know what I want to eat.”

Sounds funny, right? Yet so many of us are drifting aimlessly through life without a clue about where we want to go. Then we wonder why we never made it anywhere.

This is about what most people do when it comes to intentions and goals. They do not know what they want. Their attention is dispersed. They are confused and unfocused, and so their lives are characterized by randomness and chance.

They attract all kinds of situations and random people that match their energy at the present time, but no result really sticks, because they have no intention on which they can focus upon.

The waiter in the restaurant can bring you a steak, but you are actually vegan. Or he can serve you home-baked bread, but you are gluten intolerant. The Universe can bring you lots of things that you don’t need and that are not important to you, and that is why you need to bring clarity to your life.

The clarity is expressed through you being obvious as to what you want and having well-defined and focused goals.

Clarity means that you know what is right for you and what you want.

Goals and objectives will help you get more of what you want most of the time because thanks to them, you learn to focus on what you do want instead of on what you do not want.

With everything you do, there is an intention behind it. When you wake up in the morning, what is your intention behind the action of getting out of bed? When you go to work, what is your intention? When you call a friend, what do you intend?

When you have a meeting with your boss, what is your intention? When you buy a birthday gift for your sweetheart, or when you plan a vacation, and on and on.

Behind every action we take there is a hidden intention. As you begin to adjust your mind to think in terms of intentions and goals, you will feel better, more motivated, and much more focused.

Intention and purpose is the starting point of every dream, of every aspiration. The intention is the creative force that fills our desires; whether it is money, love, leadership, spiritual awakening and more.

If you take a magnifying glass, put a dry leaf under it and place it in a correct angle with the sun’s rays pointing at it, you can burn the leaf within a few minutes or even seconds. Why? Because you are actually aiming your energy by targeting and focusing.

The bottom-line is very simple: Set intentions. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter which direction you choose. You will get somewhere… but who knows where?

Two Main Factors When Setting Goals And Intentions

1. You need to know what you want.
2. Understand why you want what you want and whether your answer to the “why” question is accurate.

I mean, do your motives come from truth, or from something that you think is the truth. Do you want what you want because of a desperate need or a free choice?

After setting a goal, always put your eyes on it. Don’t look in any direction but ahead. This way, you will stop looking at what’s missing.

Most people focus on the fears and the absence of what they want. But once you become a goal oriented person, you will stop acting like a sheep in a herd, and become the leader of your own life.

If this subject of intentions and goals is new to you and you find yourself a bit confused, I will clarify it by relating a personal example.

My Intentions, Goals, And Objectives

When I launched Vortex-Success, I knew exactly what my motive was, the purpose that made me get up in the morning and create content and recordings.

My intention was (and will always be)-
To help humanity progress.

What is my “why”? Why do I want to help humanity progress?

I want to do it because I was suffering from childhood traumas that made me believe I wasn’t worthy, valuable and good enough. And after I finally healed myself from these destructive patterns, I wanted to show others that they don’t have to live in this pain forever, that things can be different, that it is possible to turn their life around.

My goal was and always will be-
To guide people on how to adopt healthy subconscious beliefs so that they attract abundance and well-being into their lives.

In addition, to give visitors to my website and to my clients the feeling that they are the most important people in the world because as far as I am concerned, you truly are. I do this by giving value; excellent service, quality content, making an effort to answer emails personally and always going the extra mile and doing far beyond what is expected of me.

My objectives – how am I going to achieve my goal-
Here are some of the actions I set for myself: continue to upload recordings of subliminal messages and valuable content, be up to date with relevant studies related to brain science, psychology, and personal development, building email lists and etc.

A quick comment on setting objections (the “how”)-
As I said before, the objectives are the actions we take to achieve our goals.
But with all due respect to my strategies of action, the Divine will decide how my dreams will be manifested and the time frame in which it will be actualized. As long as I am on the right path, I have to rely on the Universe to fulfill my order.

It is not recommended to set money as the only goal

Money in itself is powerless. Therefore setting money as a primary goal is a waste of time. Money may be part of your objectives, but not the path on which you walk (goal), and not your motive or your “why” (intention).

Rich people become rich not because they focus on money, but because they focus on the value they provide to the world. They are excited about their projects taking shape and by their ideas turning from a thought, a theory into reality. Money serves its purpose, but it is usually not the goal itself.

Instead of setting money as a goal, it is recommended to set as a goal what you will do with this money.

Will you pay off your debts? Will you buy your mother a spacious house with a garden? Will the money be used to develop products that will greatly contribute to society and the community, or to humanity? Will you use the money to go on adventures? For unlimited possibilities? For expansion? To change your lifestyle?

Don’t Put Off Anything Waiting For The New You To Do It

When you wait to do something only after you manifest something, you are actually putting yourself in the energy of waiting.

When you are in the energy of waiting, you are pushing away the thing that you want.

For example, if you want to do a certain action only after –
– Get a tattoo only after you reach a monthly income of $200,000
– Go on an adventure trip to North India only after you find the investor that will take your start-up to the next level.
– Go on a spa weekend only after you get hired for your dream career

If you want to get a tattoo, take the vacation, or go to a spa, and can afford it in terms of time and money, do so! Do not wait!

One of my best friends told me that when she was single, she always used the LOA principles to attract her soulmate, but she felt that things remained stuck.

She had definitely connected to the energy of love and dived into visualization about herself and the future match sharing their life together. But the waiting energy she was in, prevented her from meeting her soulmate.

For example, she had plenty of work to do in her home, like hanging a mirror or fixing the plumbing. She could do all of these things herself, but she waited for when she had a boyfriend, and he would do it for her. She thought it would speed up the Law of Attraction.

Or, for example, she was waiting to attract a partner first and only then go on a road trip along the beautiful small towns on the Oregon coast.

But once she realized that by putting her life on hold until the big thing happened, it would not happen.

It was then that she made a fateful decision that changed her life: she decided to do all these things by herself, and do so now, even before she had found the one.

She took a day off from work and hung the mirror and another old picture she had bought at a yard sale. She called a professional handyman to fix the plumbing because the repair was more complicated than she expected. She bought a lawnmower and started working in the garden.

She never painted any wall in her house but decided to try it on her own, so she went to one of the big chain stores and bought all the tools and paints and watched DIY tutorials on YouTube.

The interesting thing is that only three days after she completed all the small house renovations, she had met her boyfriend, who is now her husband, without any effort at all. The Universe brought them together at a potluck dinner with mutual friends. BTW, they got married in one of the little towns on the Oregon coast…

The point I want to make here is that you have to make your life as ideal as possible NOW without the money you have not yet attracted, the relationship, or the entrepreneurial project you are planning.

Do the things you have been waiting for now, and of course, do so within your own limits (money and time wise).

Once you have set intentions and goals, you must stop waiting or put conditions on the things you want to do, on the outcome you aspire to achieve.

Start living your life fully now! This is the only way to be the person who is going to attract the desires you really want.

When your life is full, interesting, and vibrant, and your time is spent doing things that engage your attention, energy, and passions, it has three effects:

1. You don’t spend as much time worrying and stressing about your fears or on what’s missing
2. The Law of Attraction brings you more and more things to be excited about, interested in, and to be happy about, in ALL areas of your life
3. You can attract the truly BEST manifestation of your desires, because you are being the REAL you.

So start doing the ONLY thing that is in your control- focusing on your own growth, expansion, accomplishments, dreams, and visions. Make your own life as big as it is supposed to be, and then the right money opportunities and people to fit into it will find you. That is the only true way to be happy anyway.

Direct Your Attention To The Destination You Want To Reach

To complete the third part of the guide, it is important to remind you of what we discussed at the beginning of the chapter – focus. Always shift focus to the channel you want to attract.

Take for an example an eight-mile hike. It takes about four or five hours to complete the hike. When you are on the trail, you know where you are going. Let’s say – to the viewpoint of a mountain. As you walk, you enjoy the green landscapes, the clear creeks that cross your way, and the fresh, clean air.

You are actually ignoring what you have not yet achieved (be at the mountaintop). You are ignoring the current conditions.

Instead of focusing on your pains, time of arrival and how much food you have left, you choose to focus on the good stuff and on what pleases you.

You enjoy where you are at the moment and give your undivided attention to the trail that takes you, step by step, to the summit.

Sure thing, you’re sweating like crazy, your heart beats faster, you run out of breath, you have already eaten the two sandwiches you brought and the trees that hide the view of the summit do not let you know exactly when you will get to the top. But that is part of the process.

Things Take Time

It is true that in real life it takes more than four to five hours to fulfill our dreams. This is also the reason why so many people give in to the “what is” and look at it in the most negative way, because they don’t have the patience to wait.

They expect instant gratification and don’t realize that things usually take a certain amount of time before they manifest. That’s how the world works!

This is the law of sowing and reaping. According to this law, that complements the law of attraction, things take time to come into being. How long a time? Unknown.

It depends on your resistance level to the thing you desire.

But no matter how long it takes you to fulfill your desires, do not focus your attention on the current conditions.

You may be able to change your strategies, but not the goal itself (as long as it is in alignment with your essence).

Many people, and maybe even you, are sure that if only the conditions change, you will change, be happier, more fulfilled and more peaceful. But that is just a false story you tell yourself.

Your emotional state is the root that influences the conditions.

When you allow the circumstances and the “what is” define how you feel, your focus fluctuates, becomes uneven, and the Universe receives conflicting and inconsistent messages from you.

And so you push further away from the fulfillment of your goals. So always focus on your real goals, on the direction you’re heading towards, with enthusiasm and passion (=from the vortex).

To Wrap It Up

Most people focus on what they don’t want instead of on what they do want, so they never get what they desire. And if they manifest the desire, it doesn’t last very long.

They mostly put their attention on the absence of things and almost never focus on their goals. When you place intentions, do so correctly and effectively.

Your intentions and goals must be in alignment with your core values. When you place intentions, don’t wait to do the things you want to happen only after you have achieved your goals. If you have the ability to do it now, do it, don’t postpone it.

The next (and last) part of the guide combines everything we have talked about so far and also add the most important key element that will bring you to see the complete picture.

Watch out for my next email in the next few days. The best is yet to come 🙂