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Welcome to the advanced guide to the Law of Attraction! This is not a basic blueprint. There are hundreds of websites in Google’s ocean of information that provide guides to the Law of Attraction. These resources will often repeat themselves, and never offer you a deeper understanding and value of the Law of Attraction.

If you signed up for this free advanced program, it brings me to two conclusions:
1. That you know what the Law of Attraction is, and that you understand the basics of how it works.
2. That you are ready to take your life forward and finally create the change you’ve been waiting for.

In this guide, I will take the Law of Attraction to a much deeper level so that all the pieces of the puzzle will finally come together into one clear picture.

At the end of this guide, you won’t have any remaining questions. You will get all the answers to your most burning questions.

You will understand, once and for all, why your life looks the way it looks, and how you can create real, long-lasting change. Change that won’t fade away when your motivation dries up.

Are you ready to begin?
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A Little Bit About Energy And Vibration

Every substance, whether it’s a rock, a planet, water, the device you’re using to read this guide, a physical body, and even the air itself, all have an electrical and magnetic charge in varying levels of density. They are all made of molecules, which are made of atoms.

The atoms are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons, and they are essentially vibrating bundles of energy. In other words, your existence and everything you see around you is just energy.

You’re probably moving uncomfortably in your chair, wondering how it can be that your whole existence is just energy… How can it be that your history, your successes, your failures, and your past love stories are all just waves or particles of energy?

How can it be that you can pet your cat or hold a 400-page book if everything is made of energy?

Most of us define ourselves as rational people. We believe what we can see or sense with our (very limited) human senses.

What we don’t know is that the things we can grasp with our senses are only the tip of the iceberg. The most fascinating physical phenomena in the world are actually beneath the surface.

I know. It’s easy to forget this basic truth during our busy everyday lives when we’re rushing to the bank or post office, or on a long hold with the customer service of the cables companies.

But our invisible world is what creates our visible world.

That is the key. The visible world isn’t the place where our reality is created. When you understand this truth, you will understand the reason behind the results you see in every area of your life. It will explain every success or failure story of businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs.

The invisible world is much more powerful than we think. It creates the events and circumstances of our lives.

Let’s go back to the example of the cat and the book:
The energy’s density level is what determines whether the material becomes solid, liquid, gas, or even empty space.

All the things that look real to us, including ourselves, are nothing but energy that has been slowed down that it reached the state that we identify as solid.

If you take a paper and burn it, what happens to it? Your answer is probably that the paper will disappear. Wrong. The paper won’t disappear, instead, its energy will change form.

The fire accelerated the energy into faster and faster vibrations until the solid item that was once tangible and visible is now a different form of energy, one that your senses can no longer detect.

Energy never disappears. It can change its place and form, but it will always be there, and it is always in motion.

That is the reason why people who think they are stuck are actually mistaken. You can never be stuck. Energy is always moving, which means you can move forward or backward.

Quantum physics researchers discovered that atoms are made of energy vortices that constantly spin and move, and that every atom is like a spinning top, spinning around itself and emitting energy.

Since every atom has its own characteristic energy, a group of atoms (molecule) emits it’s own unique energy patterns.

In other words, every substance in the Universe, including people, emits energy that is unique to that substance.

If we look at an atom under a microscope, the closer we get to it, the more blurry and indistinguishable it will look. When we get even closer to the surface of the atom, it will disappear from sight. We won’t see a thing.

In fact, the more we focus on the structure of the atom, all we will see is empty space. The atom doesn’t have a physical structure.

Atoms are made of invisible energy, not a tangible substance. Because of this, the essence of our world is rooted in empty space.

It’s difficult to grasp this concept because when you’re holding your smartphone, you can see it and touch it. But if you focus on the structure of the particles of the device, using an electron microscope, you will see that in reality, you’re not holding anything.

Sounds a bit creepy, right? Maybe at first, because these ideas are difficult to internalize.

But once you get used to the idea that energy and substance are essentially the same things, and that the energy of the Universe and your own energy have a reciprocal relationship, you will be able to change your life completely.

Substance and awareness are not so different from each other. They are both different frequencies of energy on the same continuum.

Ok, Edith, this is all very interesting, but what does it have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Everything in this Universe is an energy and carries a certain vibration. You are a vibrational being.

The vibration that is YOU and the vibration that is ANYTHING ELSE is managed by the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction puts together the vibrations that are the same.

According to the Law of Attraction, you are a living magnet, and you are inviting into your life people, situations, and experiences that are congruent with the emotions and thoughts you possess.

Or in other words – like attracts like.

The word “vibration” usually describes a certain mood of feeling. There are only two vibrations: positive and negative.

Try to remember all those times when you felt truly happy and joyful, no matter what the reason was… Or all the times when you were head over heels in love with someone.

Those feelings fall under the category of a positive vibration. When you’re angry, hurt, distant or sad, you resonate with a negative vibration.

A negative vibration is, in fact, the farthest place from the vortex; it’s the place where you don’t want to be.

You’ve probably heard gurus recommend that you should “tap into the vortex”. Sure thing, they got that right!

But before you learn exactly how to enter this special place, it’s important that you understand what the vortex is all about.

The wonderful world of the Vortex

Vortex is an energetic stream that belongs to our source, or higher-self if you prefer. It is a sphere of high vibrations only, and connecting to it makes everything possible.

The vortex is the place you want to be; it’s this wonderful emotional scope where you are connecting to high vibrations of abundance.

And in order to attract anything that you want into your physical reality, you must do so from the vortex.

Do you understand the incredible meaning of this?!
It means that with your awareness alone, you are able to enter a positive place at any given moment, no matter what your circumstances are.

Do you see how lucky you are that you have the ability to tap into an energetic field that is always available to you, and that allows you to design your reality? You have the power to enter a place where you can ask what you really want, despite your current reality!

For many years I practiced the Law of Attraction without truly understanding the meaning of the vortex. Only years later, I finally had an epiphany, when I was taking an evening walk in my neighborhood.

At that time I was dealing with financial and existential anxieties, and I couldn’t see beyond those fears.

But suddenly it hit me!

I understood what it means to be in the vortex. All of a sudden all the pieces of the Law of Attraction puzzle came together and I no longer had any loose threads.

Maybe it was the pleasant wind that was blowing, or the endorphins rushing through me, or the combination of the two. I don’t know what happened to make me suddenly get it. But whatever it was, it did the job.

“Damn, I can feel good right now, despite my financial reality!” I thought, almost saying it out loud. “I’m feeling awesome walking here, and this feeling is happening right now, even though I’m living from month to month, and I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But if I just practice connecting with this feeling of well-being, contentment, and peace every day, it has the power to change my whole reality!”

And that is exactly what happened! Only a few months after this out of the blue epiphany occurred, my reality changed to match my newfound positive feeling state. I took on profitable projects (that I once thought I couldn’t handle), made smart investments, and connected with the right people who helped me progress.

You see, by law, my physical reality had to match my emotional state. I entered the vortex. And I stayed there.

Most people never attract what they want, not because they’re not as good as other people, but because they don’t spend enough time in the vortex.

Maybe you feel good every once in a while, but the energy of this high feeling is only a brief departure from your norm, and not your default state.

The vortex is not a result, but a vibrational state you’re in. When you’re in the vortex, the Universe is working for you and not against you.

The vortex is waiting for you with all the wonderful opportunities that match your needs completely. The vortex already has the love of your life, your meaningful career and all the positive experiences you deserve to have. You just need to tune into it.

Emotional manifestation always comes first

Before we attract any physical proof, the initial and real manifestation must always be emotional. You have to line-up with positive feelings in order to attract your dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you want to build your dream business, find the right career, find the love of your life, or surround yourself with a circle of supportive friends. The source is always emotional.

In other words, you have to find the ways to feel good right now, before any physical proof will show up in your reality.

You cannot attract something positive to your life from a negative place.

You cannot attract a healthy love that resonates a positive vibrational state if you are in a place of ongoing criticism, jealousy of others’ blessings, or feeling unworthy of love. You cannot manifest a positive result out of a mentality of lack or absence. It’s just doesn’t work this way.

This reminds me of a conversation I once had with one of my friends:

She told me that she couldn’t wait for the moment when she finds a loving and healthy relationship with her future life partner.

I asked her, “What is the reason you want to find love?”
– “Because I don’t want to be alone.” She answered.

As you see, my friend had a positive goal that stemmed from a negative starting point of neediness and desperation.

Don’t ever try to attract something you want when you’re reverberating a negative frequency, such as neediness, clinginess, loneliness, lack, desperation, and fear. Always attract what you want from the vortex.

Intend to attract your goals because you choose to, not because you feel that you need to.

What Are Your Motives

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the motives and reasons behind your goals.

I heard what my friend said, but I knew that even if she attracts love into her life, it will match the frequency of loneliness and neediness that she is signaling.

My friend is not alone. We’ve all been there, in that place where we’re attracting the same unwanted results in our lives, over and over again, and wondering why nothing ever changes…

I looked at her and asked, “Can you think of reasons to attract a relationship into your life that resonate with positive frequencies?

She scratched her head and tried to find an answer. “Well”, she mumbled… “I have a lot of love to give and I want to share it with someone. I want to feel safe and whole”, she said, embarrassed.

– “Excellent!” I responded.

“Can you try to connect with these feelings of love, wholeness, and safety, now, from within, BEFORE you meet the one? Can you become your own anchor”?

– “I think so…” Her eyes started shining with excitement. “I volunteer in an organization for homeless youth, and I can give them more than I am giving now.

“As for feeling safe, I’m not sure”, she said. This is a foreign feeling. Nobody has ever taught me how to feel safe and grounded, but I can start working on that instead of desperately looking for a partner to create this feeling for me”.

Five seconds later she started returning to her old, familiar conditioning. “But… I do want a partner. It sucks to be single! And I don’t see how I can feel good on a continuous basis if I haven’t met him yet”.

And this leads me to the next critical concept. A concept that can create unimaginable change over in your life, if you accept it at its deepest level.

If there is one message that I hope you would take from this first guide, it is this:

One of the main reasons why we find it hard to maintain a high frequency for a sustained period of time is because we follow the misconception that we can only be happy after we achieve the result we want.

The Detachment Principle

I have noticed that not many gurus and teachers out there talk about the importance of letting go of attachments. And yet, this is one of the main reasons why so many of you don’t attract the abundance you want, including myself – until about a decade ago.

Attachments are one of the main things that get in the way of creating a significant shift. Essentially what you’re doing is making your internal state dependent upon the presence of something external.

When you’re too attached to the final outcome you wish to have, you send a message to your subconscious that says, “If I don’t get it, I will not be happy.” Or in other words, I will be happy only if…

You’re Becoming Needy

This kind of thinking creates stress and your motive shifts from choosing to manifest your goal to a need.

This spiral of neediness, clinginess, and stress puts so much resistance in your path.

Letting go of attachment means to embrace a mentality such as, “I’ll be happy no matter what”.

If your goal is to attract money, love, or anything else, this is the mindset you should embrace – “I will always be fine, whether I attract my goal or not.”

And that applies to other areas as well, like love and career or any area that the need becomes the main motive, and if you don’t get that need, you’ll be deprived of happiness.

Happiness Independent Of Conditions

I remember the time when I built my first website as an internet marketer. It happened soon after that epiphany I had during my evening walk. In the first two months, there wasn’t a single visitor to the website. It didn’t affect my joy or happiness.

I still hung out with friends and had fun. I was still able to go for a hike without being bothered by thoughts like “why aren’t people visiting my website? When will they buy something? When will I make some money?”

The money wasn’t the motive that drove me. The money was a side effect. I didn’t fall into the trap of turning my happiness dependent upon money (=the condition).

I took full responsibility for my emotional state, and I didn’t give money the authority to determine how I should feel.

This detachment approach made it possible for me to make wise decisions more easily because I knew that no matter what happens, I will be ok. I will still be happy.

Your neediness is pushing away your manifestation.
It turns it off.

Imagine a situation where another person makes you the primary accountable for their happiness

– “You are the reason I’m not happy”.
– “You made me feel this way”.
– “It’s your fault that I’m stressed out and annoyed”.

That’s exactly what you’re doing to money, love, career, and any other goal you may have. You give away your power. You take away any personal responsibility for your happiness, and you make it dependent upon external results.

Positive feelings always must come before the physical result is manifested. Your inner peace, calmness, ease, self-assurance, contentment, satisfaction, joy… They all have to be there regardless of whether you have the love you want, your dream career, or your successful business.

Anytime you need to make a high financial income to be “fulfilled”, then your energy tenses up with anxious, neurotic frequency, and you actually end up unable to receive your manifestation.

Attachment only arises when something triggers an inherent survival mechanism.

Your thoughts begin to spiral, you fearful of the worst case scenario (like ending up in the street or finding yourself in huge debt you won’t be able to pay) instead of simply surrendering to the infinite massiveness of your energetic nature.

The stressed, contracted consciousness lowers your ability to attract your desires and keep you from feeling, knowing and trusting yourself as the capable beyond imagination source extension magnet you already are.

Worrying About The Worst-Case Scenario Is An Illusion

We worry about the future because we think it’s what keeps us alive and in control. That if we let go of the worry, it means we don’t care.

But this illusion is a pitfall for many people. They believe that the more they stress and worry about something, the more control they have over the situation.

The truth is, once you let go you will have more control over your internal state, and in many cases, more control over the situation itself.

This brings me back to where we started this guide. Attracting from the vortex. The vortex has to be your point of attraction. But most people have it the complete opposite – fear and worry are their points of attraction.

Dependency, neediness, worry, and fear resonate a negative vibration. And every time you’re convinced that getting the result you want is what will make you a happier person, you move further and further away from the vortex.

The real paradox of the Law of Attraction is that we can only get what we want if we don’t need it.

The neediness reverberates at the same frequency as lacking the thing we want.
The more clingy and desperate you feel, the more you attract the exact same circumstances, situations, and people that will make you continue to resonate that same frequency.

BUT, when you finally realize who you are – a divine essence of never-ending energy and a deliberate creator, then you take action from this spectrum. That’s called an inspired action (unlike an act you make of a place of fear, worry, and anxiety).

You naturally transcend attachment to your dream, open your mind, raise your vibration, and attract what you need, want, and deserve.

The key secret is to balance between holding your intention, and simultaneously, be absolutely at ease and calm, devote yourself to the Universe and be utterly OK with never manifesting your desire.

Because either way – you know you will be just fine.

This is basically the practice of detachment. It’s about not needing something desperately. Wanting it, without allowing the (lack) of the outcome influence your emotional and mental state of mind.

Only then, you can finally give in and relax. The state of relief releases the build up resistance. Only when you let go, you can tap into the Vortex.

The funny thing is when you surrender, letting go and detaching yourself from the final result you’d like to manifest, it moves a L-O-T faster and easier into your physical experience.

So Should I Just Give Up Wanting Things?

You might be afraid that “If I let go of my attachment, would I want nothing? Would I just sit on my butt all day without any ambition at all”?

Let me answer this question by quoiting one of my favorite spiritual teachers who clarifies this exact idea –

“The law of detachment means that in order to acquire anything in the physical Universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire. You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your resistance – attachment to the outcome.”
~Deepak Chopra~

Giving up the attachment doesn’t mean giving up your desires. Letting go of attachment to the end result can truly set you free.

There is nothing outside ourselves that could truly make us happy. Once you are able to control the way you feel within a condition, then you have the power to influence change in the condition.

My experience is that since my business started to succeed, my happiness level only went up slightly. And it wasn’t about the money I made. I just learned how to increase my energetic frequency.

This is a skill that I acquired and practiced. I learned to be happy BEFORE I reached financial success, and I REMAINED happy AFTER achieving my goals.

The financial success only reflected my internal state. It didn’t create it.

Let’s Sum It All Up

Being grounded, centered and at peace is the perfect starting point to manifest your desires.

Only when you get to the place where you’re feeling good no matter what your reality is, the place where you feel that everything you need is here and now, and you’re not lacking anything, only then will you be free. And then everything you’ve ever wanted and imagined could come into your life.

The understanding that you can be ok even if you never have the money, the perfect relationship, the supportive friends, or the rewarding job, will already create a huge sense of relief and wellbeing.

And the irony is – only via this state of relief you can achieve all of the above and more.

Only when you maintain your vibrational energy for a long period of time will you connect to the vortex and manifest everything you want from it. Then, will you experience the magnitude of the Law of Attraction and the speed with which things can happen.

That’s it for today!

I hope the insights I shared with you this guide have reached you and created a shift in you that will continue to gain momentum.

If you feel the need to read this lesson again, please do so. Sometimes we need to read something several times until it clicks.

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