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Choose Your Custom Affirmations That Fit Your Needs

Audio Customize

Why Customizing Your Session

Everybody knows the subliminal technology I have developed is the best available today; therefore, you are in the right place.
The idea to launch the custom subliminals was born following an ongoing demand from customers who wanted to take their personal development to the next level. In addition, many were looking for specific affirmations related to their problems and didn’t find these in our audio library.

Life Paths

How To Change Your Results Once And For All

In order to leverage the success you desire, in any field, you will have to remove the subconscious blockages that sabotage your progress. These subconscious mind obstacles are a little monster that lives inside you and creates the voices of doubt and fear – “There is no way this will work”; “I will never change”; “Why would anyone ever love me”; “I am ugly”; “This is a cruel world”.

Subconscious Mind

Choose The Right Topic That Matches My Formula

The custom subliminal program, like any of my other recordings, deals with changing your paradigms.
This is why I can accept applications that are only about shifting your subconscious beliefs and no other requests (such as changing your eye color or making someone else fall in love with you).

Affirmations List

You Design The Exact Affirmations You Want And Need

You are the one who is choosing the exact affirmations you want – the affirmations that are the most accurate and relevant to you. I will have the honor of recording and editing what you ask for.
Thus, to maximize your results, the affirmations you choose must engage with your intention to change the conditioning of your perceptions and patterns.
If you are not sure whether the affirmations you are interested in relating to your subconscious programming, feel free to mention it in your application.

How To Formulate The Affirmations

Using present tense, for example:

  • I am grateful now that abundance is flowing to me

Avoiding negative words and expressions, such as:

  • not, no, never, cannot and etc…

Using positive emotions and feelings, for example:

  • I am so happy and excited that…

Two Simple Steps

To examine whether the Vortex-Success program fits you, two simple things need to happen:

writing custom affirmations

Fill out the forms below to describe the area you are struggling with.

custom Affirmations board

Based on your description, I will decide whether the problem you deal with can be solved by my method of subconscious programming. If not, I will refund your money within 24 hours.

Vortex-Success is the only platform in the world that offers custom subliminals per request; we design the session specifically for you – no automated recordings, no computer voices. I, Edith (Vortex-Success founder) will record it for you.

How Much Will It Cost Me

Let’s calculate it for a moment here…

One hour with a good psychologist costs more than $150.

Therapy is a long-term process that lasts for months, years and even a lifetime.

One hundred and fifty dollars a week equals almost $10,000 a year!

Don’t worry, you will not pay this amount here. Not even half of it.
I will not even charge you $1000

Meeting with a shrink

The reason for that is because I want to create an affordable option, something that will be on your side forever! I want to help you manifest your best version and I am not interested in having you deplete your entire savings for that.

The subliminal recording I will customize for you will be available to you whenever you want for the price of only $147.

I suggest that you act now, because this has become a big demand that consumes a lot of my time. The truth is, I am not sure how long this price will be available. The sellout risk is extremely high and it’s likely that I will increase the price soon.

The Custom Recordings Will Upgrade Your Life Because You Will

  • Finally, step out of the safe zone that is blocking you
  • Expose your brain to powerful suggestions that are applicable to you and your needs
  • Live free of the regular obstacles that run your life
  • Design a personality that you have always dreamed of and that you never dared to have
  • Eliminate once and for all the voices in your head that prevent you from bursting out of the prison you live in

Important Notes Before We Begin

Dear customer: Please answer the questions below as accurately as possible. Your answers will provide me with insights about you and the challenges you face; they will help me guide you in the fastest and safest way to your goals.
Vortex-Success has the authority to modify the affirmations if they are phrased in a matter that has a negative effect on the subconscious mind. We will send you the edited affirmations for your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive it?

The audio subliminals will be sent to your email inbox up to seven days after the payment clears and is accepted.

What if I don’t like the recordings?

Before you send in your application, you can choose the music style you want out of five available options. In other words, if you do not like the recordings, you are less connected to the music.

Therefore, before you send us the request, please make sure that you are happy with your choice of background music.

When should I listen?

This applies to the recordings of the subliminal messages only: You can listen during the day and at night with no time limit. You can easily play it in the background while you’re chatting with friends on Facebook or reading the news. Listen at a comfortable volume so that it will not bother you or get you out of focus. Headphones are not a must, but you are welcome to use them if you want to maximize results.

This applies only to the session with Brainwave Entrainment: listen for up to an hour a day. It is highly recommended that you do so before sleep because the frequencies might make you numb. You can fall asleep while listening, but do not put it on ‘Replay’ mode. Headphones are a must if the session includes Binaural Beats.

*Please note: Do not listen to any of the audio subliminals when you are in a moving vehicle and/or doing activities that might put yourself and others at risk.

What if I have medical problems that do not allow me to listen to Sound Therapy? (i.e. Brainwave Entrainment)

The responsibility for listening is your own. If you suffer from a physical and/or emotional disorder and/or are under the age of 18, you must consult your doctor. Vortex-Success is not responsible for any consequences.

Is it okay if I don’t hear the subliminal messages?

Absolutely. This is the purpose of subliminal messaging. Subliminal messages are hidden commands;

their goal is to bypass your consciousness and, subsequently, your cynical resistance. Do not worry; even if you don’t hear the words, your subconscious mind absorbs everything. It’s like a sponge that soaks up all the data despite the fact that it evades your five senses.

Research shows that the subconscious brain absorbs and processes, in every given second, up to 40 million bits of information. On the other hand, the conscious brain absorbs only 40 bits per second. In other words, the unconscious is a million times stronger than the conscious.

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