About Us

EdithMoscowitzI am Edith Moscowitz, entrepreneur, Internet marketer and creator of Vortex-Success.

Of course, there are other partners in this process, such as my wonderful Web developer and the customer service personnel who are doing an amazing job and providing a loving and quality response to your questions, concerns, and orders.

The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best system available today for using subliminal messages in order to facilitate subconscious paradigm shifting.

Our subliminal message programs have reached more than ten million people worldwide and continue to grow. Moreover, tens of thousands of people have become happy customers who experience tangible and lasting results.

On a daily basis, I receive dozens of thank-you emails from people who have successfully transformed their lives in many areas – they’ve found love, developed self-confidence, made gratitude as an integral part of their lives, opened their dream businesses, received promotions, lost weight, and even overcome alcohol and other addictions.

How I started

I founded Vortex-Success because there was an essential shortage of quality online programs featuring subliminal messages for personal growth.

I remember that many years ago I searched for confidence-boosting sessions for myself. When I didn’t find a satisfactory source containing all of the necessary ingredients to change brain conditioning, I decided to produce the sessions myself.

Thanks to this process, I gained much knowledge and experience in terms of subconscious mind reprogramming and wanted to share the positive results with others.

My goal was to reach as many people as possible worldwide, to show them that it is possible to change, that they can love themselves and believe in their abilities, despite the doubts and fears that are the inevitable result of having a mind and being human.

I was convinced that I could convey this positive message: “You are capable of changing your life.” Because I had done it myself. And if I could do it, with all the obstacles and blockages I carried in my subconscious mind, anybody could. And I mean it. Anyone can make a true change. Including you.

Until the development of Vortex-Success, I didn’t know much about the Internet, digital marketing and content because I came from the retail area and brick-and-mortar businesses.

But I wholeheartedly believed in the unique formula I had developed and was convinced that once it helped one person, he or she would joyfully share it with others.

Vortex-Success has touched the lives of millions

And so it was. My programs, featuring subliminal messages, gained momentum and popularity. People began to share them with others because they wanted their loved ones to erase their sabotaging life tracks and get on the highway to happiness.

I genuinely believe that when you possess and express a big passion for your creations, when you hold emotional momentum and take action, the universe must, by law, match and shape physical reality to your inner state.

I believe that I fulfill a role or mission in this world, and that I have been sent into people’s lives to help them help themselves. And it feels so good! There is no bigger satisfaction than this.

I feel lucky that I have an opportunity, in this lifetime, to touch the lives of people who care about and practice personal development and self-awareness.

Big thanks to my mentors

On this occasion, I would like to thank the fabulous Esther Hicks and Bob Proctor, who revealed to me the law of attraction. Before then, my life was a big mess.

The law of attraction put cause and effect into order, and suddenly everything seemed to be so rational and simple.

Their content, with its simplicity and power, maximized the good things in my life and led me to a complete turnaround.

Likewise, I owe a big “thank you” to Byron Katie, who introduced me to ‘The Work’, an extraordinary method of examining and questioning the truth of our thoughts and automatic assumptions about how we live and what we believe.

Thank you, my life mentors!

My personal story

Prior to the success of my project to change subconscious patterns and to develop an online business that could bring that change to others, life had not always been blissful. I grew up amid feelings of huge loss, emotional scars and lots of challenges.

I lost my father when I was a little less than two years old. My mom became a widow with two babies. My childhood experience involved financial struggle and constant fear that the money would run out one day and that we would find ourselves destitute.

My mother did everything she could to provide us with whatever we wanted, but still, my sense as a child was that there was not enough. Thus, I embraced the limiting belief that “abundance is limited and you need to struggle to get it .”

My mother is a warm and loving woman, and provided us with protection, security and stability as she could. Growing up in a loving home, I luckily didn’t experience abandonment anxiety after my father died.

Still, the absence of a father figure left me with a big emptiness and a lack of confidence. I remember myself as a very shy and scared child. I was always the one who didn’t participate in the classroom. I was afraid of my own existence, of my own shadow.

I refrained from expressing my opinions so I wouldn’t lose the love of others. I think the limiting belief that dictated my fear was: “To feel confident, you need a strong person near you.”

That is the reason I felt safer when I was in relationships. I allowed my inner confidence to surface and I expressed myself more easily. But my self-confidence never sustained itself from within me. I gave the responsibility for supporting it to another person.

The shifting point

But something inside bothered me. I am a person who likes to think and analyze things. I knew that something in me was not in alignment, and I suspected that I carried subconscious blockages that held me back from progressing with my life and realizing my dreams.

On the one hand, this ill-defined inner place of scarcity, fear, endless anxieties, and lack of self-acceptance prevented me from growing as an individual. On the other, I became aware of myself, my capabilities and inner power, which were just waiting for the moment to burst out.

This urge to explore my inner world and its effects on my life and my reality started approximately at the time the movie The Secret came out. I am thankful that I watched it. I remember sitting at my work desk, saying, “All right, what do I have to lose?” And bam! The shift to manifestating my dreams took place.

The Secret is a fantastic movie. But I knew that there was so much more beyond the ideas it presented, so many principles that somehow connect to one big concept, yet that are so simple, making things happen in our lives and causing our paradigms to shift.

Little by little, I began watching motivational videos every morning or evening, no exceptions. I do it to this day. I read more and more about the law of attraction and the law of vibration. I researched the human brain and got acquainted with the subconscious mind and its unlimited power.

I write the script of my life

I realized that my life is in my own hands, that I have the authority to neutralize my subconscious fears and, instead, to assimilate, adopt, and put into actual practice those winning patterns by which I want to live.

Instead of envying others who seemed to do this so effortlessly, I discovered that I, too, could put these patterns into practice in my life..

I realized that jealousy and envy had been leading me to dark places that were the absolute opposite of the light and guidance coming from my source.

I replaced envy with love, acceptance, and the genuine joy that there are people who experience a great life, because if that is not proof of unlimited abundance, then what is?

Every morning, noon, and evening, I entered into what I refer to as an “emotional trance.” I held positive thoughts and feelings for 17 seconds. Then I raised that time to 30 seconds, and after a while to a minute and a half.

I have done this practice almost every day for the past few years, and can now do it with a natural ease.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t practice personal development, whether it be listening to my subliminal messages, reading books, listening to lectures and presentations, or going to seminars.

Lining up with the frequency of love and abundance

I have been through a long process of learning to love and accept myself and my body, and to know and appreciate my value and worth.

Therefore, I am grateful for all the bumps in the road because, thanks to them, I have become who I am today: a strong, creative, entrepreneurial woman with infinite love and an ego that functions well in the world but that also knows and accepts its own limitations.

I got rid of self-criticism and the need to judge others. This applies to my family, my friends, and even the waiter in the restaurant.

I don’t dwell on negative things in others; it is pointless and senseless. Instead, I choose to focus my energy on thoughts that make me feel good and that put me in the vortex of positive, uplifting energy, peace of mind, and compassion for myself and others.

I no longer get upset when I’m stuck in traffic in Chicago (where I live), or when the cashier in the grocery store moves slowly and creates a long line. I don’t argue with reality.

I’ve learned to let go and enjoy the “what is,” and from this delightful place of being in the moment, I expand and resonate and increase my vibrational energy more and more.

This process never ends, because when you finally internalize that you are the designer of your life and that the universe is helping you manifest your true being and greatest good, you are always in expansion.

Glad you get to know me

So this is my story. I hope it sparks inspiration within you.

You can find lots of free and highly valuable content on this website about subliminal messages, the subconscious mind, paradigm-shifting and, of course, a rich audio library that will help you elevate your life and become the best version of yourself – the limitless you.

I encourage you to share these contents with others you care about. I also urge you to begin this wonderful process of deep self-knowledge by releasing the subconscious blockages that have been fixed in your brain throughout the years. You deserve it!

With love and respect,

Edith Moscowitz