Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I purchase the download?

Downloading from our website ensures you get the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file. In other words – there is NO DATA LOSS of subliminal affirmations and/or frequencies.

How do I download the subliminal meditations?

Downloading is very easy. Please visit this page for clear instructions. If you have any questions, or technical issues such as downloading the files, contact us here

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are affirmations that are transferred directly to the brain in a way that evades consciousness. In the therapy field, the subliminal messages are suggestions or commands that are recorded with unique technology and are played at a low frequency that the human ear receives on the subconscious level. Even though the conscious brain cannot hear or understand the messages (besides the background whispers or quick flashes), the subconscious mind gets them well, and over time will embrace them as established thought patterns and paradigms.

What will I hear when I play the subliminal audio?

You will not hear the clear sentences, but maybe background whispers if you have a good hearing. You will hear meditative tones, relaxing music, or nature sounds. In many of the tracks, Brainwave Entrainment technology is embedded as well. We use two forms of Brainwave Entrainment (or sound therapy): Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.

How can I tell if subliminal messages work for me?

In a relatively short time, you may distinguish significant changes in your feelings and your reality. You may experience more positive emotions in your daily routine and life situations. Your automatic thought patterns will be replaced by empowering paradigms that serve you and your goals. Subliminal messages are not magic pills, and the success of the sessions is highly dependent on your desire to make a significant shift (how much you want to achieve a certain goal) if you choose the recordings that match your needs and that address your REAL problems, your persistence, dedication, and the time you put into it.

How do I listen to subliminal messages?

You can listen actively while you’re focused and concentrated on the session, or passively when you play it in the background while doing your regular activities. There is no time limit. When you actively listen to the subliminal meditation, sit or lie down in a comfortable position, relax your muscles, take deep breaths, set the intention in your mind, and focus on one subject at a time.

You can also practice visualization techniques and other subconscious programming methods. It’s not necessary, but it may increase the effect of the session.

Headphones are also recommended but are not a must.

When you listen passively, simply play the subliminal meditation when working on the computer, doing your home activities, when in the office, or whenever you feel like it (except when in a moving vehicle, and/or when doing tasks that may put you or others at risk, since the meditative music might make you feel numb).

It’s highly recommended to listen while you sleep – choose one session and play it during the night. This way, you can gain a few more hours of subconscious shifting.

Repetition – the way to influence the subconscious mind is by repetition; therefore it’s recommended to listen to the messages as much as possible during day and night.

*This applies to tracks with subliminal messages only, without embedded Brainwave Entrainment*.

Could I experience a change after listening to the subliminals without effort?

Many people hold the subconscious concept that you have to spend thousands of dollars and go through long treatments to achieve the personal change you want to get. Therefore, subliminal messages don’t make much sense to them, because it is almost effortless and an inexpensive process.

It’s true that changes don’t occur overnight. In order to create a long-lasting paradigm shift, you need to be consistent and go through repetitive practice, even if you choose the “lazy” way (subliminal messages). The subliminal affirmations were created in order to assist you in achieving your conscious wishes. If you struggle with losing weight, for example, the subliminals will take care of the unconscious part that is conditioned to doubt your chances to succeed and find all the excuses why this will not work for you. The subliminal messages create an alignment between your subconscious and conscious and reduce the gap between them, so you could reach your goals without any inner blockages, fear or doubt.

However, you first need to want to change and truly intend it. In addition, it’s necessary that you choose the subliminal programs that deal with the ROOT problem, and not just with the symptoms. Please make sure to read this article to make the most of our subliminal programs.

For example, if you want to open the business you always dreamed of, the subliminal messages can remove the subconscious excuses and will help you believe in yourself, but you will also need to do the required actions – like decide the type of business that resonates with you, quit your job when the conditions permit and develop a business strategy.

The subliminal messages will recruit your subconscious to be on your side that supports your goals, so achieving your dreams will be much easier and simpler.

At what volume should I listen?

A standard volume that makes you feel comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable while listening, simply listen at low to barely audible levels. In the very unlikely event that you experience discomfort, please discontinue use.

How long should I listen to subliminal messages?

At least 21 days in a row, during the day and night. If you do not notice any clear change, practice active and passive listening for 90 days. Then, listen when necessary or when you feel the need. If you do not spot any change after 21 days, don’t worry – give it more time. Every individual reacts differently to the change process and the subliminal commands, so don’t feel stressed about it or give yourself a deadline.

If you do not feel any change at all, you might hold an amplified sense of resistance to the change or the subliminal messages are not accurate for YOU. In that case, look for another session with different messages that answer your needs better. You could also create your own subliminal messages here.

Try to enjoy this process as much as possible and know that your subconscious is absorbing the messages you chose to implant.

Of course, you can listen to subliminal messages as much as you want if it makes you feel good, without forcing yourself to stop the usage after the required time period.

The subliminal messages in the audio library have created tremendous positive changes in many people’s lives, and can have the same effect on your life.

What is BWE (brainwave entrainment)?

Our brain produces electrical activity 24 hours a day. This activity is measured by frequencies that are called brain waves, where every wave represents different states. Research shows that it’s highly possible to influence and even direct the brainwaves as we wish when listening to certain frequencies and vibrations. This process is called Brainwave Entrainment and could be powerfully efficient if used correctly and constantly.

How do I listen to subliminal messages with brainwave entrainment?

Even though brainwave entrainment has been found to be completely safe for listening, it’s recommended to limit the use up to an hour per day. Please note: some of the sleep aid recordings contain 90 minutes of frequencies, to synchronize your brain with the sleep stages cycle.

Do not listen when in a moving vehicle.

Isochronic tones: do not require headphones. But it’s highly recommended to use them.

Binaural beats: headphones are imperative.

What are Isochronic Tones?

Isochronic tones are sounds in a certain frequency that repeat themselves in regular intervals and create pulses of sounds. Their goal is to bring about the brain to operate on a certain brainwave that assists with creating desired states of mind, such as relaxation, the production of chemicals like endorphins, a sense of harmony, joy, love, and so on.

What are Binaural Beats?

The goal of Binaural Beats is similar to the Isochronic tones – to get into a specific state of mind that we want. The Binaural Beats are created by presenting two different frequencies to the brain, each ear having a different frequency. The result is that the brain itself will create the frequency of the gap between the two ears. For example, if you play a frequency of 110 Hz in the right ear and 100 Hz in the left ear, the frequency that will be produced is 10 Hz alpha wave.

How to listen to brainwave entrainment?

The purpose of sound therapy is to bring our brain to a desirable mood by producing certain brainwaves.

While listening, it’s recommended to dive into a relaxation mode by taking deep breaths and putting yourself in a comfortable position. Limit the usage of BWE up to an hour per day/night, except when using sleep aid programs that have 90 minutes of frequencies to induce deep sleep.

Tip: drink water before and after listening. Water is an electrical conductor, so when you are less dehydrated, the more you influence the results for the better.

When should I listen to brainwave entrainment?

The recommended use time is before sleep or when waking up. However, you can listen at any time of the day you choose (under the terms of use – listen up to an hour, not in a moving vehicle and/or when doing tasks that require focus and/or when doing tasks that may put you or others at risk).

When should you NOT listen to brainwave entrainment?

1. If you suffer from epilepsy or similar seizures

2. If you are under the age of 18

3. If you have a pacemaker

4. If you are under the influence of medications or drugs

5. If you suffer from a well-known mental disorder

6. One hour before operating heavy machines or a vehicle

7. One hour before doing activities that might jeopardize you or others

8. If you have a high sensitivity to light

9. If you are pregnant

How long should I listen to Brainwave Entrainment?

The goal of sound therapy is to train your brain to get into the desired state of mind easily. After a week or two of listening, the brain will know how to get into this state by itself when using a relaxing subliminal program. If you listened for two or three weeks, you can take a break of a few days and then listen for another week when you want to strengthen the goal you are working on, or whenever you feel the need to.

*Always Consult With Your Healthcare Provider*

In general, with every change you are making in your lifestyle, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a doctor or your healthcare provider.

Advise your doctor prior to listening to our recordings of subliminal messages meditations and sound therapy (i.e. brainwave entrainment) or any healing treatment we offer that has an influence on your brain and its internal wiring.

Do not start subliminal and/or brainwave audio training if your physician or health care professional advises against it.

If you are taking drugs, medication, and/or are suffering from a neurological disease or functional disorder, mental illness, emotional problems, or any medical condition, don’t start before consulting with your doctor.